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Matt Badiali Presents an Opportunity to People of All Walks

People are always looking for some kind of opportunity that they can benefit from. The only problem is that a lot of the opportunities that come around are only beneficial to people that already have a lot of prosperity. Often times, people who are old or in poverty are going to have a hard time taking part in any opportunity. This can cause a lot of frustration in people. As a matter of fact, some people may wind up jaded about the whole thing in that they believe that every opportunity is either a scam or something that is out of their reach. Visit streetwisereports.com to know more.

Fortunately, Matt Badiali has something that is legitimate for people of all walks of life. This is something that people who are old, retired, or low on income can be involved in. This is called freedom checks. Matt Badiali insists that there are huge possibilities for people who invest in this opportunity. For one thing, the total amount of money that is available to send out to people is more than $3 billion. This shows that there is a huge amount of money to be earned from the investment. The best part is that there is no need to make a huge deposit, and Matt Badiali is willing to share it. Read more about Matt on Interview.net.

For people that are looking for a way to make a lot of money without having to spend a lot of money, freedom checks is something that is worth looking into. People who are interested in any opportunity that has a huge earning potential has to do a lot of research in order to make sure that they know what to do and how to invest so that they don’t lose everything. Matt Badiali goes into detail about everything that needs to be done so that the opportunity will work in the favor of the investor.

Visit: http://www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/

Richard Dwayne Blair’s Way Of Managing Finances

Preparing for retirement is very important. Many people are unable to adjust without the help of an advisor properly. Having someone to guide you along the way can make saving for profitable and efficient. Some companies are dedicated to making sure that one is able to prepare for retirement and manage the wealth that they have in a very efficient manner. One company that makes sure people prepare correctly is Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is an investment firm based out of Austin, Texas that has been in existence since 1994. The company was founded by Richard Dwayne Blair.

Richard Dwayne Blair opened Wealth Solutions because he developed a strong love for teaching after watching his mother and his grandmother teach during his childhood. He was determined to find the thing that he loved and make a living teaching people. He discovered that he wanted to show people how to manage their finances. He began his career in finance in 1993, and only a year later he began his own firm helping people achieve their finances. He has helped many people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas lead a better life by managing their finances in a more beneficial way.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been able to be successful and helped people become successful in their finance by establishing a three pillar system by which he advises people. Each pillar is very significant in ensuring his clients maintain as much wealth as they can. The first pillar outlines the client’s strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to set realistic goals when they are managing their money. Blair gets to know his client in this stage so that they understand each other. The second pillar allows Blair to create a plan that will work with this client’s current situation. The third pillar is where he monitors the program that he has designed to make sure that his client is reaching their highest potential. The third pillar allows the goals set to be tested to make sure that is going according to the plan for ultimate success in finances.


The Serious Artist Inside The Beats Maker Reputation of Alex Pall

The Interview Magazine revealed that Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers is now getting himself more serious into EDM. He wants to change it, revolutionize it and along with his partner Andrew Taggart, he would be creating the kind of music that they themselves would be singing to. And this is just the start.


People also learned from The Interview Magazine that Pall and Taggart of The Chainsmokers are already pushing the boundaries of EDM. Their music are putting more focus on lyrics. While others just want to stick to beats, their music is admirable in its ambition to put better lyrics in them. WIth the success of The Chainsmokers in fantastic singles, such as “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down” and collaborations with fellow artists like Halsey, there’s little doubt that there’s still more in the line-up of Pall today.


The good thing in the evolution of the music-writing skills of Pall is the fact that he’s still trying his best to improve the productions that he does during concerts. When others just want to stick to EDM dance beats and tracks that people can dance to, Pall wants to create electronic soundscapes and other masterful tricks to give their listeners the experience that they never had before. It is the passion of Pall to articulate his feelings through his music, and he wouldn’t be able to do this without doing the production style above.


There’s also the admirable foray of the band right now into making a stamp in the history of serious artists who have something to say. EDM is a platform that has not been taken advantage of that much, and Pall seems to see it his duty to make sure that he can maximize the platform to full potential.


