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Jason Hope’s Contribution To Anti-Aging

The aging process effects us all to some degree, but some people tend to age a bit faster than others. There are a number of anti-aging products that are on the market today, but all aren’t created equal. One of the biggest contributors to anti-aging is known as SENS Research Foundation. This exclusive foundation specializes in fighting regenerative diseases. SENS has an invested interest in producing products that will slowdown the aging process. Unfortunately, this organization doesn’t have a supply of unlimited capital. This is where Jason Hope comes into the frame, and this man has played a significant role in funding this extraordinary project. Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur, has donated over $500,000 to SENS to fuel the next generation of anti-aging products. This generous contribution has gone a long way because it was used to construct an advanced laboratory as well as used to fund further research of the topic at hand. Cambridge SENS Laboratory is the name of this project, and its AGE-breaker program is heaven sent. Research has shown that metabolic waste can destroy the body, which makes the body age faster. “There are too little treatments that are being developed to produce effective treatments,” said Hope. Jason Hope’s $500,000-investment will be used to come up with various treatments that will fight age-related diseases such Parkinson’s, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. Before SENS Research Foundation came into existence, most of the treatments were being conducted on animals. Animal-based studies don’t apply to humans when it comes to this subject, and SENS has provided proof of this evidence.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Jason Hope is known to be a philanthropist, an investor and a futurist. This guy has a strong passion for advanced technologies, and he gives back to his community on a consistent basis. Jason Hope is also well-educated as he has attained an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. In addition to that, Hope has attained a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Arizona.

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Jason Hope supports technological innovations

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur and a philanthropist from Arizona. He is known for his love for technological innovations. He has been a vocal commentator of the Internet of Things. For the past one decade, he has been talking about this concept over and over again. While some people thought that it would never happen, Jason was adamant that it was a reality that we will have to see in not so many years. His prediction has come out true as IoT is now part of us. IoT is being used in all industries and even in our homes. It is still in its beginning stages, but the concept is tipped to bring a technological revolution in the world.

According to Jason Hope, one of the industries which have taken up the whole idea of the Internet of Things is the airline industry. When you go to the airline companies, you will find that there is a lot of research that is going on. These companies have realized that if they do not conform to technological innovations, they will be run out of business by others. It is for this reason that the Boeing 787s are being made with IoT incorporated in the manufacturing process. All the parts of the plane are connected to the Internet means that they are able to send and receive information. In case any part of the plane has a problem, it will be communicated to the technician immediately.

Jason Hope has also been very vocal about biotechnological research that is going on currently. The research is about the development of an anti-aging drug and is being carried out by a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This foundation has been in this research for the past one decade. The goal of the organization is to create a drug that can reduce cases of old age diseases. Since these diseases are brought by the weakness of the body due to old age, a drug that can reduce the effects of old age and make the body remain string for many years could be a solution. Jason Hope believes that this idea is great and has supported the organization by donating $500,000.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Bob Reina – article recap

Talk Fusion is known globally as the leader of innovative video communication tools. Talk Fusion has always introduced advanced technology before anyone else and they accomplished this feat by offering precise reliability technology and superior quality service. Talk Fusion is heads above other communication developers when it comes to WebRTC development.


Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder is Bob Reina. He began his earlier career in law enforcement in the state of Florida. Bob soon discovered network marketing which gave him a very lucrative beginning by earning good commissions. He spent twenty years in the direct selling market and he shares his experience and tips with his peers and new entrepreneurs.


Remaining on the forefront of technology, Talk Fusion has recently introduced their new updated version of real-time ‘Live Meetings.’ Live Meetings is an infusion of the WebRTC system and Talk Fusion’s latest Video Suite technology. The updated Live Meetings system can support 15 hosts and 500 participants, and you can use your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.


The Live Meetings software can be accessed through your online browser and features a perceptible recording technology. Users will not need to download plug-in app software like Adobe Flash Player. Talk Fusion says that Live Meetings offers great security features, intelligent software, clear audio and video, enhanced desktop features, waiting rooms for presenters to help them prepare the content and settings prior to the live conference and other unique features.


