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Leadership and Vision

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the brightest minds in the business world today. He has a reputation for leading companies into a prosperous situation. Goodgame has turned around several struggling establishments. A person with vision is a valuable asset to any team. Visionaries are able to plan an effective course for others to follow. When people work together it makes for a highly productive operating system. Goodgame has demonstrated the ability to manage such a workforce.

Kenneth Goodgame was one of the top executives at Ace Hardware. He specialized in operations management. Through his efforts the company saw a financial turn around that resulted in billions of dollars. Through marketing and merchandising strategies Goodgame was able to create a winning culture. His leadership style allowed those within the system to improve performance and profitability. Careful analysis was conducted in order to ensure that every decision is maximized. Goodgame and his team were able to streamline a process that allowed quality performance to prevail and ineffective methods to be identified. Improvements were quickly made to processes that were discovered to be inadequate.

Kenneth went on to have a successful run at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago. He immediately turned around the performance buying team. Goodgame sought out energetic personalities to reinvigorated a force that would push the line in sales for the organization. The decision proved to be effective on many levels. The change in culture had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

Goodgame’s experience and veteran leadership has led him to success with several organizations. He served as President of Baja Motorsports. Kenneth was also the Senior Vice President of Newell Rubbermaid. The time he spent at Home Depot as Senior Global Product Merchant proved to be a valuable experience. Goodgame was able to show the instincts that would make him a sought-after executive for years to come.

The ability to recognize ineffectiveness and avoid costly mistakes is equally as important as creating new ideas. Wasting time with unproductive methods is the achilles heel of most organizations. Top executives such as Kenneth Goodgame have perfected this extraordinary technique.