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Sahm Adrangi- The Power of Strategizing

Sahm Adrangi in 2009 started the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is involved in running its daily activities. Sahm is the company president and the Chief Executive Officer, and recently the company announced a negative on the Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc. According to Kerrisdale the company Proteostasis Therapeutics that deals with investigational of cystic-fibrosis drug the PTI-428 is entirely ineffective and it’s bound to fail within its Phase 3 trials.

Sahm Adrangi states that the short position of Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc and if the prices fall the Kerrisdale is bound to benefit hugely. The Kerrisdale Capital Management started with a low capital of $1 million, and it has propelled and grew enormously increasing its assets base to over $500 million. The company uses unorthodox ways of investing that are also fundamentally-oriented to focusing on the long-term values of its clients and also uses the event-driven unique situation strategies. The company approaches the power of betting on different public companies before publicly listing on the stock exchange by tapping on their annual returns and through the policy Kerrisdale has made over 28% earning on companies yield.

Sahm Adrangi states the company strategies has enabled it to grow the capital and encourage their investors to invest in different public companies before their stocks listing. They use different short positions with the latest being on Proteostasis Therapeutics that received an increase of 100% of its share during their listing helping the early investors like Kerrisdale gain huge yields.

Sahm Adrangi boasts of being learned and attending the most notable university of Yale for his economic degree with high honours. His career started as investment analysts and his keen abilities and unique talent of analysing the stock market saw Sahm Adrangi join the Longacre Funds Company. He managed assets worth $1.2 billion and later he went to Chanin Capital and played a crucial role in equity funds, Chapter 11 bankrupts, companies restructuring among others. Sahm Adrangi has a vast knowledge of credit, company leveraging and debts refinancing making practical to move Kerrisdale Capital to high levels. Sahm has published different articles on matters about investments on New York Times Journal sought-after speaker on the issues pertaining venture strategies.


Malcolm CasSelle Find Key to Safe Operation in Decentralized Markets With Blockchains

Decentralized markets offer a lot more opportunities than centralized markets, mainly because they are non-restrictive. It comes with a price however, as decentralized markets are wide open to fragmentation and fraud. Individuals operating in a decentralized zone can be attacked by hackers, have personal information stolen, can formalize deals with fraudulent parties, and then of course the every man for himself scenario of fragmentation. Malcolm CasSelle and his team have discovered the secret. They know how to operate in a decentralized market without negative repercussion. The secret is blockchains. Endless chains of data grouped together, data that can form smart lists. Smart lists can separate good from bad, allowing legitimate business to truncate fraudulent. Thus the WAX platform cometh.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a player to player marketplace that allows cross-gaming trade. The games that belong to this market, can now offer currency and assets that are transmutable. Through tokenization gamers can sell their digital assets for actual money. This is a big deal considering that officially makes in-game content a trade medium as functional as actual cash. Although it will only be available to games within the WAX market, other gaming industries could follow depending on success. Good for gamers as it makes the market competitive. Good for cryptocurrency as it brings it closer to the mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president and CEO of WAX, as well as CIO for the its parent company OPSkins. CasSelle is fluent in Chinese and Mandarin, a graduate of MIT and Stanford, and has served as a top executive in numerous digital-based companies. His career has seen him at the forefront of digital monetary transaction, social media platforming, and online gaming.

Malcolm CasSelle is a entrepreneur, early stage investor, and cryptocurrency guru. He was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, allowing OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant around. CasSelle also invested early in Facebook and Zynga. He is an innovator, and shares mutual interest in the future of cryptocurrency. CasSelle believes that WAX is the next step in virtual currency’s future, and expects it may tip cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: http://casselle.com/


Shiraz Boghani: The Hospitality Guru

Shiraz Boghani is the managing partner at Sojourn Hotels LLP. The businessman has managed a successful portfolio of the hotel as well as the asset deals of the hotel. He also chairs the board of the company. He is also a board member of Sussex Health Care Limited. He is also a member of an organization called the Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts based in both Wales as well as England.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Sussex Health Care with the sole purpose of providing specialized care to the elderly. The firm manages a group of health care homes that provide these health care services to the elderly ailing from mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease as well as Dementia. It also offers specialized care to the old people with disabilities and weak bones or joints. The services provided with the best modern systems that the company has invested enhances a prolonged lifespan of the patients.

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The success rate of Sussex Health Care is due to the leadership of Shiraz Boghani. He also serves as the chairman of these nursing homes managed by the company. The attributes and skills he has in, as well as management, has contributed to the success story of the company. His fundamental belief towards his success is the exemplary customer services that are provided.

