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See How Sheldon Lavin Has Been a Strong Pillar for the OSI Group

Although most people don’t find it more challenging when getting into their career, many find it an uphill task changing from one career to another. Most people are unable to withstand the obstacles they face when getting into the next career. Due to this, some people prefer to stick to one career and never change no matter how good the changing idea would be. People like Sheldon Lavin didn’t look at things this way. Although Lavin was a financial consultant, he overcame the fear that consumed others and changed his career. He moved to the food industry and worked for a meat processing firm. He may not have known how he would go about it while working at the Otto & Sons as a financial consultant, but he decided to just do it.

He understood that great success was never meant for cowards but for those who stay focused on what they intend to achieve no matter the myriads of obstacles. He became a partner at the meat processing firm based in Chicago. As a financial expert, he was charged with the task of overseeing all the daily activities of the company. With his financial knowledge and experience, expectations were high to see him improve the profit margin of the company. He was also expected to offer maximum protection for all other nonprofit business operations of the company.

It’s now 43 years ago since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group, and he has full company’s control today. He has used his experience and skills to ensure the company doesn’t just operate within the local diameter. Through his transformative leadership, OSI Group has managed to penetrate to other countries across the globe. He has also changed the face of the company by bringing in professionals and experts on board. David McDonald is one of the highly qualified leaders Lavin has recruited. Lavin believes it takes visionary leaders for the company or business to achieve its objectives.

Lavin has all along praised the workforce within the company and insisted that the company would not have achieved much without such committed employees. He noted that OSI Group was proud of its hardworking, loyal, and talented employees over the years. He has tirelessly worked for the firm’s cohesion, which has encouraged openness and friendship among the workers. It was in the early 70s when Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI Group, and he has always made it better each year. The Vision World Academy in India awarded Lavin with Global Visionary Award due to his undying commitment to the company’s success.