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See How Sheldon Lavin Has Been a Strong Pillar for the OSI Group

Although most people don’t find it more challenging when getting into their career, many find it an uphill task changing from one career to another. Most people are unable to withstand the obstacles they face when getting into the next career. Due to this, some people prefer to stick to one career and never change no matter how good the changing idea would be. People like Sheldon Lavin didn’t look at things this way. Although Lavin was a financial consultant, he overcame the fear that consumed others and changed his career. He moved to the food industry and worked for a meat processing firm. He may not have known how he would go about it while working at the Otto & Sons as a financial consultant, but he decided to just do it.

He understood that great success was never meant for cowards but for those who stay focused on what they intend to achieve no matter the myriads of obstacles. He became a partner at the meat processing firm based in Chicago. As a financial expert, he was charged with the task of overseeing all the daily activities of the company. With his financial knowledge and experience, expectations were high to see him improve the profit margin of the company. He was also expected to offer maximum protection for all other nonprofit business operations of the company.

It’s now 43 years ago since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group, and he has full company’s control today. He has used his experience and skills to ensure the company doesn’t just operate within the local diameter. Through his transformative leadership, OSI Group has managed to penetrate to other countries across the globe. He has also changed the face of the company by bringing in professionals and experts on board. David McDonald is one of the highly qualified leaders Lavin has recruited. Lavin believes it takes visionary leaders for the company or business to achieve its objectives.

Lavin has all along praised the workforce within the company and insisted that the company would not have achieved much without such committed employees. He noted that OSI Group was proud of its hardworking, loyal, and talented employees over the years. He has tirelessly worked for the firm’s cohesion, which has encouraged openness and friendship among the workers. It was in the early 70s when Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI Group, and he has always made it better each year. The Vision World Academy in India awarded Lavin with Global Visionary Award due to his undying commitment to the company’s success.


Sheldon Lavin & The Global Visionary Award

As far as we understand, the main portion of business experts does not take the industry for granted. In other words, business professionals experts know first hand what it takes to be successful. Better yet, business professionals know first hand what it takes to stay successful. Those who fail to realize these factors, most likely than not, are those who have failed out of the industry. In turn, those who realize these factors early on in their careers, are more often than not the most successful professionals in the industry. One of these successful professionals is none other than Sheldon Lavin. With a career as interesting as Sheldon Lavin’s, we start to ask just how crucial is it to recognize flaws in business at an early stage. As we can imagine, Sheldon Lavin recognized the flaws in the business area he was in and managed to realize how he could capitalize on this knowledge. Specifically, Sheldon Lavin was able to succeed in the food area of business. As a leader and chairman executive of the meat processing company OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has more than surpassed even his own initial goals. Not only does this show how far he has come, but it also highlights that he can even surpass his own expectations. That being said, here is more on Sheldon and how he has turned his success into hard-earned recognition.

Sheldon Lavin & His Hard-Earned Recognition

Another factor that Sheldon managed to comprehend early in his career was the hard work it would take for him to surpass his own goals. Knowing this, Sheldon has been able to stay driven and motivated to produce constant and steady years of outstanding accolades. In addition to this, Sheldon has brought himself the recognition that he deserves. An example of this is with his recognition of The Global Visionary Award. Having been given this award who is only given to the most organized and ambitious professionals in business, this was more proof that his work was paying off, than anything else. Also, it was a sign that he could continue to produce the same level of effort that earned him this award in the first place. Furthermore, to the rest of his employees and fellow business professionals, there is no doubt in any of them that Sheldon will receive another similar award. And, with how successful his career track record has shown to be, who knows how much recognition he could garner before his career is over?

Sheldon Lavin  info: www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98

Paul Mampilly on the Near Future of Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly established his success in finance by worked on Wall Street for decades. After growing his reputation, he had a change of direction and started aiding average people in growing their assets instead of working for the top one percent of the wealthiest people on Wall Street.


During his childhood, Paul Mampilly grew up viewing his father as a hero. Born and raised in India, Paul Mampilly’s father worked in the biggest city at the time, Mumbai. Even then, the man had a very hard time supporting his family and later immigrated to work in Dubai. The city was only starting to develop back them but was already the most promising opportunity available. That changed the life of the family completely as his father started working a lot more money in Dubai.


Over the course of his career in finance, Paul mammillary has worked with all kinds of assets including cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The financial analyst states that the cryptocurrency bubble is about to burst and that would leave investors watching their money disappear, according to Paul Mampilly. He recalls the overwhelming infatuation that investors had with cryptocurrency and especially within. Since its entry in 1999, many people that were not working in finance started investing and trading bitcoin. Many lost tremendously but those who studied the art of cryptocurrency won big time.


