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New Handy App Helps You Get Things Done including Ikea Furniture

The New Handy app is a innovative way to get things done around the home. It’s like a combination of Uber and a maid service, but it’s a maid service on demand. The company also has home maintenance contractors on hand in case you will be needing any kind of home maintenance services as well. Overall, many people praise the service because contractors are fully background checked and verified.

Another area in which handy is promising to distinguish itself is in that of the furniture delivery business. The company knows that in many cases, furniture from Ikea is hard to have delivered to a home. The company has launched a furniture delivery service in the NYC area which is aimed at reducing the amount of time which is spend in the process of having furniture sent and assembled. The company is determined to connect their customers with the furniture they need. This is so that their customers will have access to the best level of service possible. Handy has it’s own e-commerce platform so that they are able to sell Ikea furniture directly to the consumer and add in it’s own delivery/assembly charges. The idea behind the company is to create a funnel for other services which are sold directly through the company as well.

According to nyctechmommy.com, the company has raised $12 Million in venture capital from two different firms. They have also received a solid growth in sales as a result of their efforts to expand rapidly and enter new territory. The company was also looking to rapidly expand their customer base by acquiring services such as Homejoy. These acquisitions mean a lot of positive momentum for Handy and their ability to pick up customers. What is also of benefit to the company is the amount of capital that is coming in.