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Cheap and Convenient Mental Health Analysis through Talkspace Company

Talkspace is an online platform created by Oren Frank to help clients conveniently seek medical attention. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2012. The company provides online therapy by providing a platform where patients interact with medical experts at the convenience of their places.

The idea of Talkspace was born out of the need to remove the stigma from mental health patients who lacked a medium to share their problems. Talkspace has licensed medical therapists committed to helping people address mental health issues. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Michael Phelps Partners with Talkspace

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to help create mental health awareness to people through national television. Michael explains how he managed to overcome mental health disorder through his experiences. Michael says that many people with stress and depression and other mental health problems suffer silently due to the high cost of treatment and the stigma involved. He acknowledges that through Talkspace people with mental disorders have an opportunity to share their experiences with qualified and licensed therapists at an affordable cost.

The partnership between Talkspace and Michael Phelps will enable him to join the Talkspace Board of Advisors to assist in the development of mental health strategy. The chief executive officer of Talkspace, Oren Frank, praised the partnership referring to Michael as an experienced data expert and mental health advocate.

Benefits of using the Talkspace Platform

Talkspace has reached over one million people since its inception in 2012. The company aims to achieve more coverage in America and beyond and eliminate stigma among mental health patients. The company connects clients with licensed therapists through web and mobile applications. Clients get connected to therapy experts and can initiate conversations through video chats, voice calls or messaging. The therapy is affordable and carried out conveniently at the comfort of the client’s place. Talkspace offers additional services by providing advice through various blog posts written by experienced therapists on ways to deal with depression and anxiety.

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Agera Energy Earns a Complaint Free Award from BBB

Agera Energy recently earned the Complaint Free Award from BBB for its superior performance in the department of ethical business practices and its dedication to total customer satisfaction. The prestigious designation is one in which Jeremy Schupp the CEO is proud of sharing with dedicated Agera employees that have been working hard toward ensuring about Agera Energy company acquires its goals when it comes to client satisfaction.

Energy Deregulation in America began in the 1980s with consumer choices for Natural Gas suppliers in Midwestern regions facing impending challenges in choosing the right energy supplier. This monopoly was broken up thereby leading to increased competition levels with the objective of lowering overall costs as well as increased levels of best customer service.

Deregulated states allowed consumers to buy energy from different suppliers based on customer service, various billing options, and unique product strategy. As such, end-users gained a major advocate in the market, fighting for clients and their businesses while providing the best energy products as well as services.


Michael Nierenberg Knows How to Give Clients More Options

For Michael Nierenberg, the point of making sure he understood investments was so he could make things easier for his clients. While he wanted to improve company and do things that would make the company better, he knew he had to focus on clients to make that happen. Since he spent a lot of time showing people how he could do things the right way and how he could make things better for the people he served, he had clients who were pleased with the investment results he helped them get. It was important to Michael Nierenberg to always show people they could get more positive experiences from everything he did instead of the things that came from other investment companies. By doing this, Michael Nierenberg pushed to make sure people understood how he could help them and how he could make things better for all of them.

It was important for Michael Nierenberg to do things that would change the opportunities he put into place for his clients. It was also important for Michael Nierenberg to do everything he could to focus on the changes he puts into his own company. As the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation, Michael Nierenberg feels he can keep giving people things other companies might not be able to. There are positive ways he can make a difference and that’s what pushes him to do things better than most other investment professionals. Michael Nierenberg believes giving people these opportunities helps him show clients how they can be successful.

There are other things people can try through the options Michael Nierenberg puts into place. He believes he’s able to make excellent investment decisions and he puts that into everything he does with his clients. By focusing on the positive parts of investments, Michael Nierenberg knows what it’s like to help people so he pushes to make sure they have what they need. He also feels good about the investments makes in different areas so that’s what he does when he’s giving positive opportunities back to all the people he works with in investing.

