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Eric Lefkofsky’s Latest Brainchild: Tempus

Healthcare costs in the United States are incredibly high, we all (hopefully) are aware of that fact. Yet, seeing the actual numbers on paper is truly staggering. According to a recent Forbes article,the latest costs come in at over $900 billion. The article cited that aging and population growth were a great driver in this number skyrocketing. However, the main cause was just plain higher charges and patient care becoming more expensive.

It seems like a no-brainer that if the medical community and insurance companies worked together those costs could be brought down. That isn’t likely to happen. In fact, the article even cited that it is the actual pricing structure of getting health care that is directly responsible for the nearly unbelievable cost of healthcare in the United States.

So, we are left with the healthcare system and the insurance companies at odds, and the loser is the American people. It seems that in order to bring about change we will need a huge disruptor in the healthcare field.

One such disruptor is Tempus, a company that merges healthcare and technology in order to build the largest library of clinical and molecular data that the world has ever seen. In addition to that library, they are using the latest technology to build a universally accessible operations system so that the collected data is immediately accessible to physicians across the globe. Tempus will specifically focus on cancer patients and will utilize a machine learning system that will enable physicians to create highly specialized cancer care treatment plans for each individual patient based on collected big data.

Tempus is the brainchild of Eric Lefkofsky. He is a leader in the technology sector in America and is based out of Chicago. Lefkofsky founded Tempus after noticing that cancer data was being collected for each patient but that there was no centralized system that housed that data and made it available to other physicians.

Outside of the technology sector, Lefkofsky has the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. One of the major goals of the Foundation is to propel highly innovative medical research. Through the launch of Tempus, Lefkofsky is bringing the innovation to life.


Oncotarget, Penetrating the Unknown World of Medical Science

Science keeps changing because research has been ongoing for decades. A government like that of the United States of America has invested heavily in medical research as it tries to find a cure for most diseases that ravage humanity. For years, humanity has often gotten frightened by cancer and aging, but Oncotarget has always kept the world in the know of the latest developments regarding the above two disciplines. Founded in 2010, Oncotarget has raised the bar for medical research, particularly in matters Oncology.Today, most of the work presented by the medical journal is edited by individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, all from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Since 2010, the journal has been updating and providing medically related information on a weekly basis through Impact Journals, its primary publisher.

As a top performer, Oncotarget primarily publishes content centering on Oncology and Cancer research. Besides, the medical journal is interested in topics surrounding immunology, endocrinology, physiology, pathology, and diseases associated with aging. In other circumstances, Oncotarget also accepts content relating to autophagy, cell diseases, chromosome, stem cells, and neuroscience.Since information on Mikhail gets updated on a weekly basis, there turns out to be a bulk of information on its main site. If it so happens that you would wish to access past content, you can always go to the Oncotarget archives and search for your paper under topic, date, and volume number. As of 2015 statistics, Oncotarget possesses an impact factor of 5.008, a remarkable value for a journal that is only six years old. Today, Oncotarget enjoys an online presence. For quick access and comments, you can always have a feel of the medical journal on online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter.

In a recent study led by Irfan Rahman, it got proven that E-cigarettes have a way of negatively affecting gum tissue and teeth. The study confirmed that E-cigarettes were no longer safer as earlier believed. Irfan, in his paper, further went to express his displeasure with the vapors used in the electronic cigarettes since they stimulated cells in the gums to release inflammatory proteins that further strained mouth tissues. According to Irfan’s study, people who happened to consume more E-cigarette vapors per day increased their chances of contracting gum related diseases as opposed to those that limit their consumption to a particular value. Thus, it is now apparent that Oncotarget offers society and scientists across the globe to get acquainted with new medical developments.

Oncotarget Free Access Journal for Scientific Publications

Oncotarget is a free access journal spanning multiple disciplines. The word oncotarget refers to the plectrum of common molecules and cellular processes involved in cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons together with others. Papers are published online in this journal on a weekly basis. Oncotarget aims to increase access to scientific findings and thus enhance the impact of scientific discoveries. The journal hopes through regular publications to coordinate sharing of information across the different fields of biomedical sciences. Moreover, through the platform provided by the journal, researchers are able to give their contributions towards the advancement of science quite easily.

