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Oncotarget: providing a platform for information dissemination

The fight against cancer has continued to gain support from all spheres of life. Among these are research and publication. There is an increasing awareness of the value of information in prevention, treatment, and management of cancer. While it continues to be a leading killer disease, some milestones have been achieved. Scientists and by extension doctors have been able to identify various factors that lead to cancer and ways to avoid them. The need for dissemination of this information has also increased. Oncotarget has endeavored to provide researchers with a platform to publish. Also, the journal has been instrumental in providing vital information to other people including patients on ways to manage their conditions.

Oncotarget mainly covers research on different aspects of oncology. However, it has in recent times accepted papers on Metabolism, Neuroscience, all areas of Pharmacology, and Cardiology among others. The change was aimed at enhancing research on the interrelatedness of the different biomedical fields in prevention and treatment of cancer. The combination of knowledge from these areas is also essential in fighting various diseases.

Oncotarget is among the leading journals in biomedicine. The papers received from researchers are published on PubMed. The journal was initially published once in a week. However, an increase in demand has necessitated the publishing of two issues per a week on Tuesday and Friday. The increased demand for the publications has been attributed to its impact and quality. Publishing two issues per week is also expected to reduce the delay owing to the increased volume of papers submitted.

The journal is reviewed by a team of highly experienced professionals. The multiple peer-review approaches facilitate the publishing of high impact and quality papers. The review of submitted papers is at the most basic premise insightful, constructive, and time conscious. The journal now takes the form of an open access and multidisciplinary. The chief editor is Mikhail Blagosklonny. He specializes in the study of cancer and aging. Blagosklonny proposed the use of a popular cancer drug, rapamycin, in the treatment of life extension. The increased number of publications as well as the integration of various biomedical fields gives Oncotarget an edge over other journals.