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Madison Street Capital awarded Deal of the Year Award at M&A Annual Turnaround Awards

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based international investment banking firm won an award at M&A Annual Turnaround Awards. The firm won Distresses M&A Deal of the year award; over $25MM to $50MM. The award was as a result of their impressive performance serving at Sachs Capital Group on its take of RMG Networks as the exclusive advisor. The M&A advisor made the grand announcement.




Charles Botchway is the co-founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. In his speech on behalf of the firm, he thanked colleagues for the award. He stated that the award was a recognition for the hard work and efforts made by his fellow team members. He reassured the audience that the award impacts a spotlight on the firm’s ability to help the client, successfully navigate and close complex transactions.




According to Roger Aguinaldo; the founder of M&A advisor, this award was under the category of the distressed investing and reorganization industry in 2018, in which the firm represented the best by winning. The firm stood out in a group of very impressive candidates. Mr Roger affirmed that they had recognized the best leading transactions, firms and individuals that represented the highest performance levels. The award ceremony is scheduled to be a black-tie gala. The 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit will be on March 28 in Palm Beach.




The main aim of M&A Advisor is offering insight and intelligence services on mergers and acquisitions from the year 1998. It is now in its 20th year. Currently, M&A Advisor claims recognition as the world’s premier leadership organisation for acquisition and mergers. M&A Advisor corporate finance professionals effectively deliver a variety of integrated services.




Madison Street Capital is a privately-owned international investment banking firm. In undertaking each new project, the client’s goals and objectives become the firm’s mission. Total integrity in delivering corporate financial advisory services is well known to be Madison Street Capital reputation. The firm’s expertise and attention fall in merger and acquisition. These services position the firm’s clients at a success field in the global marketplace, a competitive advantage over the competitors.




The firm also handles other projects such as financial advisory, business valuation services, corporate tax planning services, bank investments and prosperous capital raises to M&A transactions. Madison Street Capital reputation has over the years grown positively due to the high-quality services offered by the firm’s professionals.



Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ to learn more.


Mike Nierenberg Studies The Past To Understand The Future

Mike Nierenberg demonstrated the fact that he looks to the past to invest in the future by his first move into the financial industry. The first move made by Mike Nierenberg in the financial industry was that of joining Lehman Brothers.

It was at Lehman brothers where Mike Nierenberg was able to really apply the concepts he learned at his school and make a significant difference in his life. Mike Nierenberg was able to become more concrete in the financial sector by doing and learning at a well organized firm.

Let us dive into this first prominent financial institution that Mike Nierenberg was able to be a part of and learn so much from over the course of his tenure there.

The History of the Brothers

After opening up a store and delving into the trading business, the Lehman Brothers were on a roll, they were slowly becoming a full-fledged institution.

They had started off with a dry-goods store, and now they were organically adding a raw cotton trading business by accepting cotton as a sort of currency. They accepted cotton because it was in demand and because they realized they would be able to pad their profits with a store of this valuable asset.

As the years went on, they realized that the acceptance of cotton, and the trading of cotton was a very wise move on their part. The trading business quickly became a key part of their activities, it even outpaced the sales of their staple goods store.

The story of Lehman continues with the passing of one of the brothers due to a fever in 1855.

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JD.com Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder of the company JD.com. His company is the largest retail business in China. In a recent interview, Richard Liu sat down to talk about the latest developments of his company. During the conversation, he talked about the origins of this company as well as how his company plans to expand in the future. While talking about his company, Richard discussed other issues about his company such as shipping policies and methods. He plans to make JD.com capable of shipping products to overseas markets within a shorter period of time. Liu also talked about how his company has used innovation to improve its ability to distribute products and better serve customers.

Before Richard Liu Qiangdong became an entrepreneur, he first attended college. He studied sociology at the People’s University of China and completed a degree in the field. While he was attending college, he realized that it would benefit him to learn in demand skills to make him a more competitive job candidate. As a result, he taught himself computer science and learned how to program. After finishing college, Richard Liu went on to work as a freelance programmer for a number of years. Eventually, he attained an employment position at a leading company called Japan Life. At Japan Life, he was the director of computers where he was responsible for managing the company’s technology department.

