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ClassDojo is the New Way that Teachers do School

ClassDojo is all about teaching, learning and parental involvement. This is a classroom management software application that was created for use on smartphones, tablets, laptop and computers. Teachers are the primary benefactors of ClassDojo. The app wouldn’t serve a purpose without them. However, students and their parents are just as important to this recent technology. Let’s take a closer look at ClassDojo and what it has to offer.


In 2011 two former teachers by the name of a Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don released ClassDojo to the world. Once teachers learned about this app they began to gravitate toward it metal to a magnet. The app started to explode in popularity and by 2012 there were over 3.5 million teachers using it within their classrooms.


What makes ClassDojo so appealing? The app helps teachers to deal with classroom behaviors more effectively. In the past, when a student acted up; a teacher could only send a note home explaining what the child did while in school.


Back in the day, when society moved at a slower pace. Parents could respond to teacher notes and deal with their children. In today’s world, it’s not that simple. Students often do not take the notes home to their moms or dads. There are also plenty of parents who are not that interested in what their child is doing at school.


Also added to this problem, a lot of parents just do not have the time go up to schools to deal with their child’s behavior. ClassDojo eliminates these problems by allowing teachers to instantly send a picture or video of a student while they are acting up in class. This app also allows teachers to text parents about their child’s day within seconds.


Dads can receive updates about their child’s activities throughout the day. Moms can get information about their kid’s positive behavior in class. Remember that ClassDojo is primarily about promoting positive behavior and not every little negative thing that a student does while in school.


Ultimately, ClassDojo just makes things easier on parents, students and teachers. This way everyone is more focused on learning and not wasting time dealing with the other problems that are a part of the education environment.

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