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Let’s Go Visit Whitney Wolfe at the Beehive on Bumble

Her name is Whitney Wolfe and she’s a wonderful lady that heads the Bumble dating app. This dating app has become a top-rated dating platform that is now setting the standards for the modern dating scene. Women must be first in the dating game and this sentiment is clearly what Bumble is all about. Whitney Wolfe wants to whole heartedly endorse this sentiment.

Understand that Whitney Wolfe endured through some situations at her previous job before she founded Bumble. Remember the dating app Tinder? Guess who was a premier founder of this organization? You guessed it right, it was Wolfe. She was in charge of the marketing effort that Tinder needed to get off the ground.

While young and hopeful Whitney was doing her part to make a Tinder a success; some scrupulous men wanted to make her into a sex object. The guys on her job also wanted to belittle her accomplishments as a woman. They started to harass her sexually and make her to feel inferior as a woman. This was wrong.

Wolfe was not a plaything or a person who did not matter. What she did for Tinder mattered. Also, she never should have been treated less than her male peers. Whitney eventually reached a point where she had to cut ties with Tinder. She eventually took Tinder to court and won a huge settlement for her troubles.

Whitney Wolfe won her case and used a portion of her earnings toward creating a new dating site called Bumble. Here’s the thing about Bumble. Did you know that it is a dating app that puts females first? In other words, a man cannot approach a woman on Bumble. A female has to let a guy know if she really wants to be bothered with him or not. The fellas on Bumble know their place and the accept the fact that women are really in control on this dating site.

To date there has been 1 million women that has made the first move. This is important for many women in the modern feminist movement. Today modern women do not want to get rid of their men, they just want them to realize that they are equal to their male counterparts. This is what Bumble is all about – equality and liberty for women everywhere.

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