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A New Trend – Talkspace

The use of smartphones has improved our lives in so many ways. No longer are we stuck sitting next to POTL (Plain old Telephone Line), now we can make phone calls from anywhere. Smartphones have simplified our lives as well. At our fingertips we can surf the net, purchase airline tickets, or even grocery shop.

New apps are constantly developed to ensure the ease of everyday living. Mental help is now just a stroke of the finger away. A new app called Talkspace, enables users to go online or use the smartphone app, to receive certified professional therapy. With Talkspace users can avoid going thru the hassle of making an appointment and going to an actual office.

Talkspace offers a variety of platforms for users to utilize. Users can participate in a session via Skype, phone call, or a chat based format. Currently, Talkspace has over a thousand professionals giving aid to more than half a million users. The app is really great for those that find it hard to find time to go to an actual clinic of office. The app is also cost efficient compared to an actual office visit or other online apps boasting the same type of service.

Talkspace shows promises of growth for the future. Its plans to collaborate with the medical behemoth Magellan Health, will push the app further beyond its current usage. Soon users will be able to get on-demand psychotherapy through Talkspace’s own assistance program. So to explain, if the company you work for chooses Magellan to run its health-care provision; employee’s will be able to use the app for receiving professional therapy. Talkspace will introduce new options in the near future for users. It looks as if Talkspace will soon become more than just a trend, but an actual asset to the medical field.

Dr. Clay Siegall & His Targeted Cancer Therapies

The fight against cancer has been waging on for years. There has been many wins during this time and there has been many losses. Cancer research is in a fairly good place because of all the advancements in medications. Seattle Genetics, a Washington-based oncology company, is one of the biggest and best cancer research institutions in the world. Of course, being this good didn’t come by chance. Seattle Genetics is controlled by one of the best in the business. The best in the business is Dr. Clay Siegall, and he has provided great leadership and balance to the company.

Siegall is well-known throughout the industry thanks to his extended education. The guy has literally worked with some of the top institutions such as the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol Meyers Squibb. Siegall has a heart of gold, and he has dealt with this dangerous disease from an up-close-and-personal accounting. While in college, Siegall’s father for stricken with cancer, and it was devastating to see how this illness can ravage the human body. At the time, cancer fighting medications weren’t as advanced as today’s medicines. There were many sickening days and numerous sickening nights of frustration. This is what shifted Siegall’s focus, but he has always had an interest for this type of work. Unfortunately, his father passed and Siegall knew that he had to do something to decrease the illnesses nasty side effects.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics as well as one of its founders. This company has a specialty for producing, for commercializing and for distributing targeted cancer therapies. These therapies are known as antibody-based therapies, and they are much more efficient at fighting cancer. What makes the situation even sweeter is that the medications drastically decreases side effects. As of today, these advanced medications are being used on a global level and Dr. Clay Siegall is in control of it all.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

If you live in Warnham, Sharpthore, Purley, Nutley, Henfield, Horsham, East Grinstead, or Billingshurst in the United Kingdom, you have probably heard the name Sussex Healthcare Limited before.

If you haven’t, what Sussex Healthcare is, is a company that operates a group of homes that are designed to care for folks getting older or adults with physical or learning disabilities. They specialize in caring for those with dementia, respite care and palliative care.

The homes also have a number of resources like physical therapy, occupational therapy and offer recreation. The homes also have education services that not only the patients can benefit from, but they have a number of education and training services available for staff.

Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare Limited operations is run by Ms. Corrine Wallace, Ms. Carol Dilly and partnered by Mr. Shiraz Boghani. The two are the Head of Operational Care Services and Head of Education and Training services, working in perfect tandem to form a partnership that exudes excellence in services for both their staff and patients alike.

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If you’re considering working in healthcare or beginning a lifetime career in the field, working for Sussex Limited Healthcare is a wonderful start. You don’t necessarily need any certification to begin working at Sussex Healthcare, as they offer jobs such as kitchen assistants, and drivers but if you’re considering becoming a nurse – they also offer nursing apprenticeships, management courses and so much more. How many jobs can you say offer advancement opportunities like that?

