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Arthur Becker is a Man for all Real Estate Seasons

Arthur Becker is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zinio. Prior to Zinio he was the CEO of Navisite, a technology based company focusing on technology and the management of applications. The company served clients in the United States and the United Kingdom. Navisite also provided web hosting services and cloud based application management. Other hats Mr. Becker wore were that as technology and real estate investor, as well as senior advisor to the Vera Wang Company. Mr. Becker amassed a fortune in the technology industry.

Currently, Becker’s primary focus is the real estate industry. Arthur Becker currently is invested in a condominium development just outside of SoHo, while becoming the proud owner of three adjacent townhouses in SoHo itself through his investment strategy. His townhouse real estate holdings are located on prestigious Sullivan Street. SoHo is the heart of the art district in the state and most properties are very coveted pieces of real estate. It is an affluent entity in the city and most attractive to a cross section of people.

Becker is not only an investor in the area, he plans to renovate one of the townhouses and reside there, as well, while renting or leasing two of them after that are developed.

Becker employs great experience in the real estate industry and likes to dive into a p0roject head first. He is not afraid to fail, says the NY Times, but goes to great lengths to perform his due diligence and analyzes each entity before deciding to participate or not. That approach has served him well, as he has participated in several very rewarding projects.

Mr. Becker has also invested in several real estate development companies including AmBase Corporation, Property Markets Group and JDS Development Group. Becker has invested more than $500 million in New York real estate through his personal investment firm, Atlantic Investors, LLC.

According to NY Mag, the development of the condominium townhouse project was a bit of a challenge for the developers involved. Through their efforts, they were able to maximize the height of the buildings and present a unique design to utilize and odd piece of property due to its shape and non-traditional restrictions placed on the property. The development through non-traditional thinking and planning was most attractive for Becker and added to the excitement of owning them.

Source: http://fashionista.com/tag/arthur-becker

Jim Hunt And His Work With VTA Publications

As a financial advisor, Jim Hunt is extremely proficient. He is also the CEO of VTA Publications. He has also made quite a lot of money by predicting trades in the stock market. Many people watch his YouTube account for information so they too can make money in the stock market on Street Wise News.com.

VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications learned how the big banks work, and he decided to create VTA Publications. He wanted people to know what he does so they too could make money, and control their future without the bank being involved.

Jim Hunt, The Family Man

Even though he is a truly busy man with VTA, and all of his other responsibilities, he still finds time to spend with his family. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has a good balance of business and family. How does he do it? He is highly disciplined, and he makes daily goals. The goals must be reached, and he starts off his days with a workout. The man completed all that he needs to do in his day, and then spends the rest of the time with his family.

Jim, Being Honest

He worked in a bank and hated it because of the way the customers were treated. That he said was his worst job. Now, he is an entrepreneur on Crunchbase, and he recommends that people study psychology, and learn about others in order to do well on their own.

VTA will continue to give people good advice from Jim, and he will constantly add more information for his subscribers on YouTube. It is good to know that there are people like him out there that truly want others to do well also.

Adam Milstein, The Thinking of an Entrepreneur

The article “Adam Milstein-Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties” by the website ideamensch.com gives you a picture of how Adam Milstein thinks as an entrepreneur. But first a little background on the man.

A native of Israel, he graduated from the Technion in 1978. When he came to the US in 1981, he earned an MBA from USC, then began a career in commercial real estate in 1983. Through the years he has earned other titles: entrepreneur, philanthropist, real estate investor, community leader and currently, Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. These are the stats of a successful person, but how did he get to where he is today?

When campus recruiters didn’t appreciate his knowledge or experience and offered him less that what an undergrad would make, he decided to go out on his own as a real estate commercial broker. After 3 years of continued success, he became a partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm.

