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Passion in Work with Jeff Herman

Many factors drive us from choosing our profession. For Jeff Herman, it was the urge to see that the rape victims regained their power and control in life. The trauma of a child being abused is hard to handle for both the parent and the child. It is sad when there is no one to guide them through and see that the doer of the heinous act is punished. He says that nothing is satisfying as seeing that the family can see some light in the whole situation.

The first time of Jeff Herman was when a commercial litigator refereed him to a woman whose child had been abused in pre-unit school. The case of the four-year-old compelled him. He wanted to find out how it had happened. The results were shocking. The school had a pedophile among their staff. He couldn’t understand how this happened, but he later came to realize that it is a common case. After the incident, he felt he had finally got his purpose in his life. That is how he began the Herman Law.

Based on his experience, passion and academic success, he is the best attorney in the state for such issues. Herman says that one thing he has benefited from specializing in his area is that he is more aware of the topic. He has also learned better ways to interview with children and not reaping their dignity.

Jeff Herman says that he has to be very thorough in his job. He cannot work with theory or assumptions. He has to know all the facts of the case. Jeff has an investigation team that understands what they need to look for in a case. They also work to break down the big complicated facts to simple facts. To see that he is productive in his job, he keeps timeline boards in his office. He says he is a very vicious person, so he needs to keep seeing what he needs to accomplish to energize him. He also sees that he stays away from all distractions to be able to focus on his work.

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