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Fashion Student At The Academy of Art University Explains What It Takes To Succeed In The Fashion World

In a recent article, Fashion School Daily interviews public relations intern Haley McDaniel. McDaniel is interning for the spring of 2018. The article mentions that Haley is currently a assistant stylist at MGK style, a makeup artist, and the president of the Sigma Delta Sorority 2017. The ambitious McDaniel does all of this while in school as a full-time pursuing a Fine Arts degree in fashion styling at The Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University was first founded in San Francisco in 1929 as the Academy of Advertising Art. The University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts field. The Stephen’s family are the leadership of the University. Founder Richard A. Stephens believed that honesty and integrity were what the University was built on.

The Academy of Art University’s professors are made up of working professionals who teach in the industry they are currently working in. This allows students to actually learn from professionals in their chosen career field. The University believes in helping all of their students reach their full creative potential by supporting them.

The University wants to enroll students who have a passion for the arts. They currently do not have barrier admissions and want students to just have a strong passion for developing their artistic creativity.

Haley McDaniel has built a strong portfolio while attending the University. According to the article, she has already been featured in a number of style publications and decided to do the public relations internship because it would be relevant experience for her future career path.

You can check here for the fashion student who describes her fashion style as “vintage, western, and eclectic” got her start in styling by doing many test photoshoots. She also build a network of connections through being a makeup artist a well. After graduation, Haley mentions in the interview that she will be going full-time at her current job. She is currently a stylist assistant for celebrity stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney, but at the end of summer she wants to relocate to Nashville or Texas so she can get more involved in styling in the music industry.

Haley mentions that she credits a lot of her success to her amazing support system. She says in the interview that her family believes in her and supports what she is doing and the direction she is going in. Haley believes that to succeed in the fashion industry it is very important to say “yes” to everything that comes your way whether it be big or small. These are things that you can put on your portfolio and it allows you to build connections. She also believes that meetup groups and networking or social media pages can help to get your foot in the door as well.

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