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Oncotarget Free Access Journal for Scientific Publications

Oncotarget is a free access journal spanning multiple disciplines. The word oncotarget refers to the plectrum of common molecules and cellular processes involved in cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons together with others. Papers are published online in this journal on a weekly basis. Oncotarget aims to increase access to scientific findings and thus enhance the impact of scientific discoveries. The journal hopes through regular publications to coordinate sharing of information across the different fields of biomedical sciences. Moreover, through the platform provided by the journal, researchers are able to give their contributions towards the advancement of science quite easily.

Oncotarget’s SJR measure was the highest in the year of 2013 at 3.041. The SJR indicates the measure of influence the journal has in the scientific field. This influence is established by considering the number of resulting citations of the journal’s publications as well as the prestige attached to each. According to the citations per document indicator, Oncotarget has been gaining a fairly good increase the highest value being a little below 8. The citations indicator is obtained by dividing the number of times a document in the journal is cited with the total number of publications in the journal.

As from the year 2011, the journal has registered a steady rise in the number of total cites. From just about 383 in 2011, the numbers have spiked rapidly through the years to an outstanding number of above 22000. This indicates that the journal’s influence is rising and many more of its articles are being sourced for information. Oncotarget’s international reach through publication of articles from researchers of different countries is amazing as is indicated through its percentage measure standing at about 30% in 2016. According to Research Gate’s measure of the journal’s impact, Oncotarget’s impact since its availability has been almost steady but with small continuous margins of increment.

Here is a summary of an example of a publication in the Oncotarget journal;

– Cancer Specific Evaluation System – This article is about a web-based tool designed to evaluate the effectiveness of biomarker to solve the problem of a lacking precise system to develop proper interpretation of generated big data in cancer research. Oncotarget is the best platform to publish scientific research with ease and also provides a vast source of research articles in multiple science disciplines. This way, knowledge is easily shared and thus growth of scientific research enabled.

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