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Brian Bonar Brings Great Food To The Plate In San Diego

Brian Bonar has a dream to bring great food to San Diego, and he has managed to do that with a restaurant in downtown Escondido and a ranch he has outside the city. He is actually the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he now wants to use his abilities to create better restaurants for the people to eat in. Escondido is just outside San Diego in a nice area where people will enjoy sitting back for a nice drink and some European bistro food that they have not seen before.

Bellamy’s was dropped right in the middle of Escondido where there are a lot of other small restaurants that bear the family name or the name of the owner. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar picked the name Bellamy’s because he believed it fit in with the area, and he also believed that people would be more likely to come to a location that sounded more trustworthy. This has become one of the best places to go for a drink at night, or it can be a lunch location in the day.

There is plenty of room in the place for people to have a nice gathering, and they can walk right into downtown Escondido when they leave. This is an experience that Brian Bonar wanted to create for all the patrons in the restaurant, and it is an experience he believes in deeply. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

He wants people to enjoy the food that he enjoys, but he also wants them to come to a place that feels like it came from another time.

Brian Bonar is also looking at hosting events on a nice place outside the city. People who want to drive inland to see the natural beauty of southern California will enjoy the location he has set up, and they can have the best food coming from a dream kitchen that Brian Bonar built himself. His restaurant team is helping make the best food and atmosphere for every patron.