The Live Meetings program now joins the Talk Fusion family of award-winning products like its Video Chat which won the 2016 Product of the Year and the Communication Solutions Product of the Year. Bob Reina said that Talk Fusion is just beginning to astound everyone with its communication technological skills and products.


Talk Fusion products and services are being distributed in over 140 countries by its independent marketing associates. Talk Fusion allows users to test their products for a whole month without even securing the product with a credit or debit card. Talk Fusion is adding a new dimension into the marketing industry, where companies can produce cogent videos that fit easily into their advertising campaigns. Learn more:  http://bobreina.com/


In 2017, the company introduced Talk Fusion University. The University provides the company’s associates with succinct online selling and training videos.

The Talk Fusion company under the aegis of Bob Reina is very community minded.


They both support many different philanthropic projects by contributing to nonprofit organizations, supporting an orphanage in Indonesia, contributing to Tampa Bay’s Human Society, and gives free Video Suite software to charities around the world.


Bob Reina and the Journey from Police Work to Video Content

The technology is continuing its advance, and Bob Reina is back to talk about it. The companies that follow video trends for marketing purposes are always interested in what he has to say. Video content is becoming more and more popular for brands as an advertising tool. Once upon a time videos were only used in classrooms or by vloggers, but with the rise of the digital age, people look for video content more often. The amount of data the current customer consumes every day is astonishing. But many brands are still stuck in the era of TV advertising which has different requirements than other kinds of video content. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/



Bob Reina wanted to talk to MarTech audience directly, so he returned to writing. Video marketing trends are not only important for the marketing department. They are also important to the IT guys and the analysts. In the early 2000s, it was all about video emailing. It started tapping into the various and never-ending options video as a format offers companies. It reaches a wider audience, and there is a reason why firms should have a professional dealing with their video content. It takes skill, dedication and time to create material that would take the company to the next level.



Bob Reina is passionate about new technology and how it can improve people’s lives. He is also a passionate philanthropist and tries to help people who are less fortunate. He donated money to help people in Nepal after the earthquake hit the country and left people struggling. He also helped people after the tsunami in Japan. He gives money and time to help as much as he can to different charity organisations.



Reina is a smart and dedicated leader who prefers leading by example. He creates relationships with his employees and takes an interest in the projects he oversees. Reina attended the University of South Florida while working several small jobs. He was one of the top graduates of his police academy class and worked as a patrol officer before changing his career path.



He is a self-made man with energy and desire to make the world a better place.

Why Jason Hope Believes in the Internet of Things

Jason Hope has become one of the most well known futurists in the technological worlds. Being a futurist while working in technology can be difficult prospective. There are so many moving parts that it can be impossible to keep ahead of the pack. Well, that is why Hope has become such a legend for the work he has done. Hope is also a published author, entrepreneur, and tech innovator. Right now Hope is working on preparing tech world for the arrival of the Internet of Things — a concept he believes to be the next great game changer in technology.

To say that Jason Hope has taken a strong stance on the Internet of Things would be putting it lightly. For the past year or two we have seen Jason Hope focus entirely on the concept. The reason? He believes it to be the next great industry in the tech world and if people get on board earlier, then they’ll have more access to all of the success that will come with it.

The Internet of Things refers to the way that the internet connects to our day to day objects. Don’t just think of your phone or your computer in terms of the Internet of Things. Think instead of how your coffee maker or your home security system could interface with the web. What other ways can you imagine the internet affecting something you do on a daily basis? That is the kind of question that will keep the industry focused on innovating.

We have already seen the Internet of Things make something of a splash in a few different industries. The Internet of Things is particularly impacting airline industry thanks to the work of Virgin Atlantic with their Boeing 787 jets. These jets have been wired up to the internet, head to toe, so as to allow people to consistently monitor their performance — thus keeping everyone safe and the planes more efficient.

If the Internet of Things takes off and people are aware of it then you’ll have Jason Hope to thank for the hard work. Until then, keep focused and watch as the IoT expands!

To know more visit @: www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/jason-hope-pledges-500000