While Richard Liu Qiangdong had a successful career in the computer technology field, he looked to become an entrepreneur. He started up his first company which specialized in selling magneto optics products. Richard Liu built the company into a successful operation. However, his company would eventually close down due to a SARS outbreak. Since the outbreak prevented customers from leaving their homes, they were not able to purchase products for his storefront. As a result he realized that e-commerce was vital to succeed in business in the retail industry. Richard started up his second company JD.com which was built into becoming the most successful retail company in China. Over the last several years, JD.com has consistently used innovation to help meet the needs of a growing customer base. With innovation, convenience and a large selection of products.

Sandy Chin in Watching Stock Market Volatility in 2019

Sandy Chin knows that everyone is looking at the different probabilities in cash flow scenarios in different securities. Sandy Chin is aware of the fact that the different perceptions of these varied investors need to be based on absolute fundamentals.

The truth of the matter is that it has been a bumpy road so far in 2019, this bumpiness has carried over from the latter half of 2018 and it is likely not to go away anytime soon.

Sandy Chin has a few thoughts on volatility and how interested investors can look at the stock market and still have strong profit potential if they are willing to do the necessary research to make a difference in the marketplace. Sandy Chin is a big believer in taking responsibility and accountability and making certain to take the right approach when looking at and selecting stocks in the current stock market. Let’s first take a look at why there’s so much crazy volatility present in the stock market today.

A Major Factor to Look Out For

The trade deal between the United States and China continues to look like news that will rock the markets. Individuals can see the different stock market reactions when the President of the United States talks about the different positives and potential negatives of brokering a trade deal with China. Positive news on the trade deal can bring the market up into a wild frenzy while negative news, such as stalling in the trade agreement, can bring the markets down.

It is an interesting situation because, as professionals such as Sandy Chin realizes, these different short-term movements in the market can be a significant buying opportunity for keen and well-informed investors.

See, a good trader knows that it is important to look at the macro fundamentals but also at the fundamentals of the company itself as well. If a trader understands the inherent and intrinsic value of the security they are about to purchase, they will know when it is a great buy, when to hold, and when to sell. The hard work is present within the this first aspect of truly understanding the security and how the company is doing on its own. Investors will have to look at they liabilities to assets, the revenue, the profits, the long term vision, the simplicity in the business and other factors that are specifically meaningful to the actual company. Sandy Chin is a big proponent of getting to deeply know the security one is about to purchase.

Then start to move a little higher, see how macro factors will have an effect on the actual company and how large of a hit it would take relative to other stocks present in the marketplace.


The Distinguished Career Of Michael Neirenberg

Michael Neirenberg has been a constant presence in the world of finance where he has made a name for his prudent investments. His illustrious career has seen him hold numerous managerial positions in a host of companies. He currently chairs the board of New Residential Investment Corp. The seasoned investor doubles up as the CEO of the firm, a position he has held for two years now. He previously served the Bank of America as a managing director. Michael Nierenberg was responsible for the Securitized Products and Global Mortgages division at the bank. He oversaw all the activities that revolved around trading and sales. He held the same position at JP Morgan, an investment bank, which he joined from Bear Streams. The latter enjoyed his excellent services for close to fourteen years that saw him serve in different capacities.

His time at the firm culminated in a two-year stint as a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to this, he was a key player of the management team at Lehman Brothers. He came in handy as the firm sought to set up an adjustable rate mortgage business. He was at the financial institution for slightly more than seven years. Michael Neirenberg is one of the few managers who have left a mark in every institution they have worked at. Nicola Santora and Jonathan Brown, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer respectively, support his work at New Residential Inc. The firm has specialized in the real estate industry where they invest heavily in residential mortgage assets. They also manage assets in the same category.