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Overview of Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group Projects

Wesley Robert Edens commonly known as Wes is an entrepreneur, investor and basketball team owner. He holds different positions as a chairman of the board, Chief Executive Officer, Principal and president, and also as a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He pursued a degree in finance and Business administration at the University of Oregon State and has specialized overseeing hedge fund and private equity investments.

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 Fortress Investment Group Projects

Led by co-founder, co-chairman and co-CEO Wes Edens and his partner, the company has expanded its programs offered to various regions of the world. Some of the projects are under the New Fortress Energy firm, founded in 2014 by Fortress Investment Group.


  1. Ireland

Through the New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens stated that the company acquired land in Ireland’s County Kerry at Ballylongford to establish a natural gas in liquid form firm. The company received authorisation rights for the project, and it’s estimated to cost $581 million in the development of the firm. Due to the European Commission laws of the countries in the EU to use clean fuel as energy, the project remains expected to acquire a considerable market after its completion.


  1. Jamaica

Other than focuses on the growth and development of the company, Wes Edens and his team also appreciates the community through donations and charity work. In Jamaica, Fortress Investment Group donated $4.5 million to children for education and support for youth programs. RISE Life Management Services received the amount with the aim of helping the young and young adults in downtown Kingston. It, therefore, has to educate those with bad behaviours and those suffering from depression and with adults and youths with suicidal thoughts.


  1. Mexico

Baja California Sur is an investment project in Mexico that aims at building, developing and managing a terminal at Pichilingue port. The terminal will remain used for the transportation of liquefied natural gas for the Mexican citizens. The project expects to cost $184 million and is to begin in 2020 as the first terminal to supply natural gas in Baja. The project will eventually lead to lower costs of power and employment opportunities for different groups of people according to Wes Edens statement.

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“Paul Sanders of James River Capital Shares Tips on How to Prevent Burnout “

Depending on your workplace, work can be extremely stressful. The combination of the risk of burnout and the challenges of someone’s personal life can initiate several negative effects. If you are at the risk of burnout, it is important to pay attention to the early signs of burnout. This is one of the best ways to help you curb burnout and also make the right changes for the good of your future life. More tips on how to curb burnout are listed below; read on.


When a person begins to lose control on matters regarding scheduling as well as time management, he or she starts feeling hopeless and helpless. Such person is at high chances of experiencing burnout. To avoid such situations, workers should not have policies and structures, which are inflexible. Such constrictions may end up making them feel trapped. It is important for employees to spend a certain percentage of their time discussing on what they need to achieve in a particular workday. This can help them reduce chances of the burnout.


Employees can be at the risk of burnout especially if they feel that they are not considered when it comes to matters regarding promotion. The situation can become worse especially if they think that they are not being compensated adequately for the work they are doing. Employees are at the risk of burnout if they notice that the upper management care less or has negative feelings about them. Therefore, it’s essential for the managers to be honest and open when communicating with the workers and also to be open when giving reasonable explanations. Providing workshops as well as other resources can help employees curb burnout. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


It is almost impossible for employees to control their emotions when stressed. Therefore, they can become upset or angry within a short period of time. Burnout can lead to negativity, moodiness, and lack of motivation. As an employer, it is necessary to talk to the employees and also provide them with the support they may require. Encourage them to engage in other activities and also disconnecting from work especially when out of the workplace or office


More about James River Capital


James River Capital also referred to as James River is situated in Richmond. This great company was founded in the year 1986 as the KP Futures Management Corporation. It was formed to work as a substitute investment of the Kidder. In the year 1995, two senior officers in this company, Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders bought the company from Kidder. This is actually the time it became an independent investment company. In the year 2018, this great firm had more than 570 million U.S. dollars under the oversight of the James River Products.


OSI Group And CEO Sheldon Lavin Recognized By Numerous Awards

The Indian Vision World Academy recently presented its much vaunted Global Visionary Award to Sheldon Lavin, CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, the giant American meat processing firm headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The award is given to people who have achieved not only extraordinary success in business, but also who have also created innovative ways of doing things along the way.

