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EOS to Top the Lip Balm Charts?

For anyone too young to remember a time before EOS lip balm, the plethora of flavors, colors, and containers probably just seems normal. However, before EOS lip balm hit the scene 7 years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find anything other than a standard tube. If you were lucky, that tube came in your choice of mint (which had a burning feeling more than a taste) and cherry (which was something you could smell more readily than taste).

This lip balm giant has made giant waves in its industry, already coming in as the second best-selling lip balm in a market that is only expected to grow.

So why exactly is EOS to blame for the variety seen in lip balms, and what has made it sore past almost every one of its predecessors on the sales charts?

For 100 years the lip balm market was untouched. This unisex commodity came in your choice of more or less expensive and was used only as needed for chapped lips. It was a plain, boring market.

When the co-creators of EOS decided to take the beauty aisles by storm as well as online stores like eBay, it was easy for them to choose lip balms as their target product.

After research that told them not only did women purchase a vast majority of lip balms, but they hated the packaging and found it unenjoyable to use, the creators decided that they were going to rock the lip balm industry’s world.

From brand new packaging that was both cute to look at and practical (as it was much harder to lose inside of your purse), to an array of flavors that left consumers wanting more, to a catchy tagline ‘The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile’, it’s not surprising that the lip balm giant took off.

They even used a new form of marketing, which they are largely contributed with starting, influencer marketing. This is due to the fact that they employed beauty experts on Facebook and social media sites to review their products and talk about them. This was all according to plan, as they had decided to target Millennials as their market.

Seven years later, not only are they an unbelievably quick growing startup, they have a loyal fan base with one of the largest sections of the labor force.