If the reasons above alone weren’t enough to sell you, Sussex Healthcare Limited offers a pension plan, a uniform, free staff busing, paid breaks and so much more. They believe education is key to a strong foundation and they have an exceptional training program at all levels. You can begin training with an entry level program with their in-house Training Academy at the head office there are many who are already more advanced and are looking to further their training, which is why it is so necessary and amazing that they have their nursing apprenticeship and management course available.

Currently, they’re looking for jobs such as Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Auditor, Care Assistants, Kitchen Assistants, Housekeepers, Activity Coordinator’s, Team Leaders, and more. These are all great spots to begin or continue you career in healthcare!

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.midsussexhealthcare.co.uk/

The Impact of Adam Milstein on Pro-Israeli Advocacy

Adam Milstein, an American born in Israel, is a managing partner at an established real estate firm and heads the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. Through this foundation, Adam Milstein has made an enormous impact on the Jewish-American communities. This platform has also helped a great deal in working towards building the relationship between Israel and Jewish Americans. As a result, he has become a prominent Israeli-American. His philanthropic acts have helped to amplify his pro-Israel message and bring about a culture of cooperation among Israel-American organizations throughout the U.S.

He also hosts a podcasts where he has detailed discussions with special guests. One of his famous guests includes Dennis Prager, an author, columnist and host in a national radio talk show. He has also hosted Haim Saban, a film and television producer, philanthropist, investor and proprietor in America. His talks with these individuals have not only helped to give hope to Israelis in the East but also served as an eye opener for American-Israelis. These discussions have birthed detailed insights regarding some of the major threats faced by the Israeli media, progress on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and how the government is working towards defeating the BDS movement. Most guests are either artists, elected officials, policymakers, thinkers or activists. Adam Milstein strives to be at the front line engaging the Jewish-American communities on the happenings in Israel.

Besides, he has also been recognized as one of the most impactful philanthropist in the U.S. This is because Adam Milstein not only gives financial grants but also provides leadership and strategy assistance to the beneficiaries, including companies that partner with his foundation. Most of the programs under his foundation are focused on having an impact on Jewish and Israeli Americans from as little as they are two-years-old. That way, he is able to build and increase his audience over time. His pragmatic parternships have also played a major role in having a profound impact on corporations.

Adam Milstein has been married since 1974, and he has three daughters, a single grandson and two granddaughters. He is based in Encino, CA and lives with his wife, even though his business has its headquarters at Los Angeles.

Mark Mofid Delivers New Lives Through Plastic Surgery

The San Diego area is fortunate enough to host one of the nation’s premier plastic surgeons, Dr. Mark Mofid. People have come from all over the country to employ his services, and it’s no surprise, as he is one of the leading pioneers in the field of cosmetic surgery.

One look at Dr. Mark Mofid’s website gives you an idea of his extensive training and background. He offers virtually every kind of cosmetic procedure known, and is proficient at all of them. Whether it’s facial reconstruction, various kinds of lifts, implants, liposuction, or anything else in this field, his reputation is quite solid.

His specialty is gluteal augmentation, an operation which is meant to augment the size and shapeliness of the buttocks. He learned his methods in Brazil, from a man named Raul Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez is the most respected surgeon in the world when it comes to this particular procedure. He has been doing gluteal augmentation surgeries since 1984, and has performed more of them than anyone else. These types of surgeries are extremely common in Brazil, and have been even more common since 2012, when the practice saw a 300% increase in the number of procedures performed.

Long before he went to Brazil to learn the art of the “Brazilian Butt Lift”, Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University with honors (Magna Cum Laude) before attending the John Hopkins University School Of Medicine. Since then, he has worked mainly as a staff surgeon for a number of different hospitals in the San Diego and La Jolla areas. He is also a faculty member of the University of California, San Diego, in their division of plastic surgery.

