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How Securus Technologies Helps Officers Control Violence

I work in a jail where the violence in recent years has exploded, and in addition to inmates hurting one another, they are targeting officers and even the visitors on occasion. It can be a real struggle going to work knowing that on any given day you may not be coming home to your family because an inmate was given the order by another inmate to follow their orders.


To combat the violence, the first thing that we do is try to keep those weapons from ever getting in the jail. To do this, we have a strong police presence at the visitor center each day, making sure every person who comes into the jail is contraband free. Even on our best days, things get through and into the hands of the inmates. The next thing we do in our efforts to get weapons, surprise cell inspections. We do these all day and night to find things in the cells the inmates are either hiding or working on.


We used to rely heavily on the inmate call system to pick up on conversations between inmates but they have gotten very good at hiding their conversations in a way that we can not make heads or tales of what they are saying to each other. That was until Securus Technologies updated the phone system and now we have a resource unlike any other in our fight to stop the violence in our jails.


My staff was trained on the LBS software, and immediately we began picking up on chatter from top-ranking gang members who would put order in to start fights, bring weapons to the jail, or how and where these weapons were hidden out in the yard in plain sight. We have put a huge dent in the violence in our jail thanks to the team at Securus Technologies.