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The Story Behind Eucatex Group Success

Born on 1961, Flavio Maluf is among the magnets when it comes to business in Brazil. This means that they have the power of acquiring and attracting clients at a comfortable pace compared to other individuals. Maluf Flavio had the opportunity of getting a good education which he was sure would one day come in handy. He was a student from Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he was studying mechanical engineering. After his graduation, Maluf decided to go to the USA where he continued his studies and joined the New York University where he administration. While still studying in the USA, during his part times he used to work.

One year before joining Eucatex Group which was in 1986, Flavio met the love of his life Jacqueline, and they got married. Flavio later joined Eucatex to become responsible for its tremendous growth. When he first joined Eucatex group on consultasocio.com, he was under the trade department but later moved to the technical department. In every department he worked, he always ensured he did his best to bring about positive results. Later, he joined the Eucatex Group Executive structure and with the help of his positive results, determination and hard work, Flavio became the president of Eucatex.

Maluf initiated a procedure that involved modernizing Eucatex as soon as he took over the presidency of the company. Modernizing the firm was his management strategy that he viewed would play a role in developing the business. Under Maluf’s leadership according to segs.com, the organization ha evolved rapidly with the hope of meeting the demand for their manufactures and civil constructions. Moreover, the firm launched a new plant in Salto to help in easing the congestion and meeting the client’s deadlines. Flavio is well known for his aggressive nature of always going for what he wants and not being afraid. This is one thing that has made him different from other entrepreneurs and has enabled the firm to grow.

Flavio Maluf is also known for his compassion nature as he likes helping the needy and engaging in charitable events. He aspires to help individuals in the society to have a healthy life, and this is why he collaborated with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli. When it comes to business, Maluf is focused on investing a new product for his clientele that will cut across the world.