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The Impact of Adam Milstein on Pro-Israeli Advocacy

Adam Milstein, an American born in Israel, is a managing partner at an established real estate firm and heads the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. Through this foundation, Adam Milstein has made an enormous impact on the Jewish-American communities. This platform has also helped a great deal in working towards building the relationship between Israel and Jewish Americans. As a result, he has become a prominent Israeli-American. His philanthropic acts have helped to amplify his pro-Israel message and bring about a culture of cooperation among Israel-American organizations throughout the U.S.

He also hosts a podcasts where he has detailed discussions with special guests. One of his famous guests includes Dennis Prager, an author, columnist and host in a national radio talk show. He has also hosted Haim Saban, a film and television producer, philanthropist, investor and proprietor in America. His talks with these individuals have not only helped to give hope to Israelis in the East but also served as an eye opener for American-Israelis. These discussions have birthed detailed insights regarding some of the major threats faced by the Israeli media, progress on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and how the government is working towards defeating the BDS movement. Most guests are either artists, elected officials, policymakers, thinkers or activists. Adam Milstein strives to be at the front line engaging the Jewish-American communities on the happenings in Israel.

Besides, he has also been recognized as one of the most impactful philanthropist in the U.S. This is because Adam Milstein not only gives financial grants but also provides leadership and strategy assistance to the beneficiaries, including companies that partner with his foundation. Most of the programs under his foundation are focused on having an impact on Jewish and Israeli Americans from as little as they are two-years-old. That way, he is able to build and increase his audience over time. His pragmatic parternships have also played a major role in having a profound impact on corporations.

Adam Milstein has been married since 1974, and he has three daughters, a single grandson and two granddaughters. He is based in Encino, CA and lives with his wife, even though his business has its headquarters at Los Angeles.

Adam Milstein, The Thinking of an Entrepreneur

The article “Adam Milstein-Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties” by the website ideamensch.com gives you a picture of how Adam Milstein thinks as an entrepreneur. But first a little background on the man.

A native of Israel, he graduated from the Technion in 1978. When he came to the US in 1981, he earned an MBA from USC, then began a career in commercial real estate in 1983. Through the years he has earned other titles: entrepreneur, philanthropist, real estate investor, community leader and currently, Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. These are the stats of a successful person, but how did he get to where he is today?

When campus recruiters didn’t appreciate his knowledge or experience and offered him less that what an undergrad would make, he decided to go out on his own as a real estate commercial broker. After 3 years of continued success, he became a partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm.

Milstein alluded to three important concepts to how he became a successful entrepreneur:

  • One much understand the problem and look at the issues for yourself. You should not rely on other people to do your thinking.
  • Success is a long term journey and to think of taking short cuts could lead you to failure. This advice by the way, is the result of his own early failure, when he was selling art to temples in Israel. With great success selling a small amount of art, he decided to buy a huge amount of inventory to make an overnight fortune. It didn’t work out the way he planned, the art took longer to sell than he had hoped.
  • Always follow up on your leads for ideas.

As to the type of habits one should have to be a successful entrepreneur, it is the same habits that Milstein follows: follow-up, consistency and persistence.







TOWN Residential – Real Estate Firm Opens Outpost in Meatpacking District and TriBeCa

One of the top NYC real estate agencies, TOWN Residential, has opened up a new office in the meatpacking district. The company is opening an office in the area in order to be closer to allow brokers to meet with their clients. The new space encompasses the upper third floor of a 3-story building which includes access to a private roof deck. The private roof deck creates the perfect outdoor space for brokers to entertain their real estate clients whom are looking to purchase new luxury properties in New York. This space differentiates the firm from others – most real estate firms don’t have any kind of outdoor space which they can use in order to entertain their clients. Another brokerage will also have a presence there, which is Thomas & Ingram as the effort will be a shared one where the two firms will join forces.


Town Real Estate has all of it’s properties listed on their website. Additionally, they frequently feature the properties which have gotten media traction on their Facebook Page. Properties are often featured on Local New York news programs which feature tours of the properties which they have for sale to the public. These properties are able to captivate the attention of crowds and attract plenty of great buyers whom might be interested in securing deals on some of the best properties in the business.


Town Residential also is known for providing some of the best customer service in their industry. The company has established for itself a standard of excellence which is unrivalled and unparalleled. Their formula is a winning one which combines talent with some of the best properties around. The company is also a foremost luxury real estate company which means that they only offer the best properties to the best people.


They have managed to achieve their goals through customer service, being focused, and having top leadership/customer service. This works for ensuring that their customers are able to provide their expertise in the NYC real estate market. Thus, this company has a solid brand as a direct result of their customer service and relationship building skills. The company is also well-managed to ensure that all of their customers, whether purchasing/leasing an apartment, have all of their needs met.



New York Real Estate Industry Closed 2015 on High

Wealthy individuals are investing largely in New York real estate industry, and this has led to robust sale in properties over the past one year. These wealthy individuals are targeting luxury and super-luxury properties in the market, according to Pamela Leibman, an executive of Corcoran Group, which handles sales for 220 Central Park South. Another executive of CityRealty, shares the same views like Pamela that the demand for these luxury buildings is on the rise. His views is that in 2016, the demand will be high in 56 Leonard and 432 Park, while in the coming years it would be 520 Park and 220 Central Park South.

According to a report on New York Times, the top 20 sales of 2015 all recorded over $30 million, while top ten sales all were above $45 million. These sales included a number of luxury condos, two townhouses, and three co-ops. One57 recorded the biggest deal of the year at $100.47 million, paid for the 89th and 90th floors that would be used as reception and grand salon at the brash blue tower. Extell sealed this deal, and was initially offered at $98.5 million, then increased the price to $115 million. The identity of new owner is not known by many people because most of these wealthy individuals buying these ultraluxury buildings hid under the name of a limited liability company.

As that deal was sealed, another sale was underway, being priced at $91.5 million, the second highest for year. This sale was made by William A. Ackman, a hedge fund guru who purchased six-bedroom apartment called Winter Garden. Two Chinese brothers paid $47.37 million to buy the entire 86th floor of the same building. The executive of Douglas Elliman Real Estate noted that many buyers in this building are foreigners especially from China.

One of the top performing real estate companies in New York is TOWN Residential, which began operation in 2010. The founder and CEO of TOWN is Andrew Heiberger. It is recognized across New York for dealing in luxury real estate properties. TOWN has highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who execute all the firm’s transactions and services that are favorable to customers.

TOWN provides a wide range of services including sale and leasing properties, marketing luxury properties, and developing new properties. High standards of professionalism are observed at TOWN, and this has ensured top quality services are offered to those engaging the company.