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How Athletes Have Upped Their Game Using Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Not long ago the Portland Trail Blazers really weren’t a good basketball team. They had suffered defeat after defeat and the team’s collective spirit was crushed. They could have pointed fingers at teammates or just plain give up but instead they came together and figured out how to up the team’s game. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Around this same time Kirk Cousins was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. He was very inconsistent and looked like a big draft bust. He was benched which meant he was without any opportunity to turn things around.

Both Kirk Cousins and the Trail Blazers teammates decided to give brain training a shot. The organization they turned to was Neurocore Brain Training Centers. After a number of sessions all of these athletes were able to better focus during games and were a lot more confident making split-second decisions. They also received biofeedback about how their brain was functioning which meant they could gain control over what is usually considered an involuntary function of the body such as heart rate.

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Dr. Tim Royer launched Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in 2004. They help both children and adults in a number of ways beyond doing better at sports. They help people sleep better, manage their stress levels, and maintain better concentration. They can also help people who have ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders in addition to other mental issues.

People who want to avail themselves of Neurocore services can visit one of their locations. There are six in the state of Michigan and two in Florida. At the first visit the initial assessment is performed which is a comprehensive assessment of their brain function. This includes brainwave analysis, breathing analysis, and other data-driven diagnostics.

After the initial assessment a customized program is developed for each person. Their brain map is used to develop a personalized program that uses positive reinforcement to make improvements. Patients then visit weekly to have their neurofeedback sessions until the program is complete. There is a final assessment performed where they compare the results from before treatment began during it, and the final results. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.