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Serge Belamant Success Story

Serge Belamant is a familiar figure in blockchain technologies. The French computer scientist is a patent holder who has played a paramount role in introducing cryptocurrencies in the global market. The renowned professional has managed to invest various technologies that are being used by private individuals, banks and governments to automate activities such as payments, withdrawals, and management of data. The businessman is one of the role models in the technology world. Learn more about Belamant at Wallmine.

Education background

Without proper education, it can be tough for an individual to make it in the technology sector. Serge Belamant went to South Africa when he was only fourteen years. The transition from France was not an easy one. In his new location, he had to learn how to communicate in English. When he managed to master the original language, the businessman registered at the Highland North Boys School for his high school education. What shocked the school was the fact that the young boy was very bright, and he was excelling in most of the activities in the school, including rugby. The highly respected student was also appointed to become a house captain representing the science club. The excellent results he got at the school gave him a chance to enroll in one of the top universities in South Africa where he studies engineering. During the second year in the university, Serge Belamant changed his career course to computer science. The businessman also studies applied sciences, and he graduated with excellent results.

Career life

When Serge Belamant was only twenty-two years, he was ready to venture into the working force. Due to his excellent results, the young professional was quickly hired by a company called Matrix. The engineering company gave him experience, and it opened more doors for him in the corporate world. His interest in crypto assets started to grow when he was already working. With his help, professionals in the blockchain technology were able to make groundbreaking advancements. Young professionals have learned a lot form the experienced executive in recent years. Most of them now understand that technology means everything for a country that wants to grow economically.

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Cheap and Convenient Mental Health Analysis through Talkspace Company

Talkspace is an online platform created by Oren Frank to help clients conveniently seek medical attention. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2012. The company provides online therapy by providing a platform where patients interact with medical experts at the convenience of their places.

The idea of Talkspace was born out of the need to remove the stigma from mental health patients who lacked a medium to share their problems. Talkspace has licensed medical therapists committed to helping people address mental health issues. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Michael Phelps Partners with Talkspace

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to help create mental health awareness to people through national television. Michael explains how he managed to overcome mental health disorder through his experiences. Michael says that many people with stress and depression and other mental health problems suffer silently due to the high cost of treatment and the stigma involved. He acknowledges that through Talkspace people with mental disorders have an opportunity to share their experiences with qualified and licensed therapists at an affordable cost.

The partnership between Talkspace and Michael Phelps will enable him to join the Talkspace Board of Advisors to assist in the development of mental health strategy. The chief executive officer of Talkspace, Oren Frank, praised the partnership referring to Michael as an experienced data expert and mental health advocate.

Benefits of using the Talkspace Platform

Talkspace has reached over one million people since its inception in 2012. The company aims to achieve more coverage in America and beyond and eliminate stigma among mental health patients. The company connects clients with licensed therapists through web and mobile applications. Clients get connected to therapy experts and can initiate conversations through video chats, voice calls or messaging. The therapy is affordable and carried out conveniently at the comfort of the client’s place. Talkspace offers additional services by providing advice through various blog posts written by experienced therapists on ways to deal with depression and anxiety.

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Onyx Capital and Jeffry Schneider

The name Jeffry Schneider and Onyx Capital definitely rings bells for those interested in the finance and investment industries. Jeff is the founder and chief executive officer of the successful firm located in Austin, Texas where he helps clients with their finances.

Jeffry Schneider received his education from the University of Massachusetts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Jeff knew he wanted a career in finance and investments, so he began working for some highly respected firms in the United States. He joined the team over at CBIC Oppenheimer in New York City shortly after starting and ran the corporate and executive services team as senior vice president.

Jeffry Schneider’s respected firm manages many different areas of finance and investments including alternative investments, institutional brokers, and private equity. Jeff’s goal is to work with investment advisors and brokers until all parties are satisfied with the results. Jeffry Schneider is definitely someone who understands the importance of playing just as hard as he works as he has joined several different marathons over the years. He has ran all across the world including the well known Ironman Triathlon located in New Zealand. This celebrated marathon is notoriously intense, and Jeff has ran in a few of them over the years. Jeff makes sure to spend time with his family and friends when he is not working which helps him stay balanced in life.

