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Things you need to know about Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick continues to be remembered for the vast number of books that he wrote. He is among the most influential writers of all time, and his books have contributed to the healthy living of many people. As a Scottish writer, Alastair sought to educate people on the culture of the people of the country as well as bringing insight to them on the various activities that take place in the country. He was also passionate about hill climbing, and he featured his notions concerning the sport in his books. His step encouraged many people to take part in the sport for leisure as it brought happiness to their lives.

He also worked as a journalist, and his contributions to the media industry brought changes in the lives of many people. He continued to work with various media platforms including the Daily Mirror before he joined the famous world BBC News where he contributed his opinions on the various things that took place in the lives of people. Besides, he was also an important tool to the media house as he was always passionate about bringing up the juiciest news to the people of the entire globe. His contributions as a broadcaster also brought changes in the lives of people besides inspiring them to live well and happily.

The positivity that Alastair Borthwick showed towards living also encouraged people to emulate his traits. He continued to bring light to the lives of others through his exciting news and emerging terms that he laid down through writing. Besides, he also shaped the careers of other that showed passion towards the field and today, a significant number of people have continued to pay him respect for the tremendous successes they have achieved in their lives through writing. The renowned author also preached peace and harmony among people, and he encouraged everyone to be their brothers keepers. He believed that through unity and lived, people would live better lives full of happiness and successes. He was also a go-getter, and he continued to pursue his dreams without giving up.

Adam Milstein and His Philanthropic Work

Adam Milstein has risen in the past few years as America’s most prominent supporter of Israel. With decades of experience for-profit and no-profit sectors, Milstein has demonstrated open support for the people of Israel and their claim of Jerusalem as their capital.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa. He previously worked with the IDF and took part in the Yom Kippur War. He moved to the United States in 1981 with his family after completing his studies at Technion.


While in the US, he joined the University of Southern Carolina’s business school to pursue his post-secondary education.


Adam Milstein is a co-founder as well as National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Besides, he is also a board member in several organizations such as Hasbara, Jewish Funders Network, and Israel on Campus coalition among others.


His Philanthropy work


Adam Milstein has dedicated almost all his life to philanthropy. His family’s foundation (Milstein Family Foundation) invests a lot of time and resources in various programs across the country. He has been an inspiration to many Israelis and Americans for decades because of the work he does.


The Milstein Family Foundation seeks to impact the lives of people around the world. Adam Milstein strategically seeks for funds and channels it to various organizations and programs.


Most programs are tailor-made for adolescents, children and different phases of adulthood. The aim of the foundation is to ensure that an impact is felt in all the beneficiaries.


Adam Milstein together with his wife Gila co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The non-governmental organization provides free books monthly in the Hebrew language with the aim of preserving the Jewish culture for more than 15,000 Jewish-American families living in the United States.


Milstein’s philanthropic work includes partnership development, consulting and fundraising for the purpose of supporting various programs in areas of Jewish continuity, pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish education. His goal is to strengthen the state of Israel, Jewish people and the US –Israeli relations.