When you look at the testimonials that have come from Mark Mofid’s former patients, one notices that all of them express a deep sense of gratitude. Most of them say that his work changed their lives for the better, and that they will never forget that. For instance, there was one testimonial from a man who was severely beaten outside of a bar, and required extensive facial reconstruction to repair the damage. Another testimonial came from a person who flew from a bicycle and landed face-first on the concrete, losing most of their nose in the process. Many others did not give details of their cases, but all of them expressed their immense gratitude and respect for a true professional who changed their lives for the better.

Equities First Holdings Has Many Subsidiaries

The company that you know as Equities First Holdings has an asset management wing that helps people who have large accounts. They can help large businesses that need funding for their next projects, or they will make sure that they can help these companies invest the things that they have. This company has set up this secondary company to be sure that they will help all their clients control their money in the smartest way. This is a much easier system for someone to use because they can keep their existing account with Equities First and just make sure that they have set up an asset management account that will be useful to them. That makes things a lot simple.r for the client and the company.

Bob Reina – article recap

Talk Fusion is known globally as the leader of innovative video communication tools. Talk Fusion has always introduced advanced technology before anyone else and they accomplished this feat by offering precise reliability technology and superior quality service. Talk Fusion is heads above other communication developers when it comes to WebRTC development.


Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder is Bob Reina. He began his earlier career in law enforcement in the state of Florida. Bob soon discovered network marketing which gave him a very lucrative beginning by earning good commissions. He spent twenty years in the direct selling market and he shares his experience and tips with his peers and new entrepreneurs.


Remaining on the forefront of technology, Talk Fusion has recently introduced their new updated version of real-time ‘Live Meetings.’ Live Meetings is an infusion of the WebRTC system and Talk Fusion’s latest Video Suite technology. The updated Live Meetings system can support 15 hosts and 500 participants, and you can use your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.


The Live Meetings software can be accessed through your online browser and features a perceptible recording technology. Users will not need to download plug-in app software like Adobe Flash Player. Talk Fusion says that Live Meetings offers great security features, intelligent software, clear audio and video, enhanced desktop features, waiting rooms for presenters to help them prepare the content and settings prior to the live conference and other unique features.


The Live Meetings program now joins the Talk Fusion family of award-winning products like its Video Chat which won the 2016 Product of the Year and the Communication Solutions Product of the Year. Bob Reina said that Talk Fusion is just beginning to astound everyone with its communication technological skills and products.


Talk Fusion products and services are being distributed in over 140 countries by its independent marketing associates. Talk Fusion allows users to test their products for a whole month without even securing the product with a credit or debit card. Talk Fusion is adding a new dimension into the marketing industry, where companies can produce cogent videos that fit easily into their advertising campaigns. Learn more:  http://bobreina.com/


In 2017, the company introduced Talk Fusion University. The University provides the company’s associates with succinct online selling and training videos.

The Talk Fusion company under the aegis of Bob Reina is very community minded.


They both support many different philanthropic projects by contributing to nonprofit organizations, supporting an orphanage in Indonesia, contributing to Tampa Bay’s Human Society, and gives free Video Suite software to charities around the world.


Securus Technologies, Staying on Top of What Matters Most

Securus Technologies, most known for their inmate telephone and other communications services, is making another acquisition. The 30-year-old company, which is based in Texas, has recently acquired GovPayNet. This company has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in payment processing for governmental purposes. The bulk of their business is in bail payments, probation costs, restitution, court fees, citations and other commonly charged items. The company is happy to be working with Securus Technologies, and another recently acquired company called JPay. As both are in the financial services industry for correctional facilities, it’s anticipated that they’ll assist each other in daily operations, and introduce new technology.


There haven’t been any formal plans released yet, however, JPay has recently taken on several initiatives of its own. Implementing new technology known as wireless containment systems, the company is working to prevent the use of illegal cellular devices in facilities. The contraband phones have been tied to many crimes, including a murder. Lawmakers are even being lobbied to make the technology required in correctional institutions. On the flip side, tablets are being offered for sale to inmates. These tablets provide entertainment, as well as, educational software.


