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Freedom Checks: Perfectly legit

With the idea of making millions in matter of weeks or a few months, many ordinary hard-working individuals are susceptible to many of the scams out there, promising vast fortunes instantly with a small initial investment. Maybe it’s the next forex robot offering an individual a ninety percent win rate for trades, or a penny stock promotion turning out to be a classic pump-and-dump scheme. After being burned several times, most individuals will run away from all investment opportunities, claiming that everything is rigged. There are legitimate investments that an individual can partake in and achieve spectacular gains and are not intended to rob an innocent person of their hard-earned capital. This group of investments are called “Freedom Checks”. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.


There are numerous websites that questioned the legitimacy of “Freedom Checks” and have gone as far to say that they are a complete scam and another way to rob the average investor of their hard-earned money. The truth of the matter is that although they seem too good to be true, freedom checks are indeed a real investment and enacted by Congress in 1987. There are over 500 companies that can legally issue freedom checks to its shareholders. The stipulations for a company to issue this income stream to its shareholders are that they must generate 90% of its revenues from oil and gas operations in this country and pay these freedom checks to its shareholders. Watch this video at Youtube.

Many sites have dismissed this investment opportunity because the idea of receiving a check other than dividends from these companies seems absurd. The payments from these qualifying companies can be greater than one can hope to receive from social security and there is no age restriction that can hinder someone’s ability to collect this income stream. An individual can invest in these companies within their brokerage account and be assured that their savings are in legitimate companies and not some scam.

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