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JHSF’s Successes Under the Leadership of José AuriemoNeto

JHSF is a property development company operating in the Brazilian real estate industry. The firm develops luxury residential properties, shopping malls and also hotels and restaurants. Its main projects target recurring income sector in the Brazilian economy. The company has also invested in the United States and Uruguay. JHSF was a pioneer in the development of shopping malls, high-end hotels and an executive airport in the Brazilian real estate industry. Currently, the company is led by José AuriemoNeto serving as the CEO and Chairman.

Development of Shopping Malls

The first shopping complex to be developed by JHSF was Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, which is based in Sao Paulo. This mall is integrated with a subway station, the first of kind in Brazil. José AuriemoNeto joined the leadership team in 2003, and since then he has played critical role of diversifying the firm’s investment potential. In 2006, José Auriemo is commonly referred by his name Zeco, led the company in the development of what is today called CidadeJardim Complex.

José Auriemo’s Career Profile

José AuriemoNeto joined JHSF in 1993, and in 1997, he established a service department that managed the company’s parking space. The service department was very successful, and in 1998, AuriemoNeto was given the go-ahead to develop the first shopping destination for the firm-the Shopping Santa Cruz. He is the current CEO and Chairman for JHSF, and he is responsible for overseeing its interests in all areas of investments. Under his leadership, JHSF has developed one of the largest malls in Sao Paulo, the CidadeJardim Shopping. AuriemoNeto also administers other JHSF’s investments such as Salvador’s Bela Vista and Ponta Negra shopping complex in Manaus.

JHSF has also invested in the retail industry through a partnership with Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes which led to the launching of the firm’s first retail outlet at the Cidade complex. After working for over 20 years at the company, José AuriemoNeto has amassed a wealth of experience, which has enabled him to lead the company to success. Neto is a graduated of FAAP University.

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Arthur Becker is a Man for all Real Estate Seasons

Arthur Becker is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zinio. Prior to Zinio he was the CEO of Navisite, a technology based company focusing on technology and the management of applications. The company served clients in the United States and the United Kingdom. Navisite also provided web hosting services and cloud based application management. Other hats Mr. Becker wore were that as technology and real estate investor, as well as senior advisor to the Vera Wang Company. Mr. Becker amassed a fortune in the technology industry.

Currently, Becker’s primary focus is the real estate industry. Arthur Becker currently is invested in a condominium development just outside of SoHo, while becoming the proud owner of three adjacent townhouses in SoHo itself through his investment strategy. His townhouse real estate holdings are located on prestigious Sullivan Street. SoHo is the heart of the art district in the state and most properties are very coveted pieces of real estate. It is an affluent entity in the city and most attractive to a cross section of people.

Becker is not only an investor in the area, he plans to renovate one of the townhouses and reside there, as well, while renting or leasing two of them after that are developed.

Becker employs great experience in the real estate industry and likes to dive into a p0roject head first. He is not afraid to fail, says the NY Times, but goes to great lengths to perform his due diligence and analyzes each entity before deciding to participate or not. That approach has served him well, as he has participated in several very rewarding projects.

Mr. Becker has also invested in several real estate development companies including AmBase Corporation, Property Markets Group and JDS Development Group. Becker has invested more than $500 million in New York real estate through his personal investment firm, Atlantic Investors, LLC.

According to NY Mag, the development of the condominium townhouse project was a bit of a challenge for the developers involved. Through their efforts, they were able to maximize the height of the buildings and present a unique design to utilize and odd piece of property due to its shape and non-traditional restrictions placed on the property. The development through non-traditional thinking and planning was most attractive for Becker and added to the excitement of owning them.

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