Onyx Capital led by Jeffry Schneider is a company clients can trust to bring them the best results and sponsors. Whether the goal is securities management, alternative investments, private equity, or investment banking, Onyx Capital is the one to trust. All those who are interested in working with Jeffry Schneider and Onyx Capital’s alternative investment models are encouraged to contact the company website.

Get To Know Ryan Seacrest

As a distinguished professional, Ryan Seacrest’s role on television has led to millions of followers. He’s proud to be influenced by the late honorable, Dick Clark. Clark left no stone upturned when he mentored him on the presentation of television. Seacrest does a fine job making television look easy. Today, he lives for exercise to stay well, catering to his long term girlfriend, and a fine glass of wine. Ryan Seacrest is dedicated to his role in television. He manages to master two roles as a co-host. You can also catch him on the radio during his Live With Ryan podcast series.

His casual men’s suit collection allows his workers to mix a little of how they work with how they play. Men will find a sophisticated treasure inside the jacket. The entire men’s suit collection is available in select retail department stores. You can also find his suit available online. Today, he has thousands of suits sold worldwide. You can also get his exercise suit coming to a retailer near you. His goal is to create breathable wear that will allow you to be completely comfortable when you work out. His idea for his exercise suit springs from his personal workout collection.

You can also learn more about Seacrest from his youth organization. His efforts to help thousands of at-risk youth has been a success. He has been able to provide food, clothing, and shelter through the renowned Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He also pushes the importance of an education. Amaziningly, his organization has been up and running for over 10 years. Seacrest has been able to get many high profile celebrities to make a contribution to his organization. His television co-host, Kelly Ripa has also given to his organization. Together, they work on the Live With Kelly and Ryan Show.

You can also catch Seacrest co-hosting on the long running American Idol Show. The popular prime time television series features newcomers to the music industry. They fight for a number one spot on the show and go on to become A-list music artist. Ryan Seacrest is proud to work alongside Simon Cowell.

Overview of Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group Projects

Wesley Robert Edens commonly known as Wes is an entrepreneur, investor and basketball team owner. He holds different positions as a chairman of the board, Chief Executive Officer, Principal and president, and also as a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He pursued a degree in finance and Business administration at the University of Oregon State and has specialized overseeing hedge fund and private equity investments.

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 Fortress Investment Group Projects

Led by co-founder, co-chairman and co-CEO Wes Edens and his partner, the company has expanded its programs offered to various regions of the world. Some of the projects are under the New Fortress Energy firm, founded in 2014 by Fortress Investment Group.


  1. Ireland

Through the New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens stated that the company acquired land in Ireland’s County Kerry at Ballylongford to establish a natural gas in liquid form firm. The company received authorisation rights for the project, and it’s estimated to cost $581 million in the development of the firm. Due to the European Commission laws of the countries in the EU to use clean fuel as energy, the project remains expected to acquire a considerable market after its completion.


  1. Jamaica

Other than focuses on the growth and development of the company, Wes Edens and his team also appreciates the community through donations and charity work. In Jamaica, Fortress Investment Group donated $4.5 million to children for education and support for youth programs. RISE Life Management Services received the amount with the aim of helping the young and young adults in downtown Kingston. It, therefore, has to educate those with bad behaviours and those suffering from depression and with adults and youths with suicidal thoughts.


  1. Mexico

Baja California Sur is an investment project in Mexico that aims at building, developing and managing a terminal at Pichilingue port. The terminal will remain used for the transportation of liquefied natural gas for the Mexican citizens. The project expects to cost $184 million and is to begin in 2020 as the first terminal to supply natural gas in Baja. The project will eventually lead to lower costs of power and employment opportunities for different groups of people according to Wes Edens statement.

