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OSI Group And CEO Sheldon Lavin Recognized By Numerous Awards

The Indian Vision World Academy recently presented its much vaunted Global Visionary Award to Sheldon Lavin, CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, the giant American meat processing firm headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The award is given to people who have achieved not only extraordinary success in business, but also who have also created innovative ways of doing things along the way.

Sheldon Lavin is certainly among the most remarkable CEOs leading a major world company today. For one thing, it’s his longevity. Mr. Lavin has been with OSI Group since the 1970s and has been at the top spot for decades. As such, he is among the longest-serving CEOs of a major company in the world.

OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, a city of the Greater Chicago area. Established as a one-man operation by a German immigrant in 1909, the company has grown to comprise 70 facilities in 17 countries. Forbes lists OSI Group at No. 58 among America’s largest privately-owned companies. It employs some 20,000 people and reports annual income in excess of $6 billion.

Sheldon Lavin also recently received the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award. This honor recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates. The award is named for Edward Jones who established the famous Jones Dairy Farm brand.

Lavin wins awards like these because OSI has shown remarkable consistency in all the locations it operates around the world in terms of support of local charities. One example is the relationship OSI has developed with Feeding America, the nation’s largest food bank provider that feeds hungry families across the United States. OSI Group donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to Feeding America locations every year.

OSI Group has also been noted by industry observers to be among the most advanced and aggressive in its pursuit of sustainability and environmental management. Clean, green, safe and healthy operational strategies are at the core of OSI corporate culture. The company is considered a role model for sustainability among the global family of food processing industries.

Betsy DeVos: the new US Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos has become one of the most talked about figures in American education since the report from Reagan Administration in the 1980s. Education reform isn’t a new concept, but it has certainly come front and center with the election of President Trump. The president announced DeVos as the 11th US Education Secretary in 2017, and so far she has put plenty of policies in place to help move education forward. Still, education is controlled at the state-level so she still has some work to do if she wants educational choice to become more popular.


She has conducted several interviews on her stance on education. She also has plenty of critics. She has been criticized by public school administrators and teachers, but she has been praised by students and teachers alike. DeVos also has said that those who say she plans to use public funding for private schools doesn’t actually know how the system works. In fact, she has donated $134 million to charities, including educational schools and scholarships.


DeVos also has some big backers who have contributed to educational choice campaigns as well. This includes Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. These companies have backed her campaign for educational choice despite all of the backlash that she has received for pushing educational choice forward.


The goal is to get students into school and keep them there. DeVos wants to put students in America first, which is why she believes so wholeheartedly in the education reform movement. She has also been working alongside her mother in the past, who was a public school teacher. To those who say that she doesn’t have any experience, she has been working in educational reform for most of her professional life.


It was in the 1990s that DeVos began to lead the Michigan Republican Party. She continued to lead it and became the Chairman of the party in the 2000s. Now she holds the highest educational office and is currently working on school safety reform in addition to her efforts to bring school to every household.


It’s been a difficult time for DeVos who has had to deal with gun violence and safety issues like no other in her office before. She will continue to work on her plans for educational choice in other states by the end of her term in 2020.


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Deirdre Baggot: Pioneer for Healthcare Payment Reform for the 21st century


Deirdre Baggot,PhD,MBA,BSN,has an extensive experience as a hospital executive and clinician.

Not only is she a pioneer for bundled payments in the healthcare industry but also the Senior Vice president of The Camden Group out of El Segundo California. She is also a member of the board of advisers for Sight medical LLC in Alexandria Louisiana and nationally recognized as an expert in the topic of bundled payments.

Find out more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=409640704&privcapId=11311527&previousCapId=11311527&previousTitle=ECG%20Management%20Consultants,%20Inc.

Miss Baggot is an author of more than 20 papers on the subject including Healthcare reform and payment transformation. Before her rise to Senior Vice president of The Camden Group,she has spent 10 years in academic healthcare at Northwestern Memorial hospital university of Michigan health system in key leadership roles. Miss Baggot’s impressive career is accompanied by her PhD from the University of Colorado in philosophy. She also received a Masters in Business Administration with the Gregory Levert Scholar from Loyda University Graduate school of business. Finally a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Southern Illinois University.

With all of her accomplishments she has managed to improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes with an impressive decrease in costs within the medical field.

Deirdre Baggot has received national recognition for her groundbreaking work on the bundled payment issues. For her expertise she has been featured on Planet Money,All things considered and The Morning Edition National Public radio. In 1998 she came up with “The Checklist”. A checklist of sorts for each type of patient improving the quality of care and reducing over testing and treating while working as a nurse at Northwestern Memorial hospital in Chicago.

Deirdre Baggot is truly a multi-talented entrepreneur who is passionate about Healthcare. Not only does she strive to be the hardest working person in the room but also just as passionate and committed to family as well. A truly inspiring example of a well balanced Healthcare professional.