The New York based company was established seven years ago and has made headlines while offering Consumer and Residential loans. Mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) have also contributed to a good percentage of their returns. Since getting to the top position in 2016, Michael Neirenberg has worked to improve service delivery and attract more partners. The firm is the go-to place for anyone in search of a federal income tax investment trust. His impeccable work ethic has translated in a net worth of $43.7 million dollars as of mid-2018. Michael Neirenberg’s stocks at the company amount to over $25.6 US dollars. Most of his business activities are run from his office in New York.


Cheap and Convenient Mental Health Analysis through Talkspace Company

Talkspace is an online platform created by Oren Frank to help clients conveniently seek medical attention. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2012. The company provides online therapy by providing a platform where patients interact with medical experts at the convenience of their places.

The idea of Talkspace was born out of the need to remove the stigma from mental health patients who lacked a medium to share their problems. Talkspace has licensed medical therapists committed to helping people address mental health issues. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Michael Phelps Partners with Talkspace

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to help create mental health awareness to people through national television. Michael explains how he managed to overcome mental health disorder through his experiences. Michael says that many people with stress and depression and other mental health problems suffer silently due to the high cost of treatment and the stigma involved. He acknowledges that through Talkspace people with mental disorders have an opportunity to share their experiences with qualified and licensed therapists at an affordable cost.

The partnership between Talkspace and Michael Phelps will enable him to join the Talkspace Board of Advisors to assist in the development of mental health strategy. The chief executive officer of Talkspace, Oren Frank, praised the partnership referring to Michael as an experienced data expert and mental health advocate.

Benefits of using the Talkspace Platform

Talkspace has reached over one million people since its inception in 2012. The company aims to achieve more coverage in America and beyond and eliminate stigma among mental health patients. The company connects clients with licensed therapists through web and mobile applications. Clients get connected to therapy experts and can initiate conversations through video chats, voice calls or messaging. The therapy is affordable and carried out conveniently at the comfort of the client’s place. Talkspace offers additional services by providing advice through various blog posts written by experienced therapists on ways to deal with depression and anxiety.

Read more: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/author/oren-frank/


Depression Treatment Alternatives at Neurocore

Neurocore is a prominent brain training organization, which engages in the treatment of autism, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Neurocore postulates that numerous components contribute to the suffering of depression and other mental illnesses. As such, the therapeutical organization invented a convenient method, known as Neurofeedback therapy to treat such disorders. Neurofeedback therapy is a procedure that involves brain training stability. It is a harmless procedure that has over time been useful in the treatment of mental illnesses, notably ADHD and depression. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore depression program works uniquely. The mental health practitioner begins by understanding the functioning of your brain. Upon successful identification of your symptoms, the experts prescribe a customized neurofeedback program for you. Often, the neurofeedback therapy uses a model of electrodes, which permits the neuropsychologists to monitor the activity of the brain. Besides, they also determine the rate at which your heart is beating. Besides using electrodes, mental professionals utilize other straightforward neurofeedback activities to monitor depression. Such operations include television watching. In this instance, depression in minimal if the patient watches the movie calmly and accelerates when the film pauses.

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The use of this lasting procedure has propelled its achievement. The company’s report indicates that over 70% of depression patients become less reliant on medications after treatment. As such, the medication-free therapy serves as an alternative treatment for such patients. Families with depression patients have expressed their sighs of relief to Neurocore after its successful invention of neurofeedback therapy. However, this model becomes active after a continuous series of use, usually thirty sessions.

Besides augmenting unique treatment structures, the company has expanded globally possessing numerous brain performance centers. The most recognized resource is the Sterling Heights Center situated in Macomb. It offers medication options for sleeping disorders, depression and anxiety. Through its analysis of the primary problem, Neurocore has influenced patients positively. Read more about Neurocore at Patch.com.

How Gareth Henry became the MD of an investing company

You probably know about The company managing director Gareth Henry. However, do you know his career journey that got him to where he is today? This is an accomplished investor and businessman who held many leadership positions. He is also an actuarial mathematician who uses his vast knowledge to formulate new strategies that help businesses to grow. Being the head of a company that deals in global alternative investment, Henry has a lot of expectations placed on his head. But anyone that now him firm his days in the university will tell you that nothing can stop him from achieving or surpassing what people expect from him.