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Renew Youth Helps To Protect You From Aging Symptoms

Menopause can be a very confusing and uncomfortable time for women, but many don’t know that they may experience something called perimenopause during the time they are making the transition. During this time, instead of having levels of estrogen that are too low, the estrogen levels in the body can become much too high and dominate the progesterone. This can lead to a host of different problems that can cause long-term health issues such as cancer. Renew Youth has been helping women and men get through these hormone balances for the last 20 years.

When your body starts experiencing irregular periods, it means that you are going through a period of hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed. This is where Renew Youth can help you with a personalized plan that addresses your concerns and health needs. If you think that you can just wait out these issues and they will pass, you may be wrong. Perimenopause can last up to a decade in some women and it’s important to take actions to make sure that you protect your body and mind during this transitional period.

A doctor at Renew Youth can assess your situation and determine what kind of actions you can take. Many times this involves taking hormone replacements to balance out the levels in your body so you can start feeling like you again. The sooner you speak to a doctor, the sooner you can start to see the results of their treatments. They will be able to run tests to figure out exactly what is happening in your body and what issues you are at risk for. It’s possible to have more freedom from the debilitating symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause especially with the help and guidance of Renew Youth. The doses they are prescribed are tailored to what your body needs.

Visit his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/renew-youth

Financial Billionaire Wes Edens Is Part Owner Of The Milwaukee Bucks

For the past three decades, Wes Edens has dedicated his entire career to the industry of finances and investments. Best known for his wealth gained at Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative investment agency out of New York in the US, Wes Edens has taken to other prospects as of late outside of finances. In particular, Wes is very fond of sports and with his accumulated wealth, he has begun investing in several different teams in different sports leagues. One of the most prominent teams that Wes has invested in is the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional Basketball team that plays in the United States. Purchasing this team hit Wes for more than 500 million dollars and that was to buy co-ownership.

More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Since Wes Edens has started managing the Milwaukee Bucks, the team has been able to reach the playoffs three seasons in a row, despite their ten-year absence before Wes’ arrival. Wes isn’t just focused on his management of the Milwaukee Bucks, however, since he owns other sports teams as well. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens went into business together to purchase a soccer team known as Aston Villa in the UK. The team itself has been around for more than a century and has a net worth of around 100 million dollars, which Wes put a fifty-five percent stake into. Over the past several years, eSports has been growing as an industry and there are billions of dollars going in and out of the market every year, which is why Wes has involved himself in this scene as well. Currently, Wes owns a professional team in League of Legends which competes under the name, FlyQuest.

Although Wes is putting a lot of his extra time into sports, he is still an active board member at Fortress Investment Group and contributes to the company’s success on a yearly basis. It is because of the efforts of Wes that Fortress has been able to grow into a multi-billion dollar corporation managing more than 70 billion dollars.

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Celebrating Flavio Maluf’s 67Th Birthday by Remembering his Contribution To The Growth of Eucatex

Eucatex was established in 1951. It was the first Brazilian manufacturing company to implement environmental as well as acoustic comfort while using eucalyptus as the raw material in producing ceiling tiles in addition to panels. The main processing plant of the company was Americana Sawmill, founded in 1923. It was situated in Sao Paulo. Today, the company has various processing plants. The first mill was inaugurated in Salto. Fiberboard Industrial Unit has since facilitated the manufacture of high-quality products. From 1956 to 1965, Eucatex installed the first representative offices across Brazil’s capitals. Other branches were situated in Argentina. The production capacity has also increased over the years. But, that would not be possible without Flavio Maluf, the head of general operations. View crunchbase.com to learn more.

Flavio Maluf was brought up in a political dynasty of a wealthy, entrepreneurial, political father. He learned how to run a business at a tender age. Over the years, he has built excellent entrepreneurial skills. An alumnus of Armando AlvaresPenteado, Flavio Maluf graduated with honors in engineering. However, he ventured into business. Flavio Maluf took over his family’s business in 1997. He has since served in various leadership capacities but the most important aspect is admired for is ensuring that Eucatex Group of Companies maintains environmental preservation by using Eucalyptus for manufacturing its products.

