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IC Systems: A Long Line of Trust

IC Systems has been around for over 80 years, since 1983, and has been established in the collection industry as a reputable and trustworthy company based in Minnesota. IC Systems has been owned and operated by the Erikson family for three generations and this shows how committed and established this company is with working with and for their patients in order to provide the best possible service in unfortunate circumstances. Evidenced by their long line of family ownership, IC Systems prides themselves on aligning their beliefs and values with the industry’s standards and encourage regular audits to ensure that they have integrity and honesty that their patients can rely on. The Erikson family shows the same level of care and commitment to their patients as they do to their own family.


IC Systems prides themselves on maintaining a high level of excellence in all their dealings with patients. IC Systems works tirelessly to make sure that all of their jobs are completed efficiently and effectively in order to bring the highest level of satisfaction to their patients in a timely manner. They use their primary core values: people, integrity, performance, pride and innovation to shape how they interact and deal with their patients.


IC Systems is not only devoted to their patients and providing the best service to their paying customers, but they also invest their time with charities. With their desire and drive for excellence, IC Systems works with many charitable organizations and donates their time and effort to fundraising events and seeking sponsorships for donations. The employees at IC Systems also do a number of in house charities where they donate their time and resources to reputable causes.


With all these qualities and a high level of commitment, it is not surprising that IC Systems is one of the most recommended accounts receivable companies in the industry today. Their long family foundation and steadfast core values leaves little doubts in the minds of their patients that they will be treated with the utmost respect and care.