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Reaching your entrepreneurial goals with Glen Wakeman

If you were to ask any Fortune 500 CEO about how they run their company, they would more than likely tell you that work closely with the managers and people within the company. They also might tell you that a big part of their success has come from great ideas brought in from consultants on the outside. For Glen Wakeman, neither of these answers were enough; he feels at all companies and small should apply both strategies in their day-to-day operation.

This was the inspiration for Launchpad Holdings. Developed in Florida, launch pad created a software platform to help small business and entrepreneurs organize their business and plan for the future (DailyForexReport). Glen Wakeman’s vision is to combine high-level consulting practices with a self-service digital interface. Launchpad asks entrepreneurs the right questions and helps them to come up with the answers on their own.


Rather than pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a basic consulting campaign, the launch pad software automate the process and puts business owners in the driver’s seat of their own improvement. By helping users to clarify and organize their ideas they are better able to communicate them to potential investors allowing them to grow. Once investors are on board the likelihood of startups failure decreases tremendously.

The results don’t lie. Even though launch pad has been in business for less than a couple years it has helped entrepreneurs raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their projects. This wouldn’t be possible without the hands-off, guided but not decided for nature of the business. For Glen, every business has its potential and no person knows its potential better than the owner of the business, this is why they are the ones calling the shots under his guidance.

Above all the service is affordable. Launchpad Mission isn’t to be just like all the other big consulting firms looking for large corporate payouts, they’re more interested in helping new ideas and new company flourish. The best ideas need a chance to grow, and the simplest time to make the right choices for your company is right in the beginning.

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