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Real Estate Revolution

Some of the most successful individuals in the world are real estate developers. These individuals posses a keen sense of creativity by working with the task at hand. Some of the most successful developers have jobs lined up across the country, if not the world. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? Mr. Halpern is a Founder and Managing Partner to one of the nation’s most premier real estate development firms known as JMH Development. This firm is high profile and has done some amazing work throughout the City of New York and in Miami, Florida. Mr. Halpern is a third generation developer and the firm has been in business for over 50 years. What makes Halpern stand out is by his strong passion and work ethic. His specialty is that he goes into a city’s historic district, then creates a work of art. Halpern has all the tools of the trade and he uses it wisely. Having respect for all projects is his motto in which he’s been giving the keys to many cities to work his magic.


JMH Development fingerprint is all over the East Coast. The Aloft South Beach Hotel was one of the firms most eye catching projects with it’s 235 rooms. The Aloft opened in early 2015 near the heart of the city. It’s waterfront prime location put it in close proximity to popular night clubs, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and the beach. The hotel’s features included are a 24/7 fitness center, outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, and over 2,349 square feet total space. Mr. Halpern’s executive decisions play a huge role in the firms success, but did you know that Jason Halpern spends most of his time dealing with charities? That’s right! He’s heavily invested in his community by making donations to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in Westchester, New York. This hospital offers exceptional services such as open heart surgery, the reattachment of limbs, complex surgeries, treats burn victims, and many more.


New York City has many of the firms completed projects such as the luxury townhouses of (Cobble Hill) Brooklyn, 340 luxury rental units in Brooklyn, and the prime areas of Manhattan. With over five decades of success, JMH Development has the knowledge, know-how, expertise, skill, and capabilities to get the job done right (via) Jason Halpern.