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Uncovering Evidence with Securus Technologies Call Systems

When we had a real problem inside our jail, we began running out of resources for solving the problem. Over the last few months, the amount of drugs inside our prison has escalated to the point that each of my fellow correction officers are in severe danger each day we come to work. We have a few resources available to us to slow down the stream of drugs, but nothing seemed to be working.


We would increase our presence in the visitor center, but the amount of drugs we recovered was average. We even increased our searches of inmate cells, but no matter how much we recovered, the drug problem did not go away. It seemed like we were going to never solve this mystery, and then we discovered we had not correctly utilized another resource we have available to use.


Securus Technologies placed their inmate call monitoring system in our facility, and the LBS software enabled us to pick up chatter on any subject. When we decided to pay closer attention to the calls concerning drugs, we really had no idea what we were going to uncover. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company with 1,000 employees all working towards making the world safer for us all to live.


Soon as my team understood the details of working the LBS software, we got down to business. It was only hours later that call after call kept zeroing in on visitors coming to the jail but only seeing a certain officer. What we didn’t know at the time was this officer was not only letting certain visitors by without a thorough screening, he was even selling his prescription drugs to the inmates. The Securus Technologies helped us to identify the corrupt staff member and take him off his position and into his very own cell in another jail.