Milstein alluded to three important concepts to how he became a successful entrepreneur:

  • One much understand the problem and look at the issues for yourself. You should not rely on other people to do your thinking.
  • Success is a long term journey and to think of taking short cuts could lead you to failure. This advice by the way, is the result of his own early failure, when he was selling art to temples in Israel. With great success selling a small amount of art, he decided to buy a huge amount of inventory to make an overnight fortune. It didn’t work out the way he planned, the art took longer to sell than he had hoped.
  • Always follow up on your leads for ideas.

As to the type of habits one should have to be a successful entrepreneur, it is the same habits that Milstein follows: follow-up, consistency and persistence.







Why the Wen by Chaz is the Best Hair Cleaning Agent

The WEN hair conditioning system doesn’t work like any other shampoo you will find on the market. Regular shampoos come with the instruction of washing, lather, and rinsing. The Wen hair care system by Chaz Dean removes the need for the lather section. Once you wash the hair, all you have to do is rinse. The product is known to work several benefits to your hair and scalp.

Women that find hair care system like a hassle and stretch will love the product. Many women struggle with damaged hair or one which is treated with color. Hair washed with traditional shampoo removes natural moisture from hair. The Wen hair care system promises the best solutions for the hair. Women can finally use a product that works on frizzy and unkempt hair. All that one has to do is to purchase and start using the product. The results will not show up immediately but will come out as a result of consistent use.

The hair care system is simply a revolutionary and new approach to hair system. Chaz Dean has in the past been credited for the formulation of the best hair care products. The Wen by Chaz is going to change your mind the way you have been using your hair for some time. Chaz Dean created the product and currently boasts of enough celebrity clients. These are people that have used the product and realized its powerful benefits.

Apart from just creating a product, Chaz Dean added a detangling agent to the cleaning solution. The additional property allows even the thickest of hairs to be easily combed and brush. The variety of Wen products is made with specific formulas. They handle different issues to create the best results. The overall benefits of the product are something that other cleansing conditioners cannot provide.

For more product information, check out WEN hair care’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

More About Wen Hair: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity

The Career of Helane Morrison in the SEC and the Legal Sector.

Helane Morison is a reputable attorney who currently serves the Securities and Exchange Commission. She joined the SEC in 1996, and she served as the enforcement plan’s director of the San Francisco District Office. Morrison held the position for the past three years, and her good work was highly acknowledged by the organization. The SEC’s chairperson, Arthur Levitt, recently announced that she had been promoted to be the chief of the district.


The position that Helane currently holds makes her the head of the enforcement and analysis programs that are managed by the San Francisco division. The authority of the office covers Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Northern Nevada, North California, and Montana. The San Francisco unit is under the Pacific Region, which has its main offices in Los Angeles. The district was headed by David Bayless, and he had served for five years. He left the job to work for the Morrison & Forester law company.


Helane has been recognized for being the leader of various investigations since she was hired by the SEC in 1996. The inquiries that she headed assisted the commission to enforce the law against the Dean Witter, the Republic Securities of New York, and California Micro Device’s auditor. Morrison had a career in law before she was hired by the SEC, and her proficiency was in offering representation to individuals and firms that were sued by the organization. She provided legal services to companies that have class action cases that are related to securities and also professionals in conducting inquiries for the SEC. Helane also offered legal services during arbitrations to defend intermediaries and brokerage companies in litigations that were filed by customers. She was an associate of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, which was headquartered in San Francisco. Justice Harry Blackmun and Justice Richard A. Posner of the United States Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal also employed her to serve as a clerk.


Helane Morrison’s promotion made her one of the few women who have been made administrators of the SEC. Other female heads are Mary Keefe of Chicago, Valerie Caproni of Los Angeles, and Carmen Lawrence who is based in New York. Helane believes that the workload in the analysis and enforcement departments is currently rising and this has led to an increase in the number of employees at the San Francisco office from 30 to 60. The investigation department conducts inquiries on the books of brokerage firms, mutual funds, and investment counselors. It then passes the information to the enforcement unit to implement any recommendations.