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Securus Technologies, Staying on Top of What Matters Most

Securus Technologies, most known for their inmate telephone and other communications services, is making another acquisition. The 30-year-old company, which is based in Texas, has recently acquired GovPayNet. This company has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in payment processing for governmental purposes. The bulk of their business is in bail payments, probation costs, restitution, court fees, citations and other commonly charged items. The company is happy to be working with Securus Technologies, and another recently acquired company called JPay. As both are in the financial services industry for correctional facilities, it’s anticipated that they’ll assist each other in daily operations, and introduce new technology.


There haven’t been any formal plans released yet, however, JPay has recently taken on several initiatives of its own. Implementing new technology known as wireless containment systems, the company is working to prevent the use of illegal cellular devices in facilities. The contraband phones have been tied to many crimes, including a murder. Lawmakers are even being lobbied to make the technology required in correctional institutions. On the flip side, tablets are being offered for sale to inmates. These tablets provide entertainment, as well as, educational software.


Securus Technologies has other good news recently as well. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company was given a rating of “A+.” This is a rather impressive achievement for a company of its size. Customer satisfaction has also skyrocketed to well over 95 percent, with most issues being resolved the first time a call is received by customer service. While there is still much work to do, it’s great that Securus Industries manages to stay on top of its game, and keeps its prices reasonable. In an industry that’s often heavily scrutinized, Securus Technologies remains unscathed by prioritizing what matters most, its customers.