Shiraz Boghani currently chairs the board of governance at Splendid Hospitality Group. He has a tremendous track record of success in the hotel sector. He has been awarded many achievements during his career. A perfect example is his 2016 Asian Business Award that named him the Hotelier of the year. The award recognized the guru’s skills towards providing the best hospitality services to his customers.

Shiraz Boghani currently manages and is in ownership of nineteen hotels situated across the United Kingdom. He also established the Hilton London Bankside for 122 million euros as well as the Conrad London St. James. Other hotels owned by Shiraz include The Grand Hotel and Spa, York, Holiday Inn London- Wembley. He also acquired new properties including New Ellington as well as the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

The businessman is a supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation based in the UK as well as the Aga Khan Development Network. He started his career in accounting in the year 1969 and later on was employed to KPMG which was previously known as Thomson McLintock and Company.

Search more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.easterneye.eu/winner-shiraz-boghani-chairman-splendid-hospitality-group/

The Impact of Adam Milstein on Pro-Israeli Advocacy

Adam Milstein, an American born in Israel, is a managing partner at an established real estate firm and heads the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. Through this foundation, Adam Milstein has made an enormous impact on the Jewish-American communities. This platform has also helped a great deal in working towards building the relationship between Israel and Jewish Americans. As a result, he has become a prominent Israeli-American. His philanthropic acts have helped to amplify his pro-Israel message and bring about a culture of cooperation among Israel-American organizations throughout the U.S.

He also hosts a podcasts where he has detailed discussions with special guests. One of his famous guests includes Dennis Prager, an author, columnist and host in a national radio talk show. He has also hosted Haim Saban, a film and television producer, philanthropist, investor and proprietor in America. His talks with these individuals have not only helped to give hope to Israelis in the East but also served as an eye opener for American-Israelis. These discussions have birthed detailed insights regarding some of the major threats faced by the Israeli media, progress on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and how the government is working towards defeating the BDS movement. Most guests are either artists, elected officials, policymakers, thinkers or activists. Adam Milstein strives to be at the front line engaging the Jewish-American communities on the happenings in Israel.

Besides, he has also been recognized as one of the most impactful philanthropist in the U.S. This is because Adam Milstein not only gives financial grants but also provides leadership and strategy assistance to the beneficiaries, including companies that partner with his foundation. Most of the programs under his foundation are focused on having an impact on Jewish and Israeli Americans from as little as they are two-years-old. That way, he is able to build and increase his audience over time. His pragmatic parternships have also played a major role in having a profound impact on corporations.

Adam Milstein has been married since 1974, and he has three daughters, a single grandson and two granddaughters. He is based in Encino, CA and lives with his wife, even though his business has its headquarters at Los Angeles.

Julia Jackson: In Pursuit of Greatness

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines Collection has grown into a premier brand. This industry is full of high profile brands thanks to the abundance of grapes that grow all over the world. Julia Jackson, proprietor of Jackson Family Wines Collection, is an important piece to the puzzle. She is not only the youngest daughter of the actual family who produce these wines, she’s a spokesperson and a representative. Julia does a lot of travelling internationally. This is to promote the brand to a larger audience. She has been around the business since birth, and she’s not letting that knowledge go to waste.Jackson Family Wines Collection was started by Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke back in 1982. These two individuals just so happen to be the parents of Julia, and her siblings. Picking and sorting through grapes was all a part of the family business as Julia would take part in this action as a child. Julia Jackson

Julia fell in love with the art of winemaking by working in the family’s winery in France. She entrenched herself into the business while learning all about the industry as an art. Julia also has attended Scripps College as well as Stanford University. She has even taught sixth-grade French class. With success of the family business, Julia has been able to start her very own nonprofit organization known as Seeds of Empowerment. This organization is all about female empowerment, and it awards up to $100,000 to other organizations on an annual basis.Jackson Family Wines Collection has wineries in France, Chile, Australia, Italy and in South Africa. Its Fog Tide Chardonnay is a fan favorite thanks to its layered fruity taste. This company has many more wine options to choose from, and they’re sold at reasonable rates. This company is on the right path to greater success of Julia Jackson is the catalyst.

Why Sheldon Lavin Wants To Make OSI Group More Sustainable

Throughout history, food companies have been extremely wasteful. They have not been sustainable and have caused major problems with the environment. In a world that is focused on the environment, food companies need to keep up with those demands. There are many things that companies do to make sure that people are getting the right food with the right amount of waste and in a sustainable way but OSI Group has made a huge difference in the options that they offer for all of their customers.

Since OSI Group has had Sheldon Lavin as their CEO, they have been working hard to make sure that they are doing everything that they can in the industry. They are also able to use these experiences to make things easier for the people who are a part of the company and who are able to get more out of the experiences that they have with others.