His career

About Gareth Henry, he kicked off his career by enrolling at the Herriot-Watt University located in Edinburgh. He graduated in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statics. He immediately started working by becoming a member of a research team where he was a business analyst. He has held several positions in companies such as Watson Watt and SEI investments. One of the things that we cannot overlook in his career is that before joining The company in February 2019, he had worked for at least seven organizations. During that time, he had overseen operations in Europe, Asia, US, and other regions.

His passion for budding investors

When a person is successful, and he cares about the future of the industry in which they work, they always want to help upcoming professionals to achieve their dreams. That is exactly what Gareth Henry has done. He is one of the most influential figures in the Gareth Henry access Bursary. He uses this establishment to fund the education of students who have passion in business and investment. He does this work through the University of Herriot-Watt where he studied too. Looking at the career story of Gareth Henry, you cannot help but notice that he has been patient enough to rise through the ranks and become one of the most successful business people in the investment world. There is no doubt that his contribution to The company will help the firm to overcome some of the challenges that similar organizations often face during their operations.



The Neurocore Difference

The mental health realm has perpetually been embroiled in stigma. Neurocore, a brain performance center, intends to blot out the controversy that mental illness is unjustly associated with. Offering brain-based assessments and training programs, Neurocore provides a drug free alternative to ADHD, clinical depression, anxiety, and migraines. Using qEEG technology, Neurocore “identifies the personal characteristics of their client’s brains.”

In short, this approach detects both the upsides and downsides of a brain’s activity. What’s more, it monitors heart rate which helps pinpoint what stressors are considered triggers. From there, about Neurocore clinicians consult their proprietary database and match up results with other qEEG outcomes.

According to Neurocore, this gives their staff a “framework of how to approach the mind.” At the root of Neurocore lies neurotherapy, a treatment that “activates when the brain is creating optimal brain waves.” This modern treatment procedure is helping institutions dissect the entrails of brain activity, in turn providing vast insight into the way in which our minds operate. As their practices continue to evolve, Neurocore and their technology are gaining substantial traction.

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Rodrigo Terpins Grows One Of The Biggest Sustainable Forests In The Paraba Valley

Over the past several decades, the majority of Brazilian timber that has been bought and sold have been uncertified. This means that the majority of this timber hasn’t been sourced from sustainable or renewable sources. However, Brazilian rally car celebrity Rodrigo Terpins has been trying to change that over the past decade or so. While he’s best known for outperforming the competition on the circuit since 2009 Mr. Terpins has been going the same with Floresvale and the ethical timber industry.

Rodrigo Terpins is probably best known for some of his most recent driving successes. For example, he achieved some amazing results at the 22nd annual Sertões Rally. The Rally is one of the toughest and most arduous circuits in the entire rally racing scene in Brazil. The circuit is set on 2,600km of road in two states and across seven cities. To make matters even worse for Rodrigo Terpins, many people had doubts about his cars suspension alignment; they weren’t should that it would hold up to the tough conditions. Not only did Mr. Terpins finish the race, but he also did it with flying colors; he completed the first leg in less than two hours, which was enough to qualify him for a top ten finish.

By the time the circuit was finished, he had finished third in his category and eighth overall; quite impressive considering to competitive field of almost forty other drivers. But that doesn’t mean that he’s been completely dedicated to driving over the past ten years. With Floresvale he’s managed to create one of the largest sustainable tree farms in the entire country. The company currently manages over 5,000 hectares of forest across Queluz, Silveiras, Monteiro Lobato, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Taubaté; this amount is purported to grow on an almost daily basis.

Rodrigo Terpins has also said that almost half of the forest land they manage is dedicated to preserving the forest; in fact, 2,400 hectares are dedicated to permanent preservation, native woods, and legal reserve areas. Because of that, the company has been able to export an average of 7,000 cubic meters of wood every month.

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