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Mike Nierenberg Studies The Past To Understand The Future

Mike Nierenberg demonstrated the fact that he looks to the past to invest in the future by his first move into the financial industry. The first move made by Mike Nierenberg in the financial industry was that of joining Lehman Brothers.

It was at Lehman brothers where Mike Nierenberg was able to really apply the concepts he learned at his school and make a significant difference in his life. Mike Nierenberg was able to become more concrete in the financial sector by doing and learning at a well organized firm.

Let us dive into this first prominent financial institution that Mike Nierenberg was able to be a part of and learn so much from over the course of his tenure there.

The History of the Brothers

After opening up a store and delving into the trading business, the Lehman Brothers were on a roll, they were slowly becoming a full-fledged institution.

They had started off with a dry-goods store, and now they were organically adding a raw cotton trading business by accepting cotton as a sort of currency. They accepted cotton because it was in demand and because they realized they would be able to pad their profits with a store of this valuable asset.

As the years went on, they realized that the acceptance of cotton, and the trading of cotton was a very wise move on their part. The trading business quickly became a key part of their activities, it even outpaced the sales of their staple goods store.

The story of Lehman continues with the passing of one of the brothers due to a fever in 1855.

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The Portfolio of New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp. invests in the most promising residential real estate investments via Servicing Related Assets, Residential Securities and Loans, and Other Investments segments. It commonly invests in real estate securities, residential mortgage loans, and consumer loans. And its staff are girded with the massive experience and knowledge to do this perfectly and profitably. This qualified real estate investment trust has a portfolio full of unsecured and homeowner loans in addition to many other kinds of investments.

This New York-based company was originally founded in 2011. Since the time it has taken full advantage of the growing trillion-dollar mortgage servicing market of the U.S. residential real estate environment. What is known as a Mortgage Servicing Right allows the company and those like it to mortgage loans for a fee. It is this kind of mortgage-related rule that has presented them with the most opportunities to generate profitability. And their rising success in this sector shows that they are doing what they do right.

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Agera Energy and Their Service Options

Being able to switch to a high quality energy company is one of the main reasons people are choosing Agera Energy. Agera Energy has been in business for several years and has already serviced millions of people across 50 different states. They work with both homeowners as well as business owners who need high-quality options for their energy consumption needs. You can choose between electricity and natural gas as needed so that you can get a better rate on both of these energy needs for the home or office. If you would like to learn more about the company, you can visit the Agera Energy site and see for yourself why so many people have chosen them for their own household needs.

The company is more than willing and able to help you pick out a plan, type of package or offer that best fits your needs as well as the budget that you are able to afford. The most important reasons to make the switch to the Agera Energy company is because of the quality of the service that you will be able to receive. Unlike other companies that simply aren’t there for their customers, you can utilize this for yourself and see just why millions of people have made use of the agency since its inception in 2014.

You can also check them out on social media, read reviews and get advice from other people currently using the company and who are going to be able to provide assistance and guidance when making the switch. The company is one of the top energy providers in the country for a reason and this is due to their low rates and helpful customer service. You will enjoy being able to finally use a company that you can trust and one that is going to provide you with the service that you need right now. You can find out more about the company by checking out their site or logging onto their social media accounts where you will be able to get more information about what they are able to offer to you right now.


Glenn Schlossberg’s Jump Design Successfully Purchases Cathy Daniels

Jump Design Group recently completed its purchase of Cathy Daniels (CD) with a goal of turning the company around. As of 23rd July 2018, the company owns all Cathy Daniels’ assets including the factory groups and sales team. Jerry Passaretti, CD’s president, continued overseeing the business development of Cathy Daniels after the acquisition.

Ashesh Amin, Jump Design’s CEO, mentioned that Jump Design aims at acquiring companies with a solid business portfolio. Amin also pointed out that Jump Design is on the verge of complementing these ventures with its customer base and business strategies. Danny and Steve Chestler, sons of CD’s founder, said that they were proud of the acquisition. They believe that Cathy Daniels will have more opportunities to grow further under the new management.

The success story of Cathy Daniels (a clothing company) dates back in 1972 when Herbert Chester launched Eccobay. His sons, Danny and Steve started Cathy Daniels by leveraging on their dad’s success twelve years later. They learned from their father that commitment, integrity, hard work and honesty are crucial to building a business. Danny and Steve used these principles to make the best products for their targeted clients.

On the other hand, Jump Design specializes in manufacturing runway clothing for women. The company uses top-notch technologies in its business processes. Jump design also has a team of designers who focus on delivering the highest quality products. Glenn Schlossberg is the brains behind Jump Design Group.

