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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Protection Program.

The SEC Whistleblower program began as one of the solutions in a bid to recover the United States economy following the damages of the Great Depression. It was a creation under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act. The Congress enacted the Act in 2010 among other resolutions for the same mission. The SEC whistleblower program provides protection to employees who report violations at the workplace. The whistleblower receives protection against retaliation in the employment and financial coverage from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Under the rules set by the SEC, the whistleblower who delivers valid information is entitled to receive 10-30 percent of the total amount collected from the successful follow-up of a case with sanctions that are more than $1 million. When the monetary penalties exceed the 1 million mark, the whistleblower is qualified to receive an extra amount as a fraction of the total amount collected through additional reports of the case from other organizations such as legal enforcement unions and regulatory organizations. The other protection guaranteed by the Dodd-Frank Act restricts employees from terminating a whistleblower’s job or implementing other means of retaliation. In the case of retaliation, the employee is allowed to report back to the SEC for further execution of the laws set under the Dodd-Frank Act.

The first law firm to begin practicing the advocacy of SEC whistleblowers, was the Labaton Sucharow firm. The company headed by Jordan A. Thomas protects specializes in protecting the whistleblower with the expertise of highly skilled professionals. The staff that follows up a case brought forth by a whistleblower includes financial data analysts, forensic accountants, and top rank investigators. The professionals have a long history of working for both the federal government law enforcement unions, hence provide consistent effort to solve the cases against financial law violators.

Jordan A. Thomas was a former employee of Division of Enforcement at the SEC. His role at the Division was leading the team that created, legalized and implemented the Whistleblower program. He was also the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director of the same SEC unit.

The SEC’s customer care is available through telephone, electronic faxes or the mail at all times to provide focused accessibility to the firm. As assurance of maximum protection of a whistleblower’s identity, the individual is not required to submit their names or the identities of the alleged violators.

In the case of a language barrier problem when reporting a case, the SEC provides whistleblowers with translation services.