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In his capacity as the Ubuntu Fund chairman, Andrew Rolfe has been able to mobilize various organizations and individuals to contribute to worthy causes. The 10th edition of the Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala is one of the avenues that are used to raise funds for the education fund.

This year the annual Ubuntu charity gala had anticipated that it would raise more than nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars and they reached the milestone that they had set. The money which was raised during the charity event will be used for admitting more children to the Ubuntu Fund School which is situated in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth area. Some of the proceeds will be used to build a pediatric clinic on the school’s campus. Charlie Ross presided over the auction. Some of the goods that the British auctioneer sold include a Nelson Makamo portrait, a trip to South Africa and two paintings by Dom Pattinson. All the items managed to raise a total of 38,667 dollars.

Andrew Rolfe ensured that the 300 guests who attended the charity event were dined and entertained by a choir which was singing in Xhosa. The guests also got to listen to inspiring speeches and one of them was a former beneficiary of the Ubuntu Fund program. Sinesipho Radyani was among two of the beneficiaries who attended the Ubuntu Fund program. Sinesipho comes from a disadvantaged background, and her alcoholic father is also abusive. During her speech, she revealed that apart from the scholarship she received, she also received psychosocial counseling and mentoring. This support enabled her to cope with her life and thanks to the program, she has now been accepted to Law School, and her mother has also been able to leave the abusive relationship.

The Ubuntu Education Fund was started in 1999 by Jacob Lief to cater for underprivileged children in Port Elizabeth townships. Currently, the non-profit organization supports 2,000 children in the area. The fund not only caters for the children’s education but also their personal and social needs.


Mr. Rolfe also works for TowerBook Capital Partners as a managing director.Andrew also serves as the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund.Before Andrew held these posts, he had worked for other renowned establishments.

Andrew Rolfe has a Bachelor of Arts Degree which he got from Oxford University. He also attended Harvard Business School and he graduated with a Business Economics Masters.Andrew Rolfe has a Bachelor of Arts Degree which he got from Oxford University. He also attended Harvard Business School, and he graduated with a Business Economics Masters.