Glenn Schlossberg’s Career Background

Glenn Schlossberg is a prolific businessperson and fashion industry guru. He first gained critical acclaim after he launched the Jump Apparel back in 1990. As Jump Design’s current principal, he works with his company’s teams to design, manufacture and produce high-quality garments. He got inspiration from his father, who was a dressmaker, to venture into fashion.

Schlossberg also attended the New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology to advance his knowledge in apparel design. Glenn uses the knowledge to enable his brand to produce more affordable garments to be competitive in the fashion industry. Glenn helped establish logistics, design and manufacturing facilities for Jump Design across New Jersey and New York. The company’s clients can also buy the Jump Apparel from retailers such as Zappos, Nordstrom and Macy’s. Visit wwd.com to learn more.


Overview of Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group Projects

Wesley Robert Edens commonly known as Wes is an entrepreneur, investor and basketball team owner. He holds different positions as a chairman of the board, Chief Executive Officer, Principal and president, and also as a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He pursued a degree in finance and Business administration at the University of Oregon State and has specialized overseeing hedge fund and private equity investments.

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 Fortress Investment Group Projects

Led by co-founder, co-chairman and co-CEO Wes Edens and his partner, the company has expanded its programs offered to various regions of the world. Some of the projects are under the New Fortress Energy firm, founded in 2014 by Fortress Investment Group.


  1. Ireland

Through the New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens stated that the company acquired land in Ireland’s County Kerry at Ballylongford to establish a natural gas in liquid form firm. The company received authorisation rights for the project, and it’s estimated to cost $581 million in the development of the firm. Due to the European Commission laws of the countries in the EU to use clean fuel as energy, the project remains expected to acquire a considerable market after its completion.


  1. Jamaica

Other than focuses on the growth and development of the company, Wes Edens and his team also appreciates the community through donations and charity work. In Jamaica, Fortress Investment Group donated $4.5 million to children for education and support for youth programs. RISE Life Management Services received the amount with the aim of helping the young and young adults in downtown Kingston. It, therefore, has to educate those with bad behaviours and those suffering from depression and with adults and youths with suicidal thoughts.


  1. Mexico

Baja California Sur is an investment project in Mexico that aims at building, developing and managing a terminal at Pichilingue port. The terminal will remain used for the transportation of liquefied natural gas for the Mexican citizens. The project expects to cost $184 million and is to begin in 2020 as the first terminal to supply natural gas in Baja. The project will eventually lead to lower costs of power and employment opportunities for different groups of people according to Wes Edens statement.

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Financial Billionaire Wes Edens Is Part Owner Of The Milwaukee Bucks

For the past three decades, Wes Edens has dedicated his entire career to the industry of finances and investments. Best known for his wealth gained at Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative investment agency out of New York in the US, Wes Edens has taken to other prospects as of late outside of finances. In particular, Wes is very fond of sports and with his accumulated wealth, he has begun investing in several different teams in different sports leagues. One of the most prominent teams that Wes has invested in is the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional Basketball team that plays in the United States. Purchasing this team hit Wes for more than 500 million dollars and that was to buy co-ownership.

More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Since Wes Edens has started managing the Milwaukee Bucks, the team has been able to reach the playoffs three seasons in a row, despite their ten-year absence before Wes’ arrival. Wes isn’t just focused on his management of the Milwaukee Bucks, however, since he owns other sports teams as well. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens went into business together to purchase a soccer team known as Aston Villa in the UK. The team itself has been around for more than a century and has a net worth of around 100 million dollars, which Wes put a fifty-five percent stake into. Over the past several years, eSports has been growing as an industry and there are billions of dollars going in and out of the market every year, which is why Wes has involved himself in this scene as well. Currently, Wes owns a professional team in League of Legends which competes under the name, FlyQuest.

Although Wes is putting a lot of his extra time into sports, he is still an active board member at Fortress Investment Group and contributes to the company’s success on a yearly basis. It is because of the efforts of Wes that Fortress has been able to grow into a multi-billion dollar corporation managing more than 70 billion dollars.

