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Wengie Makes Certain Her Followers Will Never Be Bored Again

Boredom is never an enjoyable experience, especially when there is no hope for having fun in the near future. Television becomes outdated, reading can often make people tired, and not every portion of the world has the luxury of getting active outside whenever they wish. Wengie, the famous YouTube personality with over five million followers, regularly admits to being bored. Rather than giving into defeat and turning on the television, she has crafted some nifty DIY activities for when boredom rears its ugly head.


Embrace the Art of Photography by Mastering the Act of Imitation


Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, right? The influence of Instagram on today’s youth allows for the ability to recreate some intense photos. Wengie enjoys recreating these photos (and giving credit where it’s due, of course) when she is sick of her daily activities. Grab your camera, a friend, some makeup, and find some good lighting in order to attempt your best mockery possible. Look out, Kylie–Wengie is in town!


Prank Your Friends with Balloons


The video queen admits to pranking her friends when she is bored. One of her favorites is to take a balloon, bet somebody that she can stick a skewer through it without having it pop, and to watch the shock that appears on their faces when they cannot replicate her actions. How does she do this, though? She blows up the balloon being mindful as to where the dimple is, dips a skewer in baby shampoo, and sticks it right in that dimple. The balloon will not pop, but the people around her do not know that.


Embrace Your Inner Feline


It is no secret that Wengie loves cats, especially her own. When she needs some entertainment, she enjoys mocking the actions of her beloved fur babies. Grabbing her most glamorous pair of cat ears, the blogger enjoys sitting in boxes, pretending to clean herself, and napping throughout the day, of course. Believe it or not, this can pass hours and leave for some pretty hilarious stories in the process.