People who read the excerpt of the Interview also learned that Pall has a lot of respect for his partner, Taggart. He believes that Taggart has such a fantastic talent for producing DJ and how to market the music to the right kind of people. This means that the combo of Taggart’s talent and songwriting skills of Pall can sustain the kind of dignified, growing and far-reaching potentials of The Chainsmokers.



Sahm Adrangi- The Power of Strategizing

Sahm Adrangi in 2009 started the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is involved in running its daily activities. Sahm is the company president and the Chief Executive Officer, and recently the company announced a negative on the Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc. According to Kerrisdale the company Proteostasis Therapeutics that deals with investigational of cystic-fibrosis drug the PTI-428 is entirely ineffective and it’s bound to fail within its Phase 3 trials.

Sahm Adrangi states that the short position of Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc and if the prices fall the Kerrisdale is bound to benefit hugely. The Kerrisdale Capital Management started with a low capital of $1 million, and it has propelled and grew enormously increasing its assets base to over $500 million. The company uses unorthodox ways of investing that are also fundamentally-oriented to focusing on the long-term values of its clients and also uses the event-driven unique situation strategies. The company approaches the power of betting on different public companies before publicly listing on the stock exchange by tapping on their annual returns and through the policy Kerrisdale has made over 28% earning on companies yield.

Sahm Adrangi states the company strategies has enabled it to grow the capital and encourage their investors to invest in different public companies before their stocks listing. They use different short positions with the latest being on Proteostasis Therapeutics that received an increase of 100% of its share during their listing helping the early investors like Kerrisdale gain huge yields.

Sahm Adrangi boasts of being learned and attending the most notable university of Yale for his economic degree with high honours. His career started as investment analysts and his keen abilities and unique talent of analysing the stock market saw Sahm Adrangi join the Longacre Funds Company. He managed assets worth $1.2 billion and later he went to Chanin Capital and played a crucial role in equity funds, Chapter 11 bankrupts, companies restructuring among others. Sahm Adrangi has a vast knowledge of credit, company leveraging and debts refinancing making practical to move Kerrisdale Capital to high levels. Sahm has published different articles on matters about investments on New York Times Journal sought-after speaker on the issues pertaining venture strategies.


Malcolm CasSelle Find Key to Safe Operation in Decentralized Markets With Blockchains

Decentralized markets offer a lot more opportunities than centralized markets, mainly because they are non-restrictive. It comes with a price however, as decentralized markets are wide open to fragmentation and fraud. Individuals operating in a decentralized zone can be attacked by hackers, have personal information stolen, can formalize deals with fraudulent parties, and then of course the every man for himself scenario of fragmentation. Malcolm CasSelle and his team have discovered the secret. They know how to operate in a decentralized market without negative repercussion. The secret is blockchains. Endless chains of data grouped together, data that can form smart lists. Smart lists can separate good from bad, allowing legitimate business to truncate fraudulent. Thus the WAX platform cometh.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a player to player marketplace that allows cross-gaming trade. The games that belong to this market, can now offer currency and assets that are transmutable. Through tokenization gamers can sell their digital assets for actual money. This is a big deal considering that officially makes in-game content a trade medium as functional as actual cash. Although it will only be available to games within the WAX market, other gaming industries could follow depending on success. Good for gamers as it makes the market competitive. Good for cryptocurrency as it brings it closer to the mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president and CEO of WAX, as well as CIO for the its parent company OPSkins. CasSelle is fluent in Chinese and Mandarin, a graduate of MIT and Stanford, and has served as a top executive in numerous digital-based companies. His career has seen him at the forefront of digital monetary transaction, social media platforming, and online gaming.

Malcolm CasSelle is a entrepreneur, early stage investor, and cryptocurrency guru. He was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, allowing OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant around. CasSelle also invested early in Facebook and Zynga. He is an innovator, and shares mutual interest in the future of cryptocurrency. CasSelle believes that WAX is the next step in virtual currency’s future, and expects it may tip cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: http://casselle.com/


The RealReal-Authentic Luxury Consignment

Used Chanel bags seem to be listed everywhere online, but how can you guarantee that it’s not a fake? The realReal is a luxury consignment site known for selling secondhand items. The site generated over 100 million dollars in sales last year and garauntees authenticity. The company, located in San Francisco Bay, prides itself on it’s rigorous authentication process for luxury goods.