Back in 1999, Paul Mampilly sold all of this shares. He then continued to monitor the stocks and saw them grow. Soon after, however, when many started buying to avoid higher prices, it all came crashing down. Thousands of investors watched their account dwindle down to zero including many of his close friends. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.


Believing that the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherim and the likes, are about to crash, Paul Mampilly advises everyone to sell their shares as soon as possible in order to return their expenses, turn in a profit, and avoid experiencing a tremendous financial loss in case the bubble bursts sooner than anyone can predict.


About to burst or not, Bitcoin is highly debated. The cryptocurrency reached a figure of $19 000 in later 2017 and early 2018. It has been growing, but Paul Mampilyl points out that that is one of the biggest signs that the scale is about to tip as there is an overwhelming number of people working with this asset. That is what causes the bubble to inflate rapidly, and like all things, finance also goes down after it goes up. Follow Paul on Medium.

Shiraz Boghani: The Hospitality Guru

Shiraz Boghani is the managing partner at Sojourn Hotels LLP. The businessman has managed a successful portfolio of the hotel as well as the asset deals of the hotel. He also chairs the board of the company. He is also a board member of Sussex Health Care Limited. He is also a member of an organization called the Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts based in both Wales as well as England.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Sussex Health Care with the sole purpose of providing specialized care to the elderly. The firm manages a group of health care homes that provide these health care services to the elderly ailing from mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease as well as Dementia. It also offers specialized care to the old people with disabilities and weak bones or joints. The services provided with the best modern systems that the company has invested enhances a prolonged lifespan of the patients.

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The success rate of Sussex Health Care is due to the leadership of Shiraz Boghani. He also serves as the chairman of these nursing homes managed by the company. The attributes and skills he has in, as well as management, has contributed to the success story of the company. His fundamental belief towards his success is the exemplary customer services that are provided.

Shiraz Boghani currently chairs the board of governance at Splendid Hospitality Group. He has a tremendous track record of success in the hotel sector. He has been awarded many achievements during his career. A perfect example is his 2016 Asian Business Award that named him the Hotelier of the year. The award recognized the guru’s skills towards providing the best hospitality services to his customers.

Shiraz Boghani currently manages and is in ownership of nineteen hotels situated across the United Kingdom. He also established the Hilton London Bankside for 122 million euros as well as the Conrad London St. James. Other hotels owned by Shiraz include The Grand Hotel and Spa, York, Holiday Inn London- Wembley. He also acquired new properties including New Ellington as well as the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

The businessman is a supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation based in the UK as well as the Aga Khan Development Network. He started his career in accounting in the year 1969 and later on was employed to KPMG which was previously known as Thomson McLintock and Company.

Search more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.easterneye.eu/winner-shiraz-boghani-chairman-splendid-hospitality-group/

Robert Deignan’s ATS Has Been Certified by AppEsteem

ATS or Advanced Tech Support has made it publicly known that they have been certified by AppEsteem Corporation to offer services in terms of support to applications on consumer software. AppEsteem is established by a group of cybersecurity professional, and the firm is engaged in the certification of applications and other relevant services. Advanced Tech Support was able to come up with the thirty compliance requirements in order to acquire the call center certification of AppEsteem.

From 2011, ATS has been giving services for technical support to clients that are in the hundreds of thousands via virtual access screen sharing technologies and over the telephone.

Robert Deignan, the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services stated that the core of their organization is based on overall consumer-focused compliance. He adds that when they began the review procedures of their technology they found out that they have already attained majority of AppEsteem prerequisites. And at that point it was an easy decision to get certified, bind themselves as well as inform the regulators, security companies and vendors of software that their operation is engaged in the ultimate level of consumer friendly practices and operations.

The call center requirements of AppEsteem are determined by the preview from the consumer groups, call centers, software industry, security companies, law enforcement, and government regulators. Along with AppEsteem’s additional requisites, the companies for certification must be created to have the capability to protect clients as well as assist in the development of a healthy and more sustainable industry on software downloading.

Paul Herdsman, Chief Operating Officer of ATS Digital Services explained that certification through a company with the reputation of AppEsteem is the main reason why ATS Digital Services decided to get certified. He also said that ATS is elated to be connected with AppEsteem and the company means to have a continuous development under their support and guidance.

Dennis Batchelder, the President of AppEsteem remarked that they are thrilled to have ATS with them, since thousands of customers have been ill-treated by corrupt call centers. And now that they have their very first certified call center in the form of ATS Digital Services, AppEsteem can begin finding and eventually closing down the depraved ones.