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George Soros, a Philanthropist without Limits

After reading many theories and books on philosophy, George Soros started having an urge to understand why nobody is in a position to access the ultimate truth. George Soros found out that the reason was people’s perception of ultimate truth was the treatment of different aspects as the same in all matters in life. This withheld them from accessing the ultimate truth since not all spheres of life are the same.

Political and economic lives are different and they should be handled differently. Similarly, different spheres should be approached differently as George reveals. In his article on the Atlanta, he says that he applied this approach in his investments and he was able to have more money than he needed.

In 1979, he was able to open his own Open Society Foundation from his extra income. He aimed at promoting a more transparent and democratic society through the Foundation and helping people to be independent and critical thinkers of matters at hand rather than being limited to how things are usually done. He grew the foundation to a worldwide level and operates in different countries.

George has supported the concept of open society in over 25 countries that fight against totalitarianism. He has donated to movements that seem to be opposed to totalitarianism to promote their objectives. His efforts have not been entirely successful since he has failed in some countries making him to close his Foundations in such countries.

His first philanthropic work started in South Africa where he gave scholarships to the South African students who were by then oppressed by the apartheid rule. He also helped cultural groups and other initiatives in 1980s in exchanging ideas in Hungary which was communist based by supporting academic visits.

He started the Central European University to promote critical thinking in Hungary after fall of Berlin Wall in the midst of communist based Universities in the area. The concept was unheard of at that moment but was gradually accepted later. Driven by the urge to have an open society, George has supported freedom of actions that seems unlawful in the society. He finds such actions being the solutions as opposed to what others see them and is always in a position to justify his moves by giving reason and the real solution to such problems.

As an international NGO operator, his Open Society Foundation has earned billions of money through donations and other means. Fund managers to such organizations are expected to pay taxes for income earned outside the United States. According to Bloomberg, Soros has donated close to $ 18 billion to his foundation in several years. The foundation is one of the largest charitable world foundations.

Apart from his own foundations, George has supported other foundations that work in his line of thoughts. Currently, he is working on redesigning his conceptual framework on the open society since it seems to have been widely accepted. His revision will now focus on using the open society concept to achieve personal growth and other positive gains rather than wasting it.