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All You Need to Know About OSI Food Solutions

Are you looking for a premier global food supplier dealing in value-added food products? Look no more, OSI food solutions have you sorted. As a leading private company within the United States, OSI foods has made a name for itself offering uninterrupted food supply to a wide range of clients. Over the years, OSI group has developed unique capabilities to satisfy every client’s needs. At OSI food solutions, you can be guaranteed to receive customized food product development as well as managing the global food supply chain through reliable processing and distribution. In the recent past, the Company has shown tremendous achievements in the management of environmental risks.

The exemplary performance has earned it the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in the year 2016 along with the other 18 organizations globally. The honorary award was not in vain as not only did OSI group achieve a five star rank in the environmental management audit conducted by the British Safety Council, but it also had a panel of independent individuals with prowess in ecological management. Thereby signaling its tremendous effort is mitigating environmental risks. The success of every establishment depends mainly on the employee.

Having maximized on this feature by creating a conducive environment for our employee, OSI food solutions has stimulated their employees’ inner motivation as well as putting in place rewarding opportunities. This has compelled the staff to drive the organization towards success while also getting satisfied with their job well done. Along with this, employees can keep tabs with the company’s short term goals while also not losing sight of their long term goals. Being a global entity; OSI food solutions has managed to buy out several organizations such as Baho Foods, hence creating a global outfit that supplies foods to each corner of the world. Some of their vast range of food products range from beef, pork, poultry and seafood and anything else you could think.

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The Distinguished Career Of Michael Neirenberg

Michael Neirenberg has been a constant presence in the world of finance where he has made a name for his prudent investments. His illustrious career has seen him hold numerous managerial positions in a host of companies. He currently chairs the board of New Residential Investment Corp. The seasoned investor doubles up as the CEO of the firm, a position he has held for two years now. He previously served the Bank of America as a managing director. Michael Nierenberg was responsible for the Securitized Products and Global Mortgages division at the bank. He oversaw all the activities that revolved around trading and sales. He held the same position at JP Morgan, an investment bank, which he joined from Bear Streams. The latter enjoyed his excellent services for close to fourteen years that saw him serve in different capacities.

His time at the firm culminated in a two-year stint as a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to this, he was a key player of the management team at Lehman Brothers. He came in handy as the firm sought to set up an adjustable rate mortgage business. He was at the financial institution for slightly more than seven years. Michael Neirenberg is one of the few managers who have left a mark in every institution they have worked at. Nicola Santora and Jonathan Brown, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer respectively, support his work at New Residential Inc. The firm has specialized in the real estate industry where they invest heavily in residential mortgage assets. They also manage assets in the same category.

The New York based company was established seven years ago and has made headlines while offering Consumer and Residential loans. Mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) have also contributed to a good percentage of their returns. Since getting to the top position in 2016, Michael Neirenberg has worked to improve service delivery and attract more partners. The firm is the go-to place for anyone in search of a federal income tax investment trust. His impeccable work ethic has translated in a net worth of $43.7 million dollars as of mid-2018. Michael Neirenberg’s stocks at the company amount to over $25.6 US dollars. Most of his business activities are run from his office in New York.


Sahm Adrangi- The Power of Strategizing

Sahm Adrangi in 2009 started the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is involved in running its daily activities. Sahm is the company president and the Chief Executive Officer, and recently the company announced a negative on the Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc. According to Kerrisdale the company Proteostasis Therapeutics that deals with investigational of cystic-fibrosis drug the PTI-428 is entirely ineffective and it’s bound to fail within its Phase 3 trials.

Sahm Adrangi states that the short position of Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc and if the prices fall the Kerrisdale is bound to benefit hugely. The Kerrisdale Capital Management started with a low capital of $1 million, and it has propelled and grew enormously increasing its assets base to over $500 million. The company uses unorthodox ways of investing that are also fundamentally-oriented to focusing on the long-term values of its clients and also uses the event-driven unique situation strategies. The company approaches the power of betting on different public companies before publicly listing on the stock exchange by tapping on their annual returns and through the policy Kerrisdale has made over 28% earning on companies yield.

Sahm Adrangi states the company strategies has enabled it to grow the capital and encourage their investors to invest in different public companies before their stocks listing. They use different short positions with the latest being on Proteostasis Therapeutics that received an increase of 100% of its share during their listing helping the early investors like Kerrisdale gain huge yields.

Sahm Adrangi boasts of being learned and attending the most notable university of Yale for his economic degree with high honours. His career started as investment analysts and his keen abilities and unique talent of analysing the stock market saw Sahm Adrangi join the Longacre Funds Company. He managed assets worth $1.2 billion and later he went to Chanin Capital and played a crucial role in equity funds, Chapter 11 bankrupts, companies restructuring among others. Sahm Adrangi has a vast knowledge of credit, company leveraging and debts refinancing making practical to move Kerrisdale Capital to high levels. Sahm has published different articles on matters about investments on New York Times Journal sought-after speaker on the issues pertaining venture strategies.