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Gourmet Cuisine For Pets That’s Paw Licking Good

Pet food has recently taken a giant leap from dog and cat chow to gourmet cuisine. Our pets are thrilled, and owners are feeling pretty good about their new choices of pet food. A few pet food manufacturers are in contention for serving up the healthiest gourmet meals for pets:

Freshpet Inc., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – Prepares a line of dog food that requires refrigeration and claims to be winning the hearts of dogs and cats. Beneful also claims that their pet food is as good as the food served at a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Blue Buffalo – Also in contention for delivering a gourmet meal for your pet is recognized as serving healthy and fresh meals that would please the pallet of any pet dog or cat. Their recognition is growing as the fresh grain-free healthy pet food.

Nestle’s Purina – Serving up your pet’s favorite gourmet meal to order. On the Purinastore  website, pet owners are able to special order their pets particular food choices. Personalized dog food is now a gourmet reality with the Just Right pet food selection. You build an online profile of your pet by supplying answers to specific questions about your pets likes and dislikes, breed, weight, and behavioral habits. At JustRightPetFood.com, creating the profile will tell Purina a lot about your pet’s needs both nutritionally and activity involvement. Just Right food selections have choices of foods without grains but use the nutritional alternative of cassava root flour.

After you have completed your pet’s facebook profile and choice of favorite protein, chicken, beef or lamb, Purina will prepare your pet’s blend of food and deliver it to your door.

Purina has several hundred scientists working at their facilities, designing healthy meals for pets both dogs and cats. They strive to keep pets healthy by adding just the right amount of nutrition to keep their eyes healthy and bright, bones sturdy, and their skin and coat beautiful.

Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has prepared lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs, using the caption “he’ll have what you’re having.”

Big Heart Pet Brands, part of J. M. Smucker Co, sells duck jerky and grilled burger dog treats made with natural color and flavor, using real beef in their burgers.

Gourmet food for pets has moved into the specialty pet food cuisine business.