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From the Ground Up With John Goullet

John Goullet started his career in Information Technology as a Computer Consultant. He worked on building his knowledge base in this field. After getting a feel for the corporate atmosphere, he became an IT staffing account executive. But, his passion and desire to be successful lead him to leaving that job to start up his own staffing business in Information Technology. He has built a very well known company called DIVERSANT, LLC that helps people within the industry find the right fit for both job seekers and his abundant list of clients.

DIVERSANT has been recognized by the popular magazine INC. and has made their list twice for being in the Top 500 for the nation’s fastest growing private companies. John Goullet not only founded this company, but also serves as the chairman. He has worked diligently to making his company an award winning establishment. He has found a way to match personalities with client needs and create the perfect working atmosphere that most companies desire.

Because the demand for technologists continues to grow at a rapid pace, he has high hopes and expectations for taking DIVERSANT to the next level by seeking out the best candidates to meet their customers needs. By continuously monitoring what’s happening in the labor markets, his staff is able to create new innovative ideas to recognize the demand for new skill sets that are constantly surfacing in the modern world today.

John Goullet believes in hiring the very best and giving them something that a lot of other companies just don’t offer – a piece of the pie. He hires a lot of trainees and then builds their knowledge from the bottom up. With his expertise, mentoring and skills, he has created a culture that people want to be a part of by working at DIVERSANT. He managed to hurdle the bumps along the way by learning from what works and what just wasn’t productive. When people start a career at DIVERSANT, they know that the potential is unlimited and they are indeed helping job seekers find the perfect job that matches their skills.