The RealReal’s authentication process is extremely detailed and each employee has a binder of specifications for thousands of luxury products. Each employee must reference the binder to ensure the item is authentic before accepting it into the warehouse. The company even holds internal contests to “Find the Fake” where they can win prizes for identifying the counterfeits.

The RealReal’s authenticity promise is one reason fro their growth, but not the only reason. Unlike most other online marketplaces, the company provides superior client care exemplified but their services to pick up the items from sellers for their convenience. A seller once left a pair of diamond earrings worth 100,000 dollars in a purse she planned to sell and the company returned them to her home without hesitation. Every item in The RealReal’s warehouse is different and they never have two of the same item at a time.

They have options for anything luxury including women’s fashion, men’s fashion, designer jewelry, home goods, and kids clothing.

The luxury business is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry. The RealReal is revolutionizing it one store at a time. The CEO Julie Wainwright started working on her kitchen table visiting consignor homes with a U-Haul, building the company our of her home on her own. Today the company employs over 600 people all across the nation and provide shipments worldwide. The company has been a huge success and has raised over 173 million dollars since its founding. By providing the option to buy secondhand luxury goods with an authenticity guarantee, The RealReal has consumed the middle market and provided better pricing for the same luxury goods.

Let’s Go Visit Whitney Wolfe at the Beehive on Bumble

Her name is Whitney Wolfe and she’s a wonderful lady that heads the Bumble dating app. This dating app has become a top-rated dating platform that is now setting the standards for the modern dating scene. Women must be first in the dating game and this sentiment is clearly what Bumble is all about. Whitney Wolfe wants to whole heartedly endorse this sentiment.

Understand that Whitney Wolfe endured through some situations at her previous job before she founded Bumble. Remember the dating app Tinder? Guess who was a premier founder of this organization? You guessed it right, it was Wolfe. She was in charge of the marketing effort that Tinder needed to get off the ground.

While young and hopeful Whitney was doing her part to make a Tinder a success; some scrupulous men wanted to make her into a sex object. The guys on her job also wanted to belittle her accomplishments as a woman. They started to harass her sexually and make her to feel inferior as a woman. This was wrong.

Wolfe was not a plaything or a person who did not matter. What she did for Tinder mattered. Also, she never should have been treated less than her male peers. Whitney eventually reached a point where she had to cut ties with Tinder. She eventually took Tinder to court and won a huge settlement for her troubles.

Whitney Wolfe won her case and used a portion of her earnings toward creating a new dating site called Bumble. Here’s the thing about Bumble. Did you know that it is a dating app that puts females first? In other words, a man cannot approach a woman on Bumble. A female has to let a guy know if she really wants to be bothered with him or not. The fellas on Bumble know their place and the accept the fact that women are really in control on this dating site.

To date there has been 1 million women that has made the first move. This is important for many women in the modern feminist movement. Today modern women do not want to get rid of their men, they just want them to realize that they are equal to their male counterparts. This is what Bumble is all about – equality and liberty for women everywhere.

Learn More: schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP99060

Fashion Student At The Academy of Art University Explains What It Takes To Succeed In The Fashion World

In a recent article, Fashion School Daily interviews public relations intern Haley McDaniel. McDaniel is interning for the spring of 2018. The article mentions that Haley is currently a assistant stylist at MGK style, a makeup artist, and the president of the Sigma Delta Sorority 2017. The ambitious McDaniel does all of this while in school as a full-time pursuing a Fine Arts degree in fashion styling at The Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University was first founded in San Francisco in 1929 as the Academy of Advertising Art. The University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts field. The Stephen’s family are the leadership of the University. Founder Richard A. Stephens believed that honesty and integrity were what the University was built on.

The Academy of Art University’s professors are made up of working professionals who teach in the industry they are currently working in. This allows students to actually learn from professionals in their chosen career field. The University believes in helping all of their students reach their full creative potential by supporting them.

The University wants to enroll students who have a passion for the arts. They currently do not have barrier admissions and want students to just have a strong passion for developing their artistic creativity.

