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Lime Crime Spots the Newest Trends in Beauty

Lime Crime has staked its reputation, and name, on creating buzz-inspiring, trend-setting beauty products without any animal involvement, cruelty-free and vegan. Unless, of course, we are talking about unicorns, but the unicorns this innovative company is seeking are the human kind; free spirits who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Lime Crime has some tips and trends for all its unicorns to watch:

Go Matte for Your Lips

The idea here is simple. Emphasis on simple. Matte lipstick highlights that pucker without actually letting anyone know that’s what you’ve done. Forget that glossy, shiny stuff. With a matte texture, your lips become a pretty, little secret, quietly emphasizing their outline, but leaving all the sparkle and show for your eyes. The perfect product for this is the company’s Apricot Nude liquid matte lipstick. It goes with everything, for everything.

Line the Eyes With Drama

So, your lips are quietly doing their thing, now is the time to up the ante, the eye ante. Be bold and let your eyeliner bring all the drama. Lime Crime’s go-to product is a liquid eyeliner with a superfine tip. To avoid a complete washout, go waterproof. With that superfine tip, you can create a number of fun looks with precision and skill. T Mix it up and go dramatic with a cat eye or the winged effect, or aim for something more subtle, light and natural.

Trust in that Foundation

Foundation is the starting point for the rest of your face; I mean it’s right there in the name, something even and fresh to build all that beauty on. Foundation is also going to be your first line of defense, so if it doesn’t have SPF then we aren’t interested, and neither are you. The rest is simple: match your foundation to your skin tone and find one that feels good; light and easy, not heavy and greasy.

Find Your Purple Unicorn

Purple is the color of the season, so embrace it in all its glory. Lavender or lilac, magenta or plum, heck, heck even Sangria is purple.