Securus Technologies has other good news recently as well. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company was given a rating of “A+.” This is a rather impressive achievement for a company of its size. Customer satisfaction has also skyrocketed to well over 95 percent, with most issues being resolved the first time a call is received by customer service. While there is still much work to do, it’s great that Securus Industries manages to stay on top of its game, and keeps its prices reasonable. In an industry that’s often heavily scrutinized, Securus Technologies remains unscathed by prioritizing what matters most, its customers.


Organo Gold, Fungus of the Gods

The vibrant mushroom goes through many names. It’s called ganoderma and has been used by Asian international locations for plenty time for its healing purposes. The mushroom cap is brilliant and round, it looks like a swirling galaxy and raises images of magic inside the mind whilst stared at. The genus name for the species is Ganoderma Lucidum. The Organo Gold company is known for its use of the non secular mushroom in its coffees and teas. It has been utilized in comparable ways for lots of years in China. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

In China, the mushroom is referred to as lingzhi. The primary regarded instances of the fungus’ use arise at some stage in the Han Dynasty. In recorded history, Peter Adolf Karsten called it Ganoderma in 1881. This name is derived from the Greek word for brightness. Certainly, while searching on the ganoderma mushroom one gets a feel of brightness. The cap is bright and fit blessings explode from the spores. It’s befitting to the word that lucidum is Latin for shining.

In 2000 years of chinese remedy, the herb changed into used for bodily ailments and religious cleansing. The compounds present within the fungus are useful for non secular recovery, air cleaning, miracle making, and channeling divine energy. In Vietnam, the natives call Ganoderma linh chi; it loosely translates to supernatural mushroom. The perception is that the mushroom holds remarkable gifts handed down through the cosmos. There may be a legend that a terrible villager was bothered by a great sickness; the nearby doctors couldn’t heal him and he had no cash to buy medicinal drugs from the metropolis. He became instructed by the village elder to brew a tea crafted from dried linh chi and drink it earlier than going to sleep. As soon as he drank the tea crafted from the mushroom he was healed of all signs and symptoms of infection. In chinese legend, the mushroom was called God’s herb. Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a famous tea and espresso company that takes satisfaction in serving the sector with exceptional teas and coffees. Their excellent merchandise are the infused green teas and black teas designed to include excessive quantities of antioxidants and nutrients. The coffees are licensed and are made in black, gold, and espresso. The drinks are available for purchase around the sector and can be offered on line via their shopping portal. The best remedy is natural remedy and now every person can access the power of Ganoderma lucidum.

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Aloha Construction Is a One Stop Shop for Your Home

Aloha Construction is a family owned business that offers various home construction services in the Lake Zurich area. In this article, you will learn about some of the amazing services that they offer. First of all, there are their roofing services. Your roof gets worse over time. It gets depreciated, and it starts to decay. This is especially true if you live in an area where there are a lot of storms. Sometimes, even one storm can devastate your roof. Wind, hail, ice, snow, rain, falling branches, and so on can create holes in your roof. It can cause it to leak into your home. In such a case, you will need to call Aloha Construction for emergency services. Aloha Construction has a nine step process that they use in order to ensure that your home’s roof gets repaired. They will first come down to determine how much damage occurred. They need to figure out where the damage is, what kind of damage it is, how it occurred, and so on. Then, they will be able to figure out how to come up with a plan to fix your home. Finally, they will bring you the best repairmen with a lot of experience to repair your roof. Their services are available with a ten year guarantee, so you know that you are covered when you use Aloha Construction.

Then there are their gutter services. It is important to have gutters that work properly. Gutters are essential for keeping the water from the rain out of your home and away from damaging your roof. However, it is possible that water will build up in your gutter. If that happens, such as if there is something that is blocking the water from draining, the water can overflow and ruin the paint on the side of the wall. It can start flooding your basement when it reaches the ground. Your gutters will start getting rusty and loose. Aloha will take care of that. They will also take care of your siding needs. They will also be able to replace your windows.

To know more visit @ twitter.com/alohabuilds