Haley McDaniel has built a strong portfolio while attending the University. According to the article, she has already been featured in a number of style publications and decided to do the public relations internship because it would be relevant experience for her future career path.

You can check here for the fashion student who describes her fashion style as “vintage, western, and eclectic” got her start in styling by doing many test photoshoots. She also build a network of connections through being a makeup artist a well. After graduation, Haley mentions in the interview that she will be going full-time at her current job. She is currently a stylist assistant for celebrity stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney, but at the end of summer she wants to relocate to Nashville or Texas so she can get more involved in styling in the music industry.

Haley mentions that she credits a lot of her success to her amazing support system. She says in the interview that her family believes in her and supports what she is doing and the direction she is going in. Haley believes that to succeed in the fashion industry it is very important to say “yes” to everything that comes your way whether it be big or small. These are things that you can put on your portfolio and it allows you to build connections. She also believes that meetup groups and networking or social media pages can help to get your foot in the door as well.

Find out more about  Academy of Art University: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/academy-of-art-university-student-app/id1043270244?mt=8


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Giving Back to the Society: Vinod Gupta Funds Women Education

Now a self-made multimillionaire, Vinod Gupta hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings. Gupta was born in Rampur Mahyaran India where he learned important lessons that have helped him to become successful in the business world. After attending school in a small school several miles of New Delhi, he was accepted at the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur. While in school, he pursued agricultural engineering topics before heading to the U.S. to pursue his Master’s degree both in business and agricultural engineering at the University of Nebraska.

After graduating, Vinod worked for Commodore Corporation as a marketing research manager. As the marketing analyst for mobile home manufacturers, some of his duties included compiling a list of mobile home dealers to whom he would sell manufactured products. Gupta quickly discovered that there was no cohesive list, and he ordered all local phone books in print, and he tirelessly compiled his own list. Gupta noticed the value of his list and the niche in the market for his product, and he transformed his list into a service based product that other businesses could use for business-to-business communication.

In the year 1972, Vinod Gupta founded American Business Information, and it was the go-to company for businesses that were looking to expand their reach. Two decades later, American Business Information was valued at $500 million. After stepping down as the CEO, he renamed the company InfoUSA to reflect the company’s national domination. Today, Gupta serves as the Managing General Partner for Everest Group, a company that specializes in providing private equity, venture capital, and as a consultant to failing businesses.

Gupta uses his success to benefit others, and he has devoted massive resources to enrich the lives of others. Most recently, Gupta gave back to his hometown Rampur Maniharan by donating $1 million for the development of a women’s polytechnic. Gupta notes that women didn’t have similar educational opportunities as men, and his contribution has helped in the closing of the educational gender gap.

Passion in Work with Jeff Herman

Many factors drive us from choosing our profession. For Jeff Herman, it was the urge to see that the rape victims regained their power and control in life. The trauma of a child being abused is hard to handle for both the parent and the child. It is sad when there is no one to guide them through and see that the doer of the heinous act is punished. He says that nothing is satisfying as seeing that the family can see some light in the whole situation.

The first time of Jeff Herman was when a commercial litigator refereed him to a woman whose child had been abused in pre-unit school. The case of the four-year-old compelled him. He wanted to find out how it had happened. The results were shocking. The school had a pedophile among their staff. He couldn’t understand how this happened, but he later came to realize that it is a common case. After the incident, he felt he had finally got his purpose in his life. That is how he began the Herman Law.

Based on his experience, passion and academic success, he is the best attorney in the state for such issues. Herman says that one thing he has benefited from specializing in his area is that he is more aware of the topic. He has also learned better ways to interview with children and not reaping their dignity.

Jeff Herman says that he has to be very thorough in his job. He cannot work with theory or assumptions. He has to know all the facts of the case. Jeff has an investigation team that understands what they need to look for in a case. They also work to break down the big complicated facts to simple facts. To see that he is productive in his job, he keeps timeline boards in his office. He says he is a very vicious person, so he needs to keep seeing what he needs to accomplish to energize him. He also sees that he stays away from all distractions to be able to focus on his work.

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