For 19 years, the company has invested in land development as well as reforestation in order to encourage self-sufficiency through supply. In the following years, Eucatex ventured into environmental preservation. The company has also continued to spread its presence into various regions with the aim of remaining relevant in the society. One of the objectives of the company’s programs is to disseminate the value of environmental preservation and the importance of invaluable management of forests. Under the guidance of Maluf, the company has also maintained production through eucalyptus.

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Paul Mampilly and Robotic Security

After making a stage presentation featuring the security robot K5 from Knightscope, Paul Mampilly sat down with Knighscope CEO William Santana Li for an interview about the 5 foot tall, four hundred pound robot, it’s technology and the future of the K% robot.

Li has said that some people ask him to bring his robot for a demonstration and simply don’t understand the size of the K5, suggesting he just bring on an airplane as a piece of luggage, which Li tells them is impossible. Paul Mampilly says it’s a good size for a security robot since it is too large to be physically manhandled by a human being.

Paul Mampilly points out that he has been interested in robots and robotics as an investment opportunity for some time and asks Li to provide some details on robotics for the reader. Li, a former executive at Ford Motors, believes that the next 10 years will see more advances in robotics and technology than the past 100 years have given us, and wanted to be involved in the robotics side of things for its profitability and because he is personally interested in the technology himself.

The two discuss the profitability of self-driving technology, with Li pointing out that there are at least 50 different companies researching it with a total investment of over $80 billion across the board. Paul Mampilly agrees with assessment while Li claims that Knightscope is the only profitable company developing the technology, achieved by taking a broad but focused approach to overcoming the problems with self-driving technology.

Boen in New York, Li says another motivator for him was the 9/11 attacks. Li wants to move the country into a new era of safety provided by robotics technology, a focus of Knightscope. By providing private security options at a steep discount to hiring security guards- which Li points out are largely unregulated and have a sizable turnover rate, he hopes to revolutionize the security sector into something safer and more profitable for Knightscope by giving employers a robotic alternative to the human security guard business model.

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Randal Nardone, the Expert Financialist at Fortress Investment Group LLC

Randal Nardone is a well-known executive in the world of business. In 1998, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group LLC. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He is also responsible for overseeing legal matters and, structured. He has been a member of the management committee and, in November 2006, he joined the Board of Directors. Nardone, a self-made investor, recently ranked number 554, in the Forbes Magazine list of prominent people in business in the US. He has earned himself a reputation as a respected financialist and a professional.

Randal Nardone is a crucial resource to the day-day operations of works as Fortress Investment Group. He works as the head of Fortress Credit Corporation. He also serves as secretary and vice-president of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC, Chairman and President of Springleaf Financial Holdings, Chief Operating Officer and Principal of Fortress Investment Fund V, L.P. He also serves as the Principal and is Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. Besides being a co-founder, Fortress Investment Group, Randal A. Nardone is also a co-founder of Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Fund IV, L.P and Fortress Investment Fund V. He has also co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust.

Randal Nardone is a highly-experienced man in the US investment field. Before co-founding Fortress Investment, he served at UBS as the Managing Director, from May 1997 to May 1998. He also worked as the Principal at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. and, as a Partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood. Since 2008, Randal A. Nardone was the Director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. Since November 2006, he served as the director of Fortress Investment Group LLC since and, Springleaf REIT Inc., since May 2011. Since July 5, 2007, he was the Director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. Randal has worked at Mapeley Limited as a Non-Executive Director and, as director of GAGFAH S.A., in 2008. He has also been a director of Aircastle Limited and, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut. Randal Nardone is also a holder of a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University School of Law.

Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/lists/2007/10/07billionaires_Randal-Nardone_ZZ5A.html