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Zeco Auriemo Leadership Skills and Roles

Zeco Auriemo is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a popular Brazilian real estate holding company. The company is known for its outstanding marketing strategies. Over the years, Zeco Auriemo has shown exceptional roles in keeping the company’s reputation high. He has used his knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure the growth of JHSF Company.


Achievements of JHSF

Under Zeco Auriemo leadership, JHSF has grown in its market value and has out-shined other real estate companies. In 2001, JHSF became larger by facilitating the opening of the first mall in Brazil. It facilitated the growth of Catarina fashion outlet, which was the first luxury market in Brazil. Zeco Auriemo became the chairman of the board of directors in the JHSF Company, check (Zeronaldo.com).

Zeco has promoted the growth of JHSF by opening up projects in Uruguay and the United States. He helped raise 1.7 million dollars in support of the Brazil Foundation. In 2009, Zeco Auriemo led to expansion and growth of JHSF, by participating in many partnership agreements that ensured the success of the company. He signed the contracts with, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci.

JHSF has over time grown in its profitability and revenue indicating a 2.3 percent yearly growth. Auriemo led to the establishment of shopping Santa Cruz mall and made sure that it emerged as the bestselling mall. He is also a member of the YPO. Mr. Zeco attended the engineering course at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, where he increased his knowledge and skills on how to handle various projects. JHSF owns and manages the Cidade Jardim Park.

Zeco Auriemo has been a great leader and has ensured the success and development of JHSF Company. He has made sure that the company has transited to one of the best in Brazil. Zeco has managed to deal with strategic issues in the company, and any issues affecting the employees. JHSF has been in the stock exchange program since 2007.