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For Sheldon Lavin, sustainability is a huge part of the business. He knows that, without it, OSI Group will not be able to continue. They will lose many of their clients and they won’t be able to keep up with the trends because so many people are interested in sustainability.

Not only does he worry about the problems that come along with the business but he also worries about the problems that come along with the environment. Sheldon Lavin wants to protect it because he has such a large food company and because he knows that he will be able to make a difference in the way that things work with that company.

In a recent interview, Sheldon Lavin talked about the sustainability efforts that he has done with the company. From better packaging to more efficient ways of producing the food, Sheldon Lavin is doing everything that he can to make sure that people are getting what they need out of the options that they have. He even won the Global Visionary Award for the things that he was doing to help people. This award was a huge change from what people had done in the past with the company and secured Sheldon Lavin as a positive leader of the company.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin on https://www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824.

Richard Blair! Helping People Secure Their Future.

Wealth Solutions is situated in Austin,

Texas. It is a major company which is a Registered Investment Advisory. Richard

Blair is a world renowned entrepreneur who founded the Wealth Solutions.

Richard Blair had a goal to make this company make a significant difference in

the lives of everyone including individuals, business owner, and even families.

Richard Blair was a good student, and he was also attracted to the world of

education because his parents and his wife were all Professors. Education and

Teaching taught Richard that it could help anyone’s knowledge or confidence

grow and become successful in life.


Richard always had an aptitude for finance.

Richard believed in himself that he could help everyone with their financial

investments. In 1993, Richard entered the Financial Department after graduating

from his College. He founded the Wealth Solutions back in 1994 to provide professional

advice to his customers and clients. Richard has experience and knowledge of

retirement planning and is really helpful by bridging the gap between the

planning and the retirement. Richard Blair knows all tactics of pursuing his

clients to listen to him carefully and accept his offers. Richard Blair has

only one goal, and that is to help his client have a successful retirement when

the time comes.


Wealth Solutions, Inc. is known

internationally by its short name which is WSI. Wealth Solutions provide its

clients with personalized and comprehensive financial and retirement planning

for a small amount of money. Wealth Solutions has often helped different small

business owners in Austin, Texas. These small business owners have changed the

landscape of their business just by following Richard’s advice. This proves

that Richard truly is a great Advisor and is not comparable. Richard Blair has

over 20 years of professional experience in the financial industry.




Richard Blaire has spread his business in different States of

America to help more and more people. His focus is only on making the lives of

people easy and fun. His company Wealth Solutions offer Wealth Management,

Retirement Planning, and Financial Planning services which are all not too much

costly. Every advice Richard gives is truly worth the price. Finance Market is

always changing its strategies, and every advisor must change his/her

strategies as well to compete in the Finance Market. Richard Blaire is always

prepared for all the changings and is acknowledged with the latest information

and the changings in the market. This is the reason every client seeks advice

from Richard to secure their future.


A New Era for the Tech Fashion Industry

Successful businessman and entrepreneur, Chris Burch, purports that fashion and technology are two different industries that grow together in a complimentary fashion. He notes that the two industries have always grown together with advancements in technology being heavily reliant on what was considered fashionable at the time. He adds that it is important to review the evolution of the past and what is happening today; this allows us to understand the wonderful growth of the two industries and appreciate what the future holds.


Evolution of Technology and Fashion


The 70s boombox was fashionable because of its portable nature as well as its ability to record music and listen to radio stations. However, in the 80s, its use was added to movie story lines, which enhanced the popularity of carrying one. Ten years later, due to the invention of the Walkman, users ended up enjoying a more personalized music experience. Another decade later, the iPod was invented. The above evolution supports the fact that technology indeed grows with popular fashion over time.


Anticipating Tomorrow


Fashion can be improved through the application of technology. For instance, Ann Haupt and Terese Alstin established a system where cyclists could wear a protective airbag around their neck in the form of neckwear. Even though it might not seem fashionable, the neckwear protects cyclists by popping out during impact.


An Affiliation of Technology and Fashion


Fashion can be used to promote technological creations. For example, wearing glasses in the past received diminutive approval. Diane Von Furstenberg, a leading fashion designer, made her models wear the geeky Google Glass on her catwalk. This successfully promoted the glasses since people tend to rely on fashion shows to catch up on the latest styles and trends.


Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the founder and chair of Burch Creative Capital. He is also an active investor in many businesses and the co-founder of the fashion brand, Tory Burch. He has often been enthusiastic about branding and now makes use of his many marketing and sales skills to promote business interests, technology, and consumer products.


In 1976, Burch started his successful entrepreneurial journey while still studying at Ithaca College. Alongside his brother, he invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel business, which grew to $165 million. After selling the business to Swire Group, Burch invested in Internet space.