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Hussain Sajwani: The DAMAC Owner Interested in Business and Philanthropy

One cannot discuss real estate in UAE without mentioning Hussain Sajwani, who is the DAMAC owner. DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 when Sajwani saw a business opportunity in the interest that foreigners had in buying land and property in the UAE region. Through this venture, this DAMAC owner has become a billionaire and established a business voice in the industry.

Although Hussain Sajwani is regarded as a tycoon, he was not born bearing this title as his parents were not as wealthy as he is today. Born in 1953, he was brought up by working-class parents who struggled to meet the financial responsibilities in the home. Although such circumstances pushed Sajwani to start working at the age of three in his father’s business, they provided a foundation for his future business interests.

This DAMAC owner has worked in various other entities such as GASCO where he was a contract manager. This part of Hussain Sajwani has also shaped his business aspect. Additionally, his undergraduate economics degree has also contributed to the financial-economic aspect of starting and running a business. All this expertise enabled him to build his first property which was a 38-storey luxury hotel and continues to be of relevance in the running and expansion of his business.

To date, through his company, Hussain Sajwani has been part of more than 20,000 projects in the housing sector. Some projects worth mentioning include the conceptualized golf course by Tiger Woods, which required the involvement of Trump’s organization. Another project is the one by Fendi, which included the erection of luxury villas, apartments, and cottages. A third project involved Versace, which aimed at putting up luxury apartments.

This DAMAC owner does not only focus on expanding his business since he is also involved in philanthropy work. He has been part of in initiatives that entail the clothing of needy children across the world where he contributed AED 2 million. He has also been involved in Dubai’s efforts to improve the children’s living standards across the globe. When examining him from a global perspective, Hussain Sajwani has been equated to Trump’s success in the real estate industry in the U.S; thus, being referenced as Dubai’s “Donald.”

Why oil stocks are stagnating as freedom checks flourish

In 2018, oil companies endured one of the most challenging times in history. On one side, the prices of oil remained low compared to the previous years, and on the other, there have been numerous laws that affect oil drilling. The usual trend was that the prices plummeted and recovered only to plunge again. How can these companies overcome these challenges? Just like someone who is looking for freedom checks, these companies can take various approaches. However, we can only understand this situation fully when we know the challenges that the industry is currently facing.

The huge debts

The truth is that a majority of oil companies are wallowing in huge debts. This attributed mainly to the fact that starting such companies requires huge capital. The licenses and the drilling equipment cost a fortune. Therefore, these companies have to borrow, and it talks many years before they can recover their initial investments. Maybe, they are some of the companies that need freedom checks to sustain their operation. They keep operating in this state for long and hardly break out of the shell. If they could find enough funds, there is no doubt that the stocks would be doing well.[freedom checks]

The legal requirements

In the United States, there are deep oils wells that are filled with billions of barrels of the precious commodity. The problem, however, is that the methods required to drill them have a devastating effect on the environments. Therefore, there have been numerous legislations stopping companies from drilling unless they can meet certain obligations. For instance, environmentalists have often complained that offshore drilling leads to pollution while onshore drilling affects the natural water sources which provide drinking water to all households. This has left the companies needing a boost like what freedom checks do entrepreneurs.

However, unlike freedom checks, oil drilling is faced with an even bigger problem; the invention of electric cars. The world seems determined to move away from the use of oil and embrace machines that use green energy. As to whether this will happen any time soon, nobody can tell for sure. What is undoubted is that it is taking a toll on the oil companies.

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Renew Youth Helps To Protect You From Aging Symptoms

Menopause can be a very confusing and uncomfortable time for women, but many don’t know that they may experience something called perimenopause during the time they are making the transition. During this time, instead of having levels of estrogen that are too low, the estrogen levels in the body can become much too high and dominate the progesterone. This can lead to a host of different problems that can cause long-term health issues such as cancer. Renew Youth has been helping women and men get through these hormone balances for the last 20 years.

When your body starts experiencing irregular periods, it means that you are going through a period of hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed. This is where Renew Youth can help you with a personalized plan that addresses your concerns and health needs. If you think that you can just wait out these issues and they will pass, you may be wrong. Perimenopause can last up to a decade in some women and it’s important to take actions to make sure that you protect your body and mind during this transitional period.

A doctor at Renew Youth can assess your situation and determine what kind of actions you can take. Many times this involves taking hormone replacements to balance out the levels in your body so you can start feeling like you again. The sooner you speak to a doctor, the sooner you can start to see the results of their treatments. They will be able to run tests to figure out exactly what is happening in your body and what issues you are at risk for. It’s possible to have more freedom from the debilitating symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause especially with the help and guidance of Renew Youth. The doses they are prescribed are tailored to what your body needs.

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