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Why Jason Hope Believes in the Internet of Things

Jason Hope has become one of the most well known futurists in the technological worlds. Being a futurist while working in technology can be difficult prospective. There are so many moving parts that it can be impossible to keep ahead of the pack. Well, that is why Hope has become such a legend for the work he has done. Hope is also a published author, entrepreneur, and tech innovator. Right now Hope is working on preparing tech world for the arrival of the Internet of Things — a concept he believes to be the next great game changer in technology.

To say that Jason Hope has taken a strong stance on the Internet of Things would be putting it lightly. For the past year or two we have seen Jason Hope focus entirely on the concept. The reason? He believes it to be the next great industry in the tech world and if people get on board earlier, then they’ll have more access to all of the success that will come with it.

The Internet of Things refers to the way that the internet connects to our day to day objects. Don’t just think of your phone or your computer in terms of the Internet of Things. Think instead of how your coffee maker or your home security system could interface with the web. What other ways can you imagine the internet affecting something you do on a daily basis? That is the kind of question that will keep the industry focused on innovating.

We have already seen the Internet of Things make something of a splash in a few different industries. The Internet of Things is particularly impacting airline industry thanks to the work of Virgin Atlantic with their Boeing 787 jets. These jets have been wired up to the internet, head to toe, so as to allow people to consistently monitor their performance — thus keeping everyone safe and the planes more efficient.

If the Internet of Things takes off and people are aware of it then you’ll have Jason Hope to thank for the hard work. Until then, keep focused and watch as the IoT expands!

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