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A New Era for the Tech Fashion Industry

Successful businessman and entrepreneur, Chris Burch, purports that fashion and technology are two different industries that grow together in a complimentary fashion. He notes that the two industries have always grown together with advancements in technology being heavily reliant on what was considered fashionable at the time. He adds that it is important to review the evolution of the past and what is happening today; this allows us to understand the wonderful growth of the two industries and appreciate what the future holds.


Evolution of Technology and Fashion


The 70s boombox was fashionable because of its portable nature as well as its ability to record music and listen to radio stations. However, in the 80s, its use was added to movie story lines, which enhanced the popularity of carrying one. Ten years later, due to the invention of the Walkman, users ended up enjoying a more personalized music experience. Another decade later, the iPod was invented. The above evolution supports the fact that technology indeed grows with popular fashion over time.


Anticipating Tomorrow


Fashion can be improved through the application of technology. For instance, Ann Haupt and Terese Alstin established a system where cyclists could wear a protective airbag around their neck in the form of neckwear. Even though it might not seem fashionable, the neckwear protects cyclists by popping out during impact.


An Affiliation of Technology and Fashion


Fashion can be used to promote technological creations. For example, wearing glasses in the past received diminutive approval. Diane Von Furstenberg, a leading fashion designer, made her models wear the geeky Google Glass on her catwalk. This successfully promoted the glasses since people tend to rely on fashion shows to catch up on the latest styles and trends.


Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the founder and chair of Burch Creative Capital. He is also an active investor in many businesses and the co-founder of the fashion brand, Tory Burch. He has often been enthusiastic about branding and now makes use of his many marketing and sales skills to promote business interests, technology, and consumer products.


In 1976, Burch started his successful entrepreneurial journey while still studying at Ithaca College. Alongside his brother, he invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel business, which grew to $165 million. After selling the business to Swire Group, Burch invested in Internet space.