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Why Join the American Institute of Architects?

Professional architects are truly transforming the landscape. Many modern, beautiful buildings which have iconic designs are coming up courtesy of these professionals. They deserve a lot of respect and appreciation. These professionals have a lobby group called the American Institute of Architects. The umbrella body does a lot of work in an attempt at making sure that this profession grows and continues to do the wonders it does. It is headed by an effective leader known as Robert Ivy. The legendary Chief Executive Officer serves as an inspiration to many architects due to his immense knowledge and excellent ladyship skills. He has assisted the group to achieve a lot of things courtesy of his visionary leadership skills. Robert Ivy urges all the architects to join this vibrant group and continue to participate in its activities and continue to enjoy the following benefits. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy states that AIA serves to protect and uphold the interests of the architectural profession. This is a lobby group which ensures that the interests of the professionals are protected all the time. As such, it is difficult for the government to come up with retrogressive laws which can serve to undermine the activities of the architects. It continually lobbies the policymakers to come up with policies which are meant to benefit the architects. When a person is a member of AIA, he or she tends to gain a lot since his or her interests are well catered for by all the policymakers. Although professional architects might be small in number, they have a strong voice courtesy of the work of AIA.

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Robert Ivy urges all the architects to be members of this lobby group since it serves to improve their image in the industry. An AIA member has higher chances of winning that lucrative deal since AIA is known to be a respectable body which instills professionalism and discipline in the architectural industry. By belonging to this group, you are in a position to show that you are a serious architect committed to being up to date with the current trends and developments in the architectural industry. What is more, when one belonging to one or more of the committees of this group, is an explicit education that you have leadership skills on top of the professional skills. Learn more about Robert Ivy at zdnet.com.