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Paul Mampilly on the Near Future of Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly established his success in finance by worked on Wall Street for decades. After growing his reputation, he had a change of direction and started aiding average people in growing their assets instead of working for the top one percent of the wealthiest people on Wall Street.


During his childhood, Paul Mampilly grew up viewing his father as a hero. Born and raised in India, Paul Mampilly’s father worked in the biggest city at the time, Mumbai. Even then, the man had a very hard time supporting his family and later immigrated to work in Dubai. The city was only starting to develop back them but was already the most promising opportunity available. That changed the life of the family completely as his father started working a lot more money in Dubai.


Over the course of his career in finance, Paul mammillary has worked with all kinds of assets including cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The financial analyst states that the cryptocurrency bubble is about to burst and that would leave investors watching their money disappear, according to Paul Mampilly. He recalls the overwhelming infatuation that investors had with cryptocurrency and especially within. Since its entry in 1999, many people that were not working in finance started investing and trading bitcoin. Many lost tremendously but those who studied the art of cryptocurrency won big time.


Back in 1999, Paul Mampilly sold all of this shares. He then continued to monitor the stocks and saw them grow. Soon after, however, when many started buying to avoid higher prices, it all came crashing down. Thousands of investors watched their account dwindle down to zero including many of his close friends. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.


Believing that the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherim and the likes, are about to crash, Paul Mampilly advises everyone to sell their shares as soon as possible in order to return their expenses, turn in a profit, and avoid experiencing a tremendous financial loss in case the bubble bursts sooner than anyone can predict.


About to burst or not, Bitcoin is highly debated. The cryptocurrency reached a figure of $19 000 in later 2017 and early 2018. It has been growing, but Paul Mampilyl points out that that is one of the biggest signs that the scale is about to tip as there is an overwhelming number of people working with this asset. That is what causes the bubble to inflate rapidly, and like all things, finance also goes down after it goes up. Follow Paul on Medium.