Oncotarget’s SJR measure was the highest in the year of 2013 at 3.041. The SJR indicates the measure of influence the journal has in the scientific field. This influence is established by considering the number of resulting citations of the journal’s publications as well as the prestige attached to each. According to the citations per document indicator, Oncotarget has been gaining a fairly good increase the highest value being a little below 8. The citations indicator is obtained by dividing the number of times a document in the journal is cited with the total number of publications in the journal.

As from the year 2011, the journal has registered a steady rise in the number of total cites. From just about 383 in 2011, the numbers have spiked rapidly through the years to an outstanding number of above 22000. This indicates that the journal’s influence is rising and many more of its articles are being sourced for information. Oncotarget’s international reach through publication of articles from researchers of different countries is amazing as is indicated through its percentage measure standing at about 30% in 2016. According to Research Gate’s measure of the journal’s impact, Oncotarget’s impact since its availability has been almost steady but with small continuous margins of increment.

Here is a summary of an example of a publication in the Oncotarget journal;

– Cancer Specific Evaluation System – This article is about a web-based tool designed to evaluate the effectiveness of biomarker to solve the problem of a lacking precise system to develop proper interpretation of generated big data in cancer research. Oncotarget is the best platform to publish scientific research with ease and also provides a vast source of research articles in multiple science disciplines. This way, knowledge is easily shared and thus growth of scientific research enabled.

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Oncotarget Helps People Connect

There are many different ways that doctors are able to learn about the things that they can do in their practices. This is something that has been common for decades and something that has truly made a difference in the way that people are able to do things. Because of the opportunities that people have when they are working in medicine, it is important that they publish the information that they find out so that other doctors will have a chance to learn more about the things they are doing and use them in their own practices. Doctors who can help each other out will always be more successful than doctors who do not know how to help each other and who do not have a platform from which they can learn more about treatment options in the different fields of medicine.

Oncotarget provides doctors with a place to truly connect with each other. Unlike mixers and things that can be detrimental for people who do not know what they are doing, Oncotarget is a research site that gives everyone the chances that they need to make sure that they are going to be able to have the best experience possible. Because of the way that the publication is set up and because of the options that doctors have when they are looking at the information, Oncotarget provides a place where doctors are able to make true connections with each other and learn the information that they have found through their various studies.

Not only is Oncotarget beneficial for doctors to be able to use but it is also a publication that those who are studying to become doctors can use. The publication has been beneficial because of the way that it has allowed people the chance to learn more about the different things that there are to do in medicine. People who are able to learn more about the things that are going on in medicine will be more likely to have a better experience in their medical career. It will allow them to make the right decisions and to grow the opportunities that they have.

Clay Siegall’s Drive To Redefine Cancer Therapy

The field of cancer therapies has received numerous contributions from different companies in the past ten years. However, Seattle Genetics has stood out in its course to undertake extensive cancer research. Through Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall has made advancements in cancer therapy. The company’s dominance in this field is reflected in their stock price, which has tripled over the years. As the leader of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is determined to change the lives of cancer patients. Through cutting-edge research developments, Siegall has seen the company develop the first antibody drug conjugates, ADCETRIS, which was approved by FDA in 2011.

Today, ADCETRIS is being sold in over 60 countries. Siegall is dedicated to promoting the drug in an effort to ensure that the biomedical community prioritizes cancer therapies in the coming years. His steadfast devotion to cancer therapy motivated him to push for the FDA approval. He remains optimistic that ADCETRIS will be made available to many patients around the world. He has played an instrumental role in enhancing company’s funding. Recently, he received more than $1.2 billion through public and private funding, which has enhanced their advancements in cancer treatments using the most innovative technologies.

Clay B. Siegall, PhD is a co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He serves as president, CEO and chairman of the Board. With a deep passion to improve the lives of cancer patients, Clay built Seattle Genetics on the foundation of thorough scientific research and drug development practices. The company has entered into numerous collaborator programs where they are now developing more than 20 ADCs using Seattle Genetics’ technology.

Before establishing Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked for different companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. He is a member of the boards of directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. His distinguished career has seen him earn recognition and several awards, including the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Clay is a committed author having over 70 publications. He is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Maryland.