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Celebrating Flavio Maluf’s 67Th Birthday by Remembering his Contribution To The Growth of Eucatex

Eucatex was established in 1951. It was the first Brazilian manufacturing company to implement environmental as well as acoustic comfort while using eucalyptus as the raw material in producing ceiling tiles in addition to panels. The main processing plant of the company was Americana Sawmill, founded in 1923. It was situated in Sao Paulo. Today, the company has various processing plants. The first mill was inaugurated in Salto. Fiberboard Industrial Unit has since facilitated the manufacture of high-quality products. From 1956 to 1965, Eucatex installed the first representative offices across Brazil’s capitals. Other branches were situated in Argentina. The production capacity has also increased over the years. But, that would not be possible without Flavio Maluf, the head of general operations. View crunchbase.com to learn more.

Flavio Maluf was brought up in a political dynasty of a wealthy, entrepreneurial, political father. He learned how to run a business at a tender age. Over the years, he has built excellent entrepreneurial skills. An alumnus of Armando AlvaresPenteado, Flavio Maluf graduated with honors in engineering. However, he ventured into business. Flavio Maluf took over his family’s business in 1997. He has since served in various leadership capacities but the most important aspect is admired for is ensuring that Eucatex Group of Companies maintains environmental preservation by using Eucalyptus for manufacturing its products.

For 19 years, the company has invested in land development as well as reforestation in order to encourage self-sufficiency through supply. In the following years, Eucatex ventured into environmental preservation. The company has also continued to spread its presence into various regions with the aim of remaining relevant in the society. One of the objectives of the company’s programs is to disseminate the value of environmental preservation and the importance of invaluable management of forests. Under the guidance of Maluf, the company has also maintained production through eucalyptus.

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Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. Previously, she served with the company as the chief operating officer. Ms. Kokkinides has many years of experience designing and managing healthcare plans. At Centerlight HealthCare, she was was the chief management officer who was in charge of the managed care division. She also worked at Touchstone Health as the head of operations and was the corporate vice president at AmeriChoice, which is owned by UnitedHealth. At AmeriChoice, she responsible for the disease management and care management division.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the president and chief executive officer at InnovaCare Health. He received his bachelor’s of science degree from the University of California at Irvine, and he got his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also has an M.B.A. that he obtained from the University of Redlands.

Dr. Shinto started his career in the medical industry as a specialist of internal medicine and pulmonologist in Southern California. He served with MedPartners as the vice president who was tasked with medical management. At Cal Optimal Health, he served as a senior medical officer,and he was the operations manager and CMO at Pathways Management. Rick Shinto also worked at North American Management of California as the senior medical officer who was responsible for medical management. 2008 was the year that he joined Aveta Inc. as a member of the management team. He was later appointed to the position of president of Aveta Inc., which is where he remained until the company was sold in 2012.

Rick Shinto won the Access for Caring Award for his exceptional contributions to the healthcare industry. He was also named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and a Top Minority Executive in 2018.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and offers quality healthcare products throughout North America. The company offers the top healthcare plans in Puerto Rico. It offers services through two divisions that are Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. Its two main healthcare programs are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. The mission at InnovaCare Health is to provide its members with affordable and sustainable healthcare plans. It serves more than 200,00 registered members and has 7,500 network providers. The company’s Medicare Advantage healthcare plan received the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2011.


Jeunesse Global Offers An Advanced Line of Anti-Aging Products

Many women spend thousands of dollars trying to maintain their youth. However, one company is helping women with an advanced anti-aging system that helps women achieve the look that they desire. That company, Jeunesse Global, is winning market share thanks to their Luminesce® anti-aging topical line.

An Advanced Line of Anti-Aging Products

Jeunesse Global is known for their popular line of health and wellness products. And one of the most popular products from the company is Luminesce® line of anti-aging products. These products help women protect all aspects of their face and their skin.

Luminesce® Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

This Dermatologist-developed serum allows you to reduce the wrinkles on your face and restore your face’s natural, youthful look.

Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex

Formulated with APT-200, this topical cream protects your face with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and moisturizes your skin to keep your face looking radiant.

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

Your body does most of its repair work at night. To help optimize the repair process, Luminesce Advanced Night Repair will help hydrate your skin and keep it young.

Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

The secret to keeping your skin looking young is to efficiently get rid of the dead skin on the surface. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser will help you micro-exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent the premature appearance of aging.

Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

Enriched with fruit and legume extracts, Luminesce Essential Body Renewal will help your skin maintain a smooth and youthful appearance.

Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

Designed to provide spa-level type of treatment, the Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque will provide professional results without the professional price.

LUMINESCE™ flawless skin brightener

Designed to reduce the appearance hyperpigmentation and manage pores, LUMINESCE™ flawless skin brightener is an advanced gel designed to brighten the face in minutes.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has produced a line of health and wellness products. The company distributes its products through a team of international distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to find new ways to innovate the health and wellness industry.