Sheldon Lavin is certainly among the most remarkable CEOs leading a major world company today. For one thing, it’s his longevity. Mr. Lavin has been with OSI Group since the 1970s and has been at the top spot for decades. As such, he is among the longest-serving CEOs of a major company in the world.

OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, a city of the Greater Chicago area. Established as a one-man operation by a German immigrant in 1909, the company has grown to comprise 70 facilities in 17 countries. Forbes lists OSI Group at No. 58 among America’s largest privately-owned companies. It employs some 20,000 people and reports annual income in excess of $6 billion.

Sheldon Lavin also recently received the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award. This honor recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates. The award is named for Edward Jones who established the famous Jones Dairy Farm brand.

Lavin wins awards like these because OSI has shown remarkable consistency in all the locations it operates around the world in terms of support of local charities. One example is the relationship OSI has developed with Feeding America, the nation’s largest food bank provider that feeds hungry families across the United States. OSI Group donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to Feeding America locations every year.

OSI Group has also been noted by industry observers to be among the most advanced and aggressive in its pursuit of sustainability and environmental management. Clean, green, safe and healthy operational strategies are at the core of OSI corporate culture. The company is considered a role model for sustainability among the global family of food processing industries.

Why oil stocks are stagnating as freedom checks flourish

In 2018, oil companies endured one of the most challenging times in history. On one side, the prices of oil remained low compared to the previous years, and on the other, there have been numerous laws that affect oil drilling. The usual trend was that the prices plummeted and recovered only to plunge again. How can these companies overcome these challenges? Just like someone who is looking for freedom checks, these companies can take various approaches. However, we can only understand this situation fully when we know the challenges that the industry is currently facing.

The huge debts

The truth is that a majority of oil companies are wallowing in huge debts. This attributed mainly to the fact that starting such companies requires huge capital. The licenses and the drilling equipment cost a fortune. Therefore, these companies have to borrow, and it talks many years before they can recover their initial investments. Maybe, they are some of the companies that need freedom checks to sustain their operation. They keep operating in this state for long and hardly break out of the shell. If they could find enough funds, there is no doubt that the stocks would be doing well.[freedom checks]

The legal requirements

In the United States, there are deep oils wells that are filled with billions of barrels of the precious commodity. The problem, however, is that the methods required to drill them have a devastating effect on the environments. Therefore, there have been numerous legislations stopping companies from drilling unless they can meet certain obligations. For instance, environmentalists have often complained that offshore drilling leads to pollution while onshore drilling affects the natural water sources which provide drinking water to all households. This has left the companies needing a boost like what freedom checks do entrepreneurs.

However, unlike freedom checks, oil drilling is faced with an even bigger problem; the invention of electric cars. The world seems determined to move away from the use of oil and embrace machines that use green energy. As to whether this will happen any time soon, nobody can tell for sure. What is undoubted is that it is taking a toll on the oil companies.

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Deirdre Baggot Healthcare Reforms are Promising

Deirdre Baggot is a respected motivational speaker and business strategist. She has gained extensive experience in working with the top organization. She holds a Ph.D. Her health care career took off upon her graduation in the mid-1990s. Dierdre Baggot uses the knowledge she obtained at university and skill acquired while working in health care institution to improve the organization performance.

Working as a hospital administrator, it helped her to raise the concern of nurses, supporting staff in a health care and patient. She was able to look for donors to fund the hospital to obtain enough health facilities at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She received recognition certificate for her extraordinary leadership skills while working as analyst and administrator at the University of Michigan.

Her passion for health care, extensive reading, and research have helped her to bring critical amendments. Deirdre Baggot gained popularity after she was appointed as senior vice president at GE Healthcare Partners as an officer managing payment system in healthcare. She is self-driven and determined in helping the public to apprehend the secret behind healthcare business. She freely participates in radio show. Click here for more Related Articles.

New Payment

Her payment reform reveries a tremendous improvement in health care sectors. She notes that the hospital that has embraced the bundled payment will experience positive change. There will be an advancement in the quality and cost will be minimized. The risk is reduced. Bundles payments are the core pillar for organization accountability and transparency. She also notes that there are limit healthcare facilities should avoid engaging. In an area that is sparsely populated, with less than one hundred and fifty patient, the health does not have enough population size to risk.

The health facilities should be willing to lower the medical expense for acute diseases. She notes that providing excellent services it needs one to sacrifice, being ready to move standard cost approaches and have a heart to value patient. Healthcare should first focus on finding answers to avoid unnecessary loss by establishing a solid foundation in all dimension. Measures embraced at the initial stage determines the success of the organization. The physician support for this reform is vital; the bundled payment will only integrate if they engage staffs.

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Celebrating Flavio Maluf’s 67Th Birthday by Remembering his Contribution To The Growth of Eucatex

Eucatex was established in 1951. It was the first Brazilian manufacturing company to implement environmental as well as acoustic comfort while using eucalyptus as the raw material in producing ceiling tiles in addition to panels. The main processing plant of the company was Americana Sawmill, founded in 1923. It was situated in Sao Paulo. Today, the company has various processing plants. The first mill was inaugurated in Salto. Fiberboard Industrial Unit has since facilitated the manufacture of high-quality products. From 1956 to 1965, Eucatex installed the first representative offices across Brazil’s capitals. Other branches were situated in Argentina. The production capacity has also increased over the years. But, that would not be possible without Flavio Maluf, the head of general operations. View crunchbase.com to learn more.

Flavio Maluf was brought up in a political dynasty of a wealthy, entrepreneurial, political father. He learned how to run a business at a tender age. Over the years, he has built excellent entrepreneurial skills. An alumnus of Armando AlvaresPenteado, Flavio Maluf graduated with honors in engineering. However, he ventured into business. Flavio Maluf took over his family’s business in 1997. He has since served in various leadership capacities but the most important aspect is admired for is ensuring that Eucatex Group of Companies maintains environmental preservation by using Eucalyptus for manufacturing its products.

For 19 years, the company has invested in land development as well as reforestation in order to encourage self-sufficiency through supply. In the following years, Eucatex ventured into environmental preservation. The company has also continued to spread its presence into various regions with the aim of remaining relevant in the society. One of the objectives of the company’s programs is to disseminate the value of environmental preservation and the importance of invaluable management of forests. Under the guidance of Maluf, the company has also maintained production through eucalyptus.

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OSI Food Solutions’ Ascension to the Top

The food industry is very practical, is very popular, is very lucrative and is very demanding. There are literally hundreds of companies that provide a plethora of services within this particular field. OSI Food Solutions work in this specific field, and it has been a top-tier company for a number of years. When it comes to private companies in the USA, OSI ranks very high on the list. In 2011, OSI was the 136th largest private company in the US, and its market value was more than $3.1 billion. In 2016, the company had risen up to the 58th spot as it brought in over $6 billion. This company’s rise has been steady, but it has also been consistent.

OSI Food Solutions was founded a long time ago by a guy named Otto Kolschowski. Kolschowski, and his family moved to the US and started a butcher shop in 1909. This family-owned business sold some of the freshest of meats, and it offered extraordinary customer service. Before too long, this small butcher shop began to take on more and more clients. Food wholesale was the Kolschowski family’s new hustle. Business really took off when flash-freeze technology came into existence. Cryogenics progressively acted as a preserver, especially when it came to meat. Meat products could now remain fresh for longer periods of time while being distributed.

As of 2018, OSI Food Solutions is the standard by which all other food processors are measured. The company is now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin, a guru in finance, is the company’s CEO. Lavin took over this position when the remaining members of the Kolschowski family stepped away from day-to-day operations in the late 1970s. OSI Food Solutions has placed the bar at an extremely high level, and that bar could potentially increase in the next few years.

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