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Reasons Why George Soros Is In The News Today

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC. In addition to being a top-earning hedge fund manager and a billionaire, he is known to be a staunch supporter of refugees.

George Soros is an American citizen residing in Katonah, New York. In September 2016, he had openly declared that his foundation would be investing $500 million in companies that are started by migrants and refugees. Special consideration will be for those migrants who are arriving from Europe. He is a philanthropist who has already invested in many such ventures.

There is a personal reason behind this attribute of George Soros as he was born in Hungary when it was under Nazi occupation. He had to flee from his country. He had to go through various menial jobs like a railway porter in order to get through the London School of Economics.

After getting his first job in finance at a merchant bank, George Soros established a hedge fund on Wall Street. This was in 1969. He has not looked back since. Today he is known as a heavyweight in investing. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons behind his philanthropy.

The personal fortune of George Soros exceeds $13 billion. This has made him a highly influential political figure on discoverthenetworks.org. In fact, he has also been responsible for toppling some regimes around the world.

The influence of George Soros on American politics cannot be dismissed. In addition to the monetary influence, he is consumed by a missionary zeal. He is focused on making the world a better place. He considers that he has received a divine mandate to this effect and hence he is guided towards this mission.

George Soros has mentioned in a number of books as well as in his interviews on Politico.com that he always had an exaggerated view of himself. He considered that he was destined to change the world. He also realized at an early age that money makes the world go round. Hence he decided to make a lot of money first. After that, he went on to his social mission of making the world a better place.

He believes that America must be made better and social justice belongs to all. The Open Society Foundations were set up by George Soros in 1984. These were established in Central Asia and Eastern Europe initially. He soon realized that his immense wealth made political leaders interested in meeting him.

His influence is not in one domain only. He is fighting for a number of agendas on nytimes.com like the war against drugs to anti-death penalty to death with dignity and women empowerment. For George Soros, this is just the beginning.