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How Athletes Have Upped Their Game Using Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Not long ago the Portland Trail Blazers really weren’t a good basketball team. They had suffered defeat after defeat and the team’s collective spirit was crushed. They could have pointed fingers at teammates or just plain give up but instead they came together and figured out how to up the team’s game. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Around this same time Kirk Cousins was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. He was very inconsistent and looked like a big draft bust. He was benched which meant he was without any opportunity to turn things around.

Both Kirk Cousins and the Trail Blazers teammates decided to give brain training a shot. The organization they turned to was Neurocore Brain Training Centers. After a number of sessions all of these athletes were able to better focus during games and were a lot more confident making split-second decisions. They also received biofeedback about how their brain was functioning which meant they could gain control over what is usually considered an involuntary function of the body such as heart rate.

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Dr. Tim Royer launched Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in 2004. They help both children and adults in a number of ways beyond doing better at sports. They help people sleep better, manage their stress levels, and maintain better concentration. They can also help people who have ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders in addition to other mental issues.

People who want to avail themselves of Neurocore services can visit one of their locations. There are six in the state of Michigan and two in Florida. At the first visit the initial assessment is performed which is a comprehensive assessment of their brain function. This includes brainwave analysis, breathing analysis, and other data-driven diagnostics.

After the initial assessment a customized program is developed for each person. Their brain map is used to develop a personalized program that uses positive reinforcement to make improvements. Patients then visit weekly to have their neurofeedback sessions until the program is complete. There is a final assessment performed where they compare the results from before treatment began during it, and the final results. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Infinity Group Votes Cash Over Credit

Cash or credit is a far more complicated answer than one would think. The use of a credit card can have disastrous effects on the financial health of many a consumer. One reason is because credit cards can encourage reckless behavior that leads to dire financial consequences. This is why reputable debt reduction companies like Infinity Group Australia advocate for the use of cash.


Founded by top-tier broker Graeme Holm. A finance professional with about 17 years of experience in the market, Infinity Group is dedicated to bettering the financial health of its clients. Infinity group also serves as a wealth creator, property investor, and retirement strategies. Holm and his team help many people escape the gloom of debt and find their way to the light of financial security. According to Holm one way to do that is by using cash instead of credit.


Cash provides more accountability than credit for a few reasons. Using a credit card is such a simple action many swipe without thought. They also lose track of how often they swipe which can lead to problems later. Cash is much more physical. It breeds caution simply by making transactions take longer. As one counts out the money they truly understand the weight of their expenditure. They also may decided not to got through with the purchase. Credit processes to fast for second thoughts.


Cash is also a lot easier to track. One notices the lack of funds when using cash, they also get a more accurate idea of what they have left. Also, credit cards use credit in transactions. It grants instant gratification, and allows consumers to avoid the hassle of waiting. But it also means spending money one does not have. As one can only spend what one has, cash prevents consumers from building up a credit bill. It also breeds caution as they have to wait for funds to accumulate, and that wait my cause second thoughts.


Credit cards also contain pesky fees. Some are hidden and one does not find out about them until later. Some are the required interest payments companies tack on. Such payments, late fees, and hidden fees put the ability to pay off debt farther out of reach. Using cash can solve so many problems and help consumers get back on track. It is a far more responsible medium of exchange, and can break bad habits that generate from the use of credit.

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Freedom Checks: Perfectly legit

With the idea of making millions in matter of weeks or a few months, many ordinary hard-working individuals are susceptible to many of the scams out there, promising vast fortunes instantly with a small initial investment. Maybe it’s the next forex robot offering an individual a ninety percent win rate for trades, or a penny stock promotion turning out to be a classic pump-and-dump scheme. After being burned several times, most individuals will run away from all investment opportunities, claiming that everything is rigged. There are legitimate investments that an individual can partake in and achieve spectacular gains and are not intended to rob an innocent person of their hard-earned capital. This group of investments are called “Freedom Checks”. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.


There are numerous websites that questioned the legitimacy of “Freedom Checks” and have gone as far to say that they are a complete scam and another way to rob the average investor of their hard-earned money. The truth of the matter is that although they seem too good to be true, freedom checks are indeed a real investment and enacted by Congress in 1987. There are over 500 companies that can legally issue freedom checks to its shareholders. The stipulations for a company to issue this income stream to its shareholders are that they must generate 90% of its revenues from oil and gas operations in this country and pay these freedom checks to its shareholders. Watch this video at Youtube.

Many sites have dismissed this investment opportunity because the idea of receiving a check other than dividends from these companies seems absurd. The payments from these qualifying companies can be greater than one can hope to receive from social security and there is no age restriction that can hinder someone’s ability to collect this income stream. An individual can invest in these companies within their brokerage account and be assured that their savings are in legitimate companies and not some scam.

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Jason Hope supports technological innovations

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur and a philanthropist from Arizona. He is known for his love for technological innovations. He has been a vocal commentator of the Internet of Things. For the past one decade, he has been talking about this concept over and over again. While some people thought that it would never happen, Jason was adamant that it was a reality that we will have to see in not so many years. His prediction has come out true as IoT is now part of us. IoT is being used in all industries and even in our homes. It is still in its beginning stages, but the concept is tipped to bring a technological revolution in the world.

According to Jason Hope, one of the industries which have taken up the whole idea of the Internet of Things is the airline industry. When you go to the airline companies, you will find that there is a lot of research that is going on. These companies have realized that if they do not conform to technological innovations, they will be run out of business by others. It is for this reason that the Boeing 787s are being made with IoT incorporated in the manufacturing process. All the parts of the plane are connected to the Internet means that they are able to send and receive information. In case any part of the plane has a problem, it will be communicated to the technician immediately.

Jason Hope has also been very vocal about biotechnological research that is going on currently. The research is about the development of an anti-aging drug and is being carried out by a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This foundation has been in this research for the past one decade. The goal of the organization is to create a drug that can reduce cases of old age diseases. Since these diseases are brought by the weakness of the body due to old age, a drug that can reduce the effects of old age and make the body remain string for many years could be a solution. Jason Hope believes that this idea is great and has supported the organization by donating $500,000.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

How GoBuySide Finds Talented People for Companies

GoBuySide is creating a revolution in the finance and investment industries. Until now, it has proven extremely difficult to find talent and employees who are qualified for the positions that remain open at many companies. Many CEOs and leaders of companies are reporting how difficult it is to find employees who are qualified for positions that they are desperately trying to fill. They are looking day and night for these employees, but no matter how long they seem to look for them, they never seem to be able to find them. There seems to be a shortage of good employees. However, is there really a shortage? Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuySide is making things easier on these CEOs and companies by simply cutting out all of the work and doing all of the research for them. At GoBuySide, all companies and CEOs have to do is sign up and GoBuySide will find them the most qualified employees for the positions that they are looking to fill. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

The first thing that they will do is start researching people who have specialized training and experience in the specific industry or sub-industry that the company is trying to get an employee for. You see, many companies fail to realize that if they are looking to fill a position that has specific roles and responsibilities, they should really look for an employee who has training and experience for those specific roles and responsibilities. Perhaps it simply takes too much time to do the research to find someone who has such highly specialized training, education, and experience, but fortunately, GoBuySide is able to do all of the work for these companies so that they do not have to do so much research themselves.

There are three main benefits of such a strategy. The first is that they will get someone who has more expertise for the specific position that they are trying to fill. What this means is that the company has a much higher chance of success. It also means that they will have people who are better talented and qualified for the position.

Check: https://www.accesswire.com/487922/GoBuyside–Explores-Factors-Driving